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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 163

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Translated by: Ben-Jackson

Edited by: anonymous

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Chapter 163 The Ultra Divine Path of the Gravity Elder

"Some people are born to change the world, but until that moment arrives, she herself didn't realize how dreadful her own talent was."

"The Queen Long Live News", gifted by the Eternal Night Empress to Easley Newton.

The timid and overly anxious brown-haired girl who sometimes stuttered had been a source of great alarm to Roger since he first heard her name announced.

Later on, he consoled himself that just as one cannot judge a person solely by their appearance, likewise one cannot judge a person solely by their name.

Therefore, even though he heard that the other party's talent had caught Jaleigh's attention, and that Frankenstein had personally gone to retrieve Isalie to work by his side, Roger didn't pay much attention.

Or rather, he couldn't change anything even if he cared deeply.

The butterfly's wings have fluttered, and it will eventually bring such a terrible storm that is beyond his control.

Moreover, oneself and this little butterfly belong to the same faction. The changes brought forth will only benefit oneself. Thinking like this, there is nothing to fear, is there?

Roger took solace in himself, observing calmly as events unfolded.

However, he never expected the changes to be so drastic, as if Pandora's Box had been opened. The addition of Erisa accelerated the process of finding the source of the sea by a lot.

She first relied on her mathematical talent to provide various new mathematical tools. Greatly speeding up the modeling process for the area of Jialilei.

Later on, they devised a new method of analysis magic which could project the light emitted by various planes in the astral realm and, through the use of unique alchemical derivates, decipher it into a comprehensive spectrum. This greatly accelerated their ability to remotely survey multiple facets of a plane, thereby speeding up their process of scanning relevant areas.

Originally, they were using the teleportation channels as a means of transportation. The limiting factor for increasing their movement speed to the maximum was the scanning speed.

The problem in this regard has also been resolved, and the speed limit of Tianhai Tower has been directly lifted.

The final and crucial step was taken when Miss Isabelle Newton, amidst a plethora of information and data, deduced the existence of an attractive force between different planes.

All the dimensions in this universe are not fixed coordinates, but they revolve around a point with infinite mass, dependent on the mutual attraction and interaction of these gravitational forces.

However, the speed of this movement is very slow, and the coordinates between the planes are relatively constant. Therefore, the creatures in the plane are in these moving worlds, and they cannot perceive it completely.

Earlier, a wizard discovered a similar pattern, but he didn't dare to make a bold assumption like the entire multiverse being in motion. He thought it was an observational error, so he missed the "Intrinsic Gravity Law" boldly summarized by Erisa at this time.

This law completed the final puzzle piece in calculating the coordinates of the Source Sea in Tianhai Tower, providing a theoretical foundation for locating the Source Sea.

More and more magicians are joining the final siege of the Heaven's Sea Tower.

After a series of difficult and tedious calculations, Tianhai Tower finally announced that they had found a new formula, perfected the law of intrinsic gravity in the plane, constructed a new system, and could answer many previously unsolved mysteries.

After completing this theorem, Isabelle's interest quickly shifted from the source sea to a new direction.

"This may be the beginning of analyzing all magic with mathematics." Gellert provided her with the greatest support.

Of course, the task given by the Queen of the Eternal Night, to establish this project, has also been accomplished as per its original intent.

Tianhai Tower updated the latest dimensional modeling and calculated the point that is regarded as having infinite mass, the center of the rotating multiverse.

That's Yuanhai.

With theory to guide specific exploration, the difficulty will plummet dramatically.

Because they had calculated over ten thousand facet data beforehand, they eventually succeeded in computing multiple potential coordinates for the source ocean. Once verified, they were finally able to arrive at the outer realms of the source ocean.

In this wave, Easali went crazy with killing. Although she was the youngest member to join, she made the highest contribution.

Ever since stepping into the Tianhai Tower, she hasn't stopped her explosive growth.

The extraordinary talent in mathematics combined with intuitive theoretical ability not only led to the discovery of the source of the sea, but also greatly advanced the Empire's magicians' understanding of the levels of the multiverse.

As a reward for her contributions, despite her insufficient magical proficiency, Isali was hired as a consultant for the Secret Magic Council.

Now in the Sky Tower, Isabelle's authority and treatment are second only to Galilee.

She is not the youngest advisor of the Secret Magic Society, but indeed the weakest in terms of ability.

However, this can also demonstrate how much of a genius she really is in theoretical aspects.

Meanwhile, Isabelle also obtained the qualification of being recommended as a member of the Imperial Council, but unfortunately she refused.

