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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 161

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Translated by: Ben-Jackson

Edited by:

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Chapter 161 I admit, that I have a special inheritance

"On further examination of the recordings made by the God of Knowledge, it is evident that they are focused on a particular region. Therefore, we can boldly speculate that the God of Knowledge intervened while traveling between the heavenly realm and the Source Sea. Conversely, it can be inferred that the Source Sea was highly likely to have been within the God's operational range during these past few years."

The Queen of Eternal Night summed up their gains from the night by saying, "Now we are trying to search, model, and calculate in this area to find the source sea, which may be impossible to directly perceive and observe. This kind of spatial channel search is not a specific location maneuver, but was actually my initial idea!

Excluding a huge pile of calculations, theories, and logical reasoning that was completely incomprehensible to normal people, Roger barely understood the "simple" summary of the progress of the subject that the Queen of the Night had given him.

"The progress is surprisingly delightful." Roger was quite surprised by the speed of the Eternal Night Queen and her followers.

It's only been one night, but we've already narrowed down the range. We should be able to find the true location of the Source Sea soon, right?

But immediately the Eternal Night Queen struck a blow, because the scope of the God of Knowledge's activity is very small compared to the entire Multiverse, but from a human perspective, it is at least a range of several million light years.

In the vast expanse, searching for a specific spatial coordinate that may only be a "point" remains a daunting task comparable to finding a needle in a haystack.

Otherwise, she would not have proposed a new search method to try and speed up this process.

"If we simply collide with it, there will be no hope. We must model the entire space and calculate anomalies to objectively determine the location of the source of the sea." The Queen of Eternal Night stopped speaking at this point.

Because if we continued, Roger would become completely lost in understanding, the information is already making him dizzy.

"Then allow me to report on the progress of my own faction as well," he said.

Roger nodded with a vague understanding, thinking that at least there was progress on the Night Queen's side, which was a good thing.

He hinted to the Queen of Eternal Night that their upcoming conversation should be kept secret. The Queen of Eternal Night intervened and temporarily distorted the space where the two were located, so that their conversation and images could not be detected by others through conventional means.

Regarding the Source Sea Exploration Set, which was rewarded by the system, Roger came up with a somewhat plausible explanation.

"Your Majesty, I must be frank with you. In truth, I have received a special inheritance and inherited some things that may be useful for exploring the Source Sea," said Roger earnestly.

"Um, and then what?"

"And then... wait, Your Majesty already knew?"

Roger gazed at the Queen of Eternal Night in astonishment as her reaction was too indifferent, to the point that it felt like one plus one equals two which made Roger shudder instantly.

[Have I already been exposed? She never took action, only silently doubted. Is she preparing to capture us all at once?]

Roger had a momentary lapse and simultaneously began to reflect on how he had been exposed.

The Eternal Night Queen has always disdained the use of mind-reading spells on her subjects, and she also employs mental barriers to prevent memory invasions. Does that leave only abnormalities in speech and behavior?

Moreover, with an extraordinary increase in power, certain peculiar abilities and possessions would certainly arouse suspicion upon being observed, wouldn't they?

Roger was deeply afraid and sweating profusely on his back. How much did she really know about his secrets?

The Queen of Eternal Night observed his expression, and with his intellect deeply immersed in the world of scholarship, he suddenly realized that his earlier response contained significant shortcomings.

Time is still!

A legendary spell, she quickly gave herself some buffer time to ponder on how to fix the flaw she had just revealed.

Actually, it wasn't a big deal. It's just that her reaction was too calm, revealing that she had already known about Roger's special inheritance.

This could be easily explained, but further revealing my ability to hear Roger's thoughts would make the situation difficult to handle.

The name of the Earth, strange knowledge, suddenly possessing and being highly skilled in these, certainly don't belong to the category of innate knowledge.

The Queen of Eternal Night had long arranged various methods to investigate Roger, yet none yielded any results.

The secret method has numerous powerful abilities, including the highest-level prophecy spells, but even after using them, they could not uncover Roger's true identity. As a result, she slowly gave up.

The only thing certain is that Roger must possess some form of inheritance from his forebears, otherwise he wouldn't have displayed such prowess.

The Eternal night queen initially paid close attention, however, as she faced increasingly powerful enemies, she realized that Roger's "inheritance" was no longer of much additional help in regards to the gods and the Source Sea, and gradually disregarded those matters.

If the rank is not enough, then the queen wouldn't even bother to consider it.

So, at this moment when Roger suddenly admitted it himself, she was still very happy.

Perhaps this means that he trusts himself more and is willing to reveal his innermost secrets?

Should one also be honest about this secret of being able to hear someone's inner voice?

After a brief moment of contemplation, the Queen of Eternal Night determined that it was not yet the appropriate time.

