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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 162

2023-04-17 05:10:44Publish Time: 726 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 162 Anti-Green Vines Alliance

Under the vast sea.

Amidst the wondrous chant, the colossal active volcano was subdued by the power of magic, transforming from a violent force to a docile giant, and the tremors beneath the ground gradually subsided.

"Praise the lord"

A Naga maiden with deep blue hair, pointed ears, and a long serpent tail, dressed in a simple white gown, appeared extremely fatigued yet relieved, as she observed the situation.

Behind her stood over a thousand exhausted Naga maiden priests who were all feeling relief and happiness.

Another volcano was conquered by them, it would provide the temperature most suitable for the reproduction and development of the nagas, while also providing the necessary energy for the core of the city established here.

The potential for immense power, capable of causing catastrophic terror if unleashed in an instant, was instead harnessed and transformed into a nurturing force, giving rise to an underwater civilization.

The empire of Naga rose gradually in the desolate waters, relying on the magical power bestowed by the sea god, and eventually gained the strength to challenge and overpower the Mermaid Sea Kingdom.

"Your Highness, the Holy Lady, the Emperor expresses his gratitude for your diligent efforts, which are deeply appreciated. However, His Majesty also wishes to remind you of the importance of taking care of your health, as it is essential to maintain your well-being and continue to serve the Empire with distinction."

A magnificent knight riding on a blue dragon came before the mermaid maiden. Pointing to the luxurious carriage pulled by eight seahorse knights behind him.

It was obvious that this had been specifically prepared for her to use as a resting place.

"I still need to inspect the stability of the formation, so let the carriage be given to those who truly need it."

"Your Highness, that was bestowed upon you by His Majesty for your use..."

"Just because it has been bestowed upon me, do I have the right to govern it?"

The mischievous Naga girl winked and beckoned to the group of priests behind her, "Come quickly, His Majesty has prepared a lot of delicious food and drinks for us~".

Those ordinary priests, having been granted permission by the Saintess, joyfully entered the luxurious carriage and indulged in various delicacies, the sounds of their laughter resounding without end.

The Blue Dragon Knight's eyes were full of helplessness, "I can't justify this if you continue like this..."

"That's right, just like before, don't say anything, silly brother."

"Okay... you're smart, but you must be careful about the changes in your body, do you understand?"

The Blue Dragon Knight looked at his sister who had finished praying and was walking towards the volcano. The Blue Dragon Knight couldn't help but sigh.

Knowing that he couldn't persuade her, he had to follow her to prevent her from risking danger by going alone.

The battle between them and the Mermaid's Kingdom is far from over.

And his younger sister, Nicole Qiansong, the saintess of the Naga tribe, was a child chosen by the sea god from the moment of her birth.

Not only was their talent in supernatural arts rare for thousand years, but they are also the most kindest and most stubborn of people.

She has always been fighting for the better life of the Naga and the vassal races in the sea, whether it is praising the gods, opening up territory, or going to war with the maritime nation, she was always at the forefront.

Although he, Sacray, was also a young talent of the Nagas, and was appointed as the Palace Guard at the age of 25, he was completely helpless when it came to his younger sister, except to accompany her in mischief.

Suddenly, Nicole stopped in her tracks she closed her eyes and seemed to be sensing something.

"My lord has a new order... He needs to obtain detailed information about the Green Vines Empire, we will receive ground support..."

Sakurai frowned and said, 'The Green Vines Empire?.Matters on the ground are always complicated, especially since we don't share a border with them...'

"Then, obtain a breakthrough point of landing the mermaid."

Nico suddenly opened her eyes with murderous intent running wild.

The rise of Naga was closely linked with the favor of the Sea God.

Without her bestowed magic, the erupting volcano would not have been a boon for them but rather would have led them towards annihilation.

This is originally a world of the survival of the fittest for the better continuation of one's own kin.

Nicole was very kind,she had no surplus kindness to spare for the ancient and powerful neighbor in the sea.



Kanbu Saksah Desert the kingdom of the orcs.

In the city of Sirena, the temple of the goddess of war has undergone new expansion and repairs, making it even more magnificent and resplendent.

Tasika inherited the authority of the elder Joestar, and as an earthly representative of the goddess of war, constantly rallied the orcs.

While there will undoubtedly be a future performance of the drama "Even Tybella Disbelieves," the time for it has not yet arrived. At present, it is imperative that the temple in need of renovation be attended to and restored. Therefore, we must prioritize the renovation of the temple above all else at this time.

When faith is utilized in a rational manner, it becomes a highly efficient tool. By praising our Lord together, it is easy to establish good relationships with both devout believers and fanatical adherents, resulting in a surge of positive feelings.

Therefore, before completely mastering the Orc Kingdom, Tasika was a zealous follower of the goddess of war and must give the highest reverence to the goddess.

And this reverence, after Tybella sensed it, was quite comforting.

Due to the tense war situation, she didn't pay much attention to the world of Eternal night, and only later realized that old Joestar had disappeared inexplicably.