Her aspiration is to continue to explore the mysteries of magic and the universe. She has no interest in political maneuvering, even if it would bring her countless benefits and wealth.

In Isabelle's heart, what truly made her love this world was not wealth, but the first time she read "New Arcana" and saw those dazzling rays of thought.

It is precisely the courage to explore all the unsolved mysteries of the world that guides her forward, and opens up a broader universe for her.



Once the coordinates of the source ocean were determined, the task of exploration was handed over primarily to the chapter of Imbalance.

To practice the method, we certainly need the help of new alchemical tools.

However limited the exploration was, just gathering information was enough to make the empire realize the horror of the Source Sea.

Few organisms can survive directly in the Sea of Origin; even legendary mages would be depleted of their magical power and become assimilated into the clear and bottomless waters of the Sea within half a minute.

This is the result of not entering the sea and only floating on the surface of the source sea.

The mist, which seemed to exist since the beginning of time, and the peculiar properties of the place itself, were malevolent towards all forms of life

Due to the conversion between the diverse universes' matter and ener is far easier than that of the Earth's, the intrinsic properties of the Source Sea, from which all things originate, are thus more frightening than those of ordinary black holes.

After the calculation of the Empire's magicians, even most of the deities risk immediate destruction when they enter the Source Sea.

After the initial exploration, it was discovered that the only alchemical item capable of transporting limited living beings into the Source Sea and guaranteeing a secure retreat is the Source Ark provided solely by the Eternal Night Empress.

The capital city currently cannot replicate more Source Ocean Ark, and even the Eternal Night Queen hasn't completely understood the unique energy it uses.

The limitation of the Yuanhai Ark's exploration is its finite energy capacity, which allows for only about four hours of safe exploration time before a single round of energy depletion.

Moreover, the charging of the Source Ocean Ark is not automatic, and currently can only be manually operated by high-level magic users who expend their magic power.

The Source Ocean Ark can only be reactivated by a humanoid power bank that can extract energy equivalent to that of thousands of legendary wizard's magic.

This results in exploring the source of the sea becoming a cyclical activity limited by the efficiency of energy charge.

However, this already constitutes as being lucky.

You should know that the Seven Gods' camp paid a great price for tying the God King here, consuming a huge amount of faith power to make Narlynn develop resentment, and risking the possibility of falling at any time, in order to have limited access to the information within the Source Sea.

After being inspected by renowned magicians like Jarylei, only a fixed pair consisting of Roger and the Eternal Night Queen are qualified to enter the Source Sea Ark for another exploration.

Roger also carried the Sea Chart and the Anchor of the Sea, which allowed him to determine the direction of his exploration more efficiently and help with storing/loading game progress, thus furthering his exploration's effectiveness.

The Eternal Night Queen has the highest perception and is the epitome of the magical ceiling of this world. She can also act as a temporary power bank for the Source Sea Ark, extending the exploration time of each voyage.

So the two of them together, are the most efficient combination for exploring the Source sea.

Actually, there is a rather crucial point to consider: The consumption of magic by the Yuanhai Ark is quite terrifying, to the point that even the Queen of the Eternal Night is liable to be drained dry.

That weak state, currently besides Roger, she didn't trust anyone else to be by her side, thus the two of them became an inseparable duo.

And the continuous source sea, the birthplace of this diverse universe, actually reaps quite a singular harvest.


All contents that can be called information could emerge in the Source Ocean.

Since the birth of the universe, all traces of history, images, consciousness, skills, and technologies that have ever existed have remained hidden beneath the surface of the primeval sea, in a state of chaos.

For Yuanhai, there are no secrets when it comes to all living beings.

Even the most fundamental laws and rules of operation of this universe are hidden in the deepest depths of the primordial Source Ocean.

However, the Source Sea is so vast that the storage of information is completely irregular.

Simultaneously, the limited time for each exploration, coupled with the absence of navigation, led to a final outcome fraught with uncertainty.

Perhaps one exploration could yield a wealth of groundbreaking new technologies, while it is also possible that multiple explorations may only reveal useless history.

It is still of that kind, where even the world in which they occur is shrouded in a thick fog, thereby scattered among it.

Roger had the feeling that the water of Yuanhai, which was between energy and matter, was like a pitch-black liquid that had been mixed evenly with all the vegetables and fruits in the world.

Taking a sip already felt deadly.

It is simply impossible to only taste the orange juice inside, as it is blended with other ingredients.

Therefore, they are now endeavoring to reach new seas as far as possible, and then collecting information along the way, as if casting a net to catch fish, and finally bringing it back for thorough analysis.