Having preemptively obtained his information made Roger uneasy, exposing himself that he could hear the innermost thoughts and having collected evidence from many death scenes of society only added to it.

Will this newly improved relationship possibly explode in an instant?

To tell the truth would involve too much risk. We should keep it to ourselves for now, and explain away our calm demeanor from earlier. We can discuss a plan of action at our leisure.

A movement is better than stillness.

The Queen of Eternal Night made up her mind, and the effect of frozen time quickly ended. She smiled softly at Roger, trying to appear calm.

"It can't be said that I knew it earlier, after all, even Angelina didn't know about this. It was only after I discovered your additional identity 'Dio' and conducted some investigation that I found out about this matter."

She paused for a moment and added, "but, doesn't everyone have secrets?"

The Empress of Eternal Night spoke this sentence as a result of contemplation, with layers of progression and at least three implications.

The first declaration was known only to oneself, not even disclosed to your elder sister, in order to mitigate Roger's psychological burden.

When bringing up the matter of Dio for a second time, it suggests that your mistake came first and there is a suspicion of deceiving the emperor with a false identity.

The third one indicates their magnanimity and indifference towards your concealment.

At the same time, she was preparing the ground for the day when she would reveal her ability to hear Roger's thoughts.

I too have secrets. I've reminded you of this long ago, so I hope you won't hold a grudge against me when the time comes.

"At that time, I was just fooling around and I have to thank Your Majesty for your generosity." After the Queen of Eternal Night finished speaking those words, Roger was immediately distracted and began focusing on Dio's identity, the matter which was his concern.

The Queen of Eternal Night wasn't angry at him for concealing his lineage, and still wanted to believe in his loyalty. She had simply been too anxious!

[The magical world is full of countless techniques, from deducing from subtle clues to reaching the level of "inheritance". This is normal, as long as one doesn't know that their teacher is named "System"...]

The Eternal Night Queen laughed until her stomach hurt.

I didn't know before, but now I do!

The name "Xi Tong" sounds peculiar, not conforming to the naming habits of the mainstream races of the Eternal Night world. Could it be a traveler from another world?

It is indeed possible that there are no records pertaining to Earth in this world, and only visitors from other worlds who have traveled to many different realms could possibly possess such marvelously unique information.

Therefore, the Queen of Eternal Night assumed that "Xitong" should be categorized as the top-level powerhouse.

In a certain sense, this is also not wrong... It's just that she may never have the opportunity to meet this powerful person in her entire life.

She quickly changed the subject by saying, 'When you talked about your inheritance, did it help in searching for the Source Sea?'

Her eyes brightened up involuntarily. Could it be that the expert had once traveled to the Sea of Origins?

"That one doesn't exist," Roger explained. "When I inherited the legacy, I also obtained some items, but the leftover information was incomplete. It was only after hearing His Majesty mention the Source Sea that I became aware of their use, and they could be of some assistance in exploring the Source Sea."

"Did your ancestor, who passed down the lineage, ever explore the Sea of Origins?" inquired the Queen of Eternal Night curiously.

Roger is baffled. Does it have to be an ancient tradition just because it's related to Yuanhai? This is baseless.

What if it's just a 3D print made to fool people on the spot?

He explained seriously, "With insufficient information, I cannot make a judgment, as the specific origin of these items is uncertain. I hope they may be helpful in exploring the Source Ocean. If we can infer some of its properties, perhaps it can assist you."

He didn't hand over the entire four-volume set to the Queen of Eternal Night; only 'Source Ocean Ark' and 'Source Ocean Secret Medicine'.

The Genesis Ark was a palm-sized model resembling a magical-style submarine, intricately decorated with multiple mystical patterns and strange symbols. Its propulsion relied not solely on magic, but on a complex form of energy surpassing that of mere belief.

Even the Eternal Night Empress was unfamiliar with this type of energy.

If it was established in order to resist the "erosion" of the Source Sea, it not only indicated that the creators were very powerful, but also that the danger of the Source Sea was even greater than they had anticipated.

Without considering the presence of indigenous creatures, it could already be considered as one of the most treacherous places in the multiverse.

The Genie's "Secret Elixir" is a small vial with two etched markings on it, indicating that it can be used thrice. This item possesses no magical aura.

Although he had achieved unlimited material wealth, Roger had still not experienced it until now.

It is supposed to be a curative potion, but who can guarantee that it doesn't use a method of poison to treat poison? If something goes wrong after drinking it, it will be no joking matter.

So I, a student with poor academic abilities. Decided not to analyze it and leave professional matters to the professionals.

"These two items actually have many inspirations". After listening to Roger explaining their uses, the Queen of the Eternal Night played with them for a while herself and showed a pensive expression.

It is uncertain if it is related to the Yuan Sea, but it is definitely not the style of the Eternal Night World.

The stone from the other mountain can be used to polish jade, it is indeed useful.