However, the previously scattered kingdom of the orc was unified.

The current queen of the orcs, Tasika, appears to be a sweet and kind young girl. She is devout in her beliefs and manages the country quite well. This brings great comfort to Tybella.

Being simple and kind-hearted represents good deception, while running the kingdom well represents an increase in population and followers.

Is there any better news for a free-range church?

Just like not logging on for half a year, suddenly seeing a big pile of rewards also brings happiness.

Therefore, the Goddess of War bestowed upon Tasika even more divine powers and imbued the grand cathedral of the city of Serena with various mystical abilities, all in order to expedite the growth of the kingdom of the Orcs.

At the same time, she bestowed upon Tasika a quasi-divine level tool called the "Transcendent Dimensional Painting Board."

[The hyper-dimensional drawing board has the ability to infinitely replicate itself. Within the same plane, every creator's works on the board can be synchronized across both the original and its duplicates.]

The intention of the Goddess of War in giving Tasika this object is to facilitate her contact with the holy women of the Naga tribe, while also gathering other powerful beings and monarchs in this world who are dissatisfied with the Green Vines Empire.

"The pawn of the God of Knowledge has been rendered useless. Behave yourself, when the gaze of all the gods is cast upon us, perhaps orcs will emerge as the ultimate victors."

Tybella started to paint makeup on Tasika's face.

Holding the transcendental painting board, Tasika established the "Anti-Green Vines Alliance". As long as Tasika did well, Tybella would receive greater benefits when restoring the Eternal night world.

This is the continuation of the game under the chessboard that was not properly cleared by Shati in summer.

Tybella sensed great hope in Tasika.

The queen appears to be very innocent and obedient, so she can definitely gain the trust of the rulers.

Then, with their help, she surprised them all by attributing every benefit to the goddess of war!

A beautiful scheme, with a promising future ahead!

After personally communicating with Tasika and giving her the hyper-dimensional drawing board, the goddess of war believed she would receive 150% loyalty from the orc queen. Without further thought, she left and returned to her alliance to attack the necessary planes.

And the "good and obedient, good and pure" Tasika, after receiving the grace of the goddess, turned around and logged into the mage camp, leaving all the details as a message to Roger.

Roger was pleasantly surprised to see Tasika's message.

Who would have guessed that the pawn he had sent to the Orc Kingdom had yielded such unforeseen results!

With Tybella's personality, being able to provide such benefits to Tasika, it was a preparation to fully assist her in strengthening the orc kingdom.

The resources of the church can help the Terra Kingdom quickly establish itself in the desert, enabling quick development.

The Super Dimensional Drawing Board is a group chat tool with image sending functionality.

The desire to draw by oneself easily leads to an awkward situation of "I can't guess what you're drawing".

It cannot be denied that even in the world of magic, this can be regarded as a precious means of communication - discreet, inexhaustible, and convenient.

Tybella's idea was great, but unfortunately, Tasika belonged to someone else.

Having been a steadfast supporter of the Green Vines Empire's strategic partners, why on earth would Tybella ask her to form an anti-Green Vines alliance?

Are you done playing?

"Remember to give me a copy of the painting board when the time comes," Roger suppressed a laugh, ready to embark on his undercover mission.

Translate, what does " mean"?

Unfortunately, Tybella couldn't be immediately informed and enjoy the splendid expression of the little girl.

Not long after he left a message, Tasika logged in to the exclusive space for two people in the magician's camp.

I am afraid that this orc queen was waiting all night for news, which is why she was able to log in so quickly.

Upon seeing Roger, Tasika's smile could not be hidden and she joyously said, "Sir, shall I send someone to deliver the original painting board to you?"

"Uh... that's not necessary. I am very confident in you managing this alliance," Roger refused with a smile, evading the dragon's horns and giving a pat on the little head that leaned over towards him."

Her hair is very smooth, but her horns can be sharp enough to cut, causing even a psychic wound to bleed.

"I'll listen to the adults' arrangement," said Tasika. She handed Roger a virtual tablet.

The replica of the hyper-dimensional drawing board exists in a state between reality and illusion, and doesn't require physical contact. It can be transported to a desired location approved by its owner, utilizing the magic of communication and teleportation, among other methods.

Roger finds this thing very convenient for the same reason mentioned earlier.

"By the way, give me an extra one. I will send it to the Secret Method Guild for analysis," Roger slapped his forehead, thinking of Frankenstein. She would definitely be interested in this new tool."

The mechanical girl has always helped me in many ways, so giving her a small toy is no problem.

"No problem."

Tasika wouldn't mind sending the main body and was certain not to refuse such a small request.

Roger and Tasika had another conversation about the future situation of the world of Eternal night.

Tasika is quite concerned about the gods casting their gaze upon the realm of Eternal Night, as this may bring forth unfavorable consequences.

"Rest assured, the Empire has long been prepared," Roger knew full well that if their world were to be occupied by the Seven Gods, the only outcome would be its destruction and reduction to nothingness.