As limited by the efficiency of the secret method of charging the Source Sea Ark, they were only able to explore the Source Sea once a week, with each exploration lasting about five hours. After that, they had to drop anchor in Source Sea and prepare to return.

Captain Roger's job is to throw a show to determine the direction of his next move.

Anyway, this place is incredibly vast, with 99.999% of the area remaining unexplored. No matter which direction you go, it's a new discovery.

Most of the information salvaged was garbage, even dangerous.

There are many terrifying demons in this world, and information about these demons carries a significant contaminating power without the need for any magic. Simply possessing this information can lead to a deterioration of one's mental fortitude, and even result in horrific physical mutations.

Even this kind of variation can further increase its contagiousness.

At first, unaware of the secrecy surrounding this technique, an ordinary mage was rashly assigned to decipher and organize information, resulting in a considerable upheaval.

The interpretation of information from the rear source of the sea forms fixed security regulations, although efficiency may have decreased slightly, security has been greatly enhanced.

Convenience and safety are always conflicting attributes.

All things considered, the Empire embarking on exploration of the Source Sea is akin to a psychic ascension, the benefits of which are undoubtedly immense compared to the past.

Even though it occasionally causes some negative effects, the Empire cannot resist the temptation of continuing to explore it, simply because they have discovered ancient technologies and gained knowledge of many bizarre information.

Some lagging behind, is compared to other routes. The empire now has no choice.

They were able to enter the Source Sea, which was already like holding onto the thigh of a system, solving the most difficult step.

Discovering the location of the volcano and determining whether entering the volcano to take a bath is more challenging, is obvious at first glance.

So in reality, the empire had no qualifications to enter the Source Sea, but with the help of the system, they snuck in.

For a stowaway, the Empire actually lacks many prerequisite technologies, thus they naturally find much of the information found in the source sea very practical, and copy a lot of homework from there.

Especially now, the empire is spreading the industrialization of magic, various new technologies are being applied, and the power of the magicians is advancing by leaps and bounds.

The Youyuan Sea, as a new technological channel, largely compensated for the shortage of talented individuals in the empire.

Starting from scratch to study a certain technology and copying ancient techniques to restore them are vastly different in terms of difficulty.

And the coincidence was also inevitable, because of the vastness of the Source Ocean. Despite Roger and the Queen's numerous explorations, they had never encountered the god-king who resided in the Source Ocean.

And without this sole variable, apart from the countless pieces of information that flowed outside, what they saw was only the same cabin and similar scenery.

Even the most peculiar and magnificent scenes, if seen too often, can become dull.

Especially after multiple updates to the secret method assembly, the task of gathering information has become fully automated, and Roger is too lazy to choose a direction anymore.

Regardless of how strange their exploration route may be, even if they were to point their middle finger at the source sea, Xuan and Ke cannot alter their fate and thereby their gains.

Therefore, Roger, who had a premonition that he would be bored, cleverly suggested that the Eternal Queen take Alfie with her.

Of course, they weren't looking for a light bulb to come and illuminate the cabin, but rather they could use the travel time to fill the fearless space.

The wizard camp has a message area and an endless tower, but this time we aim to create a fearless space for ordinary people, as neither of these areas have much allure.

The simplest way to put it is that the illiteracy rate in the Empire is as high as 90%. In the comments section, the discussion among mages is heating up. What can ordinary people do about it?

That means being able to see *lewd* pictures... The attraction is still quite strong.

Was the Internet created solely for the convenience of viewing explicit images? This cannot be!

Shouldn't we add a video as well?

Ahem, although Lsp has such thoughts, he dared not to expose them in front of the Queen, otherwise he would receive a direct warning like a meteor shower.

Roger's proposal that he submitted was for the two "virtual games" he had proposed.

The first phase entails deploying one hundred professionals onto a deserted island whereupon they must scavenge weaponry, equipment, items, and an array of mounts.

The safe zone on the deserted island gradually decreased in size, until only one individual managed to survive in the end.

The second mode is based on five-member teams, where two groups of adventurers battle each other around their respective bases. During the course of the game, characters can level up, purchase equipment and various items, with the ultimate goal being to destroy the opponent's defense tower and crystal.

Um, that's right, this is the Magic World's version of PUBG and MOBA, and someone is also copying homework.

Compared to RPGs and open-world games, which have long manufacturing cycles, these two types of gameplay, which rely on rules, are much simpler and faster to develop.

Stimulating challenging and competing with others adds the endless sense of novelty.

As long as you get started, you can definitely attract enough users to stay in the fearless space.

"At the same time, these two games will also serve as a shortcut to train the Imperial Reserve soldiers." Roger smiled as he informed the Queen of Eternal night of the deeper meaning behind these two games.

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