"In your heritage, my lord, are there any more things related to the source sea? Don't hesitate to speak, I won't blame you." The Eternal Night Queen eagerly looked at Roger, her expression full of desire for more.

It's like watching the first ten episodes of a TV series, only to realize that the ending is only available for members. Then, the poor soul has to hastily borrow their friend's account.

"There is nothing left. I will turn around and search slowly again..." Roger averted his gaze.

The other two items involved things, that were more difficult to explain.

[Even though she has never been to the Yun Sea, how can she know that there is fog on the surface? Isn't that obviously a problem?]

[So these two items, whose origins were unknown. Were discovered in the inheritance, and should be enough to provide her with new inspiration, right?]

The Queen of Eternal Night hummed coldly, murmuring to herself. "I knew you had some hidden tricks up your sleeve, you little rascal."

She was accustomed to such actions and was not in a hurry. After studying them thoroughly, she would figure out a way to obtain them from Roger.

At the moment, she still felt a bit uneasy.

Roger was honest with her, but she didn't reveal her own secret. Which made her feel a little breathless in front of Roger.

Apart from professional swindlers, anyone would always feel uncomfortable throughout their body after telling a lie.

Therefore, the Eternal Night Queen didn't press on Roger too tightly, only thinking to wait until she fully absorbed the benefits of this wave before starting the second round.

Anyway, what's yours is mine!

Meanwhile, she also decided that she needed to compensate him with something in order to balance things out.

As the two of them whispered to each other secretly, Esmeralda, who had been bowing her head and staring at the floor, suddenly spoke up and drew the attention of the entire room.

"Your Excellency Kalirei, your position and coordinates are incorrect! At step 245, one parameter should be taken one digit further, so that the judgment at step 257 will be the opposite result, and the entire model will..."

The brown-haired girl, with a look of tension on her face, faced the sudden gaze of the bigwigs and clenched her fists.

However, no one interrupted her, and allowed her to enter the calculus section where she excelled, she gradually relaxed and arrived at a new result through mental calculation.

After Isabelle finished speaking, the whole room fell into silence. Many people only just noticed the arrival of this young woman at the round table, but no one expected her to boldly accuse Geraldine of her mistakes.

"Is this the talent nurtured by the Imperial Magic Academy?" Hall couldn't help but raise the corner of his mouth.

He felt a sense of schadenfreude upon discovering that the students from the opposing household were behaving foolishly.

Kallei Lei listened silently, then suddenly said: 'Thank you, your calculations are correct.'

He didn't make many comments, instead he incorporated the corrections suggested by Galileo and began refining his own model.

That evening, Jarry Ray and Isabelle returned to the Chapter of Imbalance personally seeking Frankenstein, and made a series of conditions to have this little assistant by their side.

Frankenstein asked if Elizabeth would like to go to the Tower of the Heavens and she agreed.

Studying the ultimate mystery of the world, the Source Sea, is an irresistible secret for most magicians. She forcefully keeps people, but cannot keep their hearts, so it is better to do a favor as a matter of course.

Roger felt a sense of unease upon hearing this news.

Did taking that peculiar assistant with the strange name to eavesdrop on the meeting with the bigwigs actually bring about an unexpected turn of events?

Fortunately, her talent lies in mathematics rather than spatial and dimensional studies.

It should only serve as an auxiliary role in helping Karirei and the others to locate the Source Sea more quickly, right?

"What are you thinking, my lord?" The Eternal Night Queen looked at Roger in a daze and curiously leaned in to ask.

"Some government affairs."

"We have already left the mysterious capital, so let's not worry about those things anymore. We are on vacation, after all."

At this moment, she was dressed in hunting attire, holding a bow and arrow, her bright eyes shining in the darkness of the night.

Suddenly, she raised a finger to her lips, gesturing for silence.

There is prey approaching.

The subsequent research in Kali Lei's realm didn't involve, or contribute much from the Queen of Eternal night. Who simply departed from the empire to embark on interdimensional travel and a quest for gastronomical delights.

The two of them had talked about these things before and Roger seemed quite interested, so she thought of using delicious food as compensation.

And one of the pleasures of searching for food in this world is hunting.

A group of giant deer emitting a peculiar fragrance passed through the woodland path.


The Queen of the Eternal Night unleashed a series of arrows, firing nine consecutive shots.

Judging from her posture, she appeared quite heroic and graceful, with a carefree and fluent demeanor... if only her aim had been perfect and her arrow had hit its mark.

The deer herd scattered and fled in all directions. The Queen of Eternal Night felt the questioning gaze of Roger, and with a flicker in her eyes, she quietly cast a spell to stun one of the giant antlered deer.

And then, with an expression of nothing happening, he proudly exclaimed, "Don't worry, you have to let the arrow fly for a while~"


Does this world need to apply for world heritage recognition?

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