But there is no need to tell Tasika these news yet, let her happily build her kingdom and contribute when needed.

"Moreover, now that the Goddess of War has come forward to fully support you, I have thought of a way to accelerate the development of the Terra Kingdom." Roger recalled some techniques and with a wicked grin shared them with the half-dragon princess.

"Tasika anxiously rubbed her hands together, wondering if using someone else's money to build her own kingdom made her a fraudster."

"Nonsense, this is clearly finance."

Roger spoke sternly and confidently, "Go ahead and do it. Nobody will accuse you of being a fraud. They will only wave their gold coins and cry out to join you."



While chatting with Tasika, Roger himself was in the star realm, supervising a charming boy to achieve his targets for the day.

The essence of the magician's camp, Eris the Magic Worm, called Afu by Shati, was then mocked by the Eternal Night Queen, and the little guy's name was nailed down.

Now is the season of the year when grass grows and birds sing, and cicadas come back to life. It is also the season when Eryx maggots mate.

Afu intends to utilize the charm bestowed upon him by his own might, continuously singing in the Star Realms to attract enough Erithian Voidworms for the Empire.

For monsters, strength is the golden standard for choosing a mate.

With the active wizard camp, increasing number of logged-in users and marketplace usage, a rich and high-quality source of emotions constantly flowed in. As a result, Afu's growth rate was more than ten thousand times faster than other magic pets.

This brought about a transformation in his abilities. With just a flutter and a silent call, he could attract countless female Eris moths to him.

And these female insects, through the induction of secret methods, will attract even more male insects.

Although the Eris magical worm is precious and rare, the universe is incredibly vast, so its absolute quantity is still significant.

Ah Fu is now arguably the most powerful of his kind, with a vast range of gravitational attraction that radiates like no other.

Unconsciously, the Empire has successfully captured over two hundred Erebusian demon worms.

The pleasing outcome led to Ah fu's more challenging daily task. He had to sing for a full three hours every day in the starry realm before the mating period elapsed.

Roger and the Queen of the Night take turns supervising.

Afuk felt heartache, he didn't want to sing.

However, if he fails to attract enough Erisian worms, the Night Queen will force him to engage in intimate contact with a young lady of his own kind whom he no longer cares for. Despite the comparison, he chooses to sing.

At this moment, the Empire required a sufficient amount of Eryss magic worms to support Roger's plan for "nationwide internet access".

Even though A-fu's current strength and intelligence are far superior to before, he cannot bear the thinking of four hundred million people.

However, the changes in his body were also very intriguing.

The long-term observation and research by the Secret Arts Association confirmed that Afu's emotional and belief growth pattern, which involves absorbing them, is similar to the most primitive form of totem worship.

Continuing to develop further, there is a possibility of igniting the spark of divinity.

Of course, that step requires true believers, immersed in the spiritual space he has built, to provide him with more power of faith.

But... this is also not impossible.

On the other hand, as his own strength grew, having witnessed countless emotions, Afu, in his innocence, unlocked his spiritual intelligence and rapidly matured.

A person's intellectual development is in the early stages, with the level of development and exposure to information being the most critical variables. The differences in innate components are more reflected in the upper limit.

With the magical camp as his support, Afu quickly gained knowledge almost equivalent to an adult of the empire, and developed a rather unique sense of aesthetics.

He likes wearing short skirts, accessorizing with various items, and coupled with his cute looks and petite figure, at first glance, there is not much difference between him and a girl...

Perhaps Ah Fu's name holds a wondrous meaning?

However, he still had to fulfill his responsibilities even after opening his spiritual intelligence.

The operation of the magician's campsite is now essentially stable, led by Frankenstein himself to overcome obstacles. They successfully created a crucial device, the Mind Sync Ring, which allows non-mages to access the magician's campsite.

By using the Replica Soul Bracelet, one can replace the spiritual power provided by the wizards, thus enabling ordinary people to enjoy the convenience brought by the wizard camp.

The spiritual virtual space, geared towards a broader audience of imperial citizens, shall henceforth be known as the Fearless Space.

"Once inside, it signifies offering loyalty to Her Majesty the Eternal Night Queen, and fearlessly facing all worldly enemies."

This is a name jointly discussed by the Cabinet and the Secret Magic Council. The incentive effect of small-scale evaluation is very good, which can stimulate the interest of the empire's initial thought.

Every time Roger sees this name, he subconsciously imagines the scene of the Night Queen wearing armor and speaking in a strange imperial accent, saying "Come visit me if you are loyal enough"...

Some videos have a really strong ability to brainwash, once watched, they are unforgettable for a lifetime.

While Roger was chatting with Afu, the Queen of Eternal Night appeared and grabbed Roger with a teleportation spell, saying, "It's time to set sail again and explore the Source Sea!"

Yes, now the empire has discovered the location of the Source Sea and has made some gains.

All of this began with Aisali Newton entering the Sky Tower.