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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 140

2023-02-25 08:57:12Publish Time: 1,277 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 140 Seraphim Trapping Plan

This round of beautiful stage presents Shady's first experience of entering the gap between the ten thousand dimensions, feeling the power of the gods like the deep, the grace of the gods like the sea, and the hope of recovering Veronica.

Saved by the God of Knowledge, and obtained a suitable cultivation path for her, countless classics can be borrowed in front of her, and she travels to different worlds for cultivation and experience. Shady's strength improved rapidly.

Of course, Roger and the other three were not interested in how Shady cultivated. They cheered up and concentrated, and what they saw was the gap in the world that appeared in Shady's eyes.

Living in it as a believer, the Kingdom of God she experienced was completely different from what old Joestar had seen briefly.

This divine kingdom of the God of Knowledge can be said to be pitifully small, completely unworthy of the powerful strength of his Seven Gods;

But it can also be said to be infinitely large. It is a masterpiece that displayed the God of Knowledge's astonishing mastery over the underlying rules of the world.

Through Shady's memory, watching her go to different worlds to practice is as simple as drinking water, the Queen of Eternal Night was the first to notice the extraordinariness of this kingdom of God, "This kingdom of God is directly connected to the different world's Plane?"

Old Joestar was thoughtful, "I went from the world of Eternal night to the gap between ten thousand dimensions, and I didn't pass through the transitional plane."

"Can the Goddess of War do it?" the Queen of Eternal Night asked.

"It can't be done. She is anchored in the Conqueror Canyon in the astral world. To arrive from the main material plane, you need to go to the astral world first, and then jump to the kingdom of God."

"It seems that the God of Knowledge's understanding of the plane is not at the same level as the other gods. I'm afraid the area shown by the gap between the ten thousand dimensions is not just the God of Knowledge's personal preference."

"Probably because I don't want to do it, but I have to."

The two of them were admiring Shady's upgrade path while communicating quickly and eventually reached a consensus.

Roger on the other side was completely fooled by this, and the normies couldn't comprehend it at all!

This advanced magic knowledge, which involves the relationship between planes and the principle of teleportation, is too esoteric for junior magicians.

The teleportation spell that Roger understands is that from one point to another point, BIUs will pass.

Is there any difference between these spells? Please speak in human language and stop talking in riddles, okay?

"So, what's wrong with the Gap of Ten Thousand Dimensions?" An ignorant salted fish weakly asked.

The Queen of Eternal Night was too lazy to answer such basic questions, but she brought Roger in because he had a different understanding of the Seven Gods than ordinary people, and needed his opinion as a reference.

So the empress took a look at old Joestar and motioned him to give the children a lesson.

The muscular and cute girl in a long skirt was usually locked up in the spiritual world. What she lacks most is someone to chat with, so she has no objection to this task.

He gave Roger a "charming" smile and patiently explained, "According to the exploration and conclusion of the gods and magicians, in our multiverse, if we want to teleport across planes, we usually need to go through the transition plane first, that is, the ether world, astral world, and the shadow plane. They are what we call the middle planes."

"Among them, the Astral Realm connects all planes, and the Ether Realm is the transition between the material plane and the inner planes such as the Air Elemental Plane and the Fire Elemental Plane."

"Then, are teleportation magic and space door similar in principle?" Roger asked.

"Yes, even a space gate with fixed coordinates usually has to pass through the astral world first. It's just that this process is very short, and only used to transport individual. Depending on the level of the caster, the process of passing the middle plane might be skipped. Now we have discovered that the peculiarity of the Gap of Ten Thousand Dimensions is that it doesn't need to transit through the Transitional Plane, but it has the characteristics of the Material Plane."

"Maybe it's because it is located in the astral world?"

"Even if a half-plane born in the astral world is considered a material plane, unless it is directly connected—that is, a half-plane born from a certain main plane, or two special planes, it is still a material plane."

After asking about some technical details—or it should be called trying, Roger finally caught up with their train of thought.

The old Joestar's words are replaced by the understanding of the people on Earth: each plane is an independent planet and system, including small satellites like demi planes, which are also stars.

When you move between different stars, you still need to cross astral or etheric world even though it looks like a direct teleportation.

Even the Kingdom of God, a man-made object that should be miraculous to ordinary people, can be understood as a space station.

It's just a space station as big as the ringworld.

However, ignore the technical difficulties. This is just a difference in size, and there is no difference in essence.

If you want to reach the Kingdom of God, you still have to transit through a transitional plane.

But the Gap of Ten Thousand Dimensions is different. It is directly connected to countless material planes, and it can leave whenever it wants.

This is something that no other kingdom of God can do, and it violates the laws of magic.

It seems that everyone is honestly walking through the stargate and playing with the jump, but he folded the space and created a strange connection point.

The Queen of Eternal Night suspects that the limited area of the Ten Thousand Dimensional Gap is related to this special point.

It's just that the magic principles used in it violated her common sense.

In this multiverse, the difference between the known gods and humans is the difference between the space station and the ringworld: the energy response is higher, and the technical level is very different, but the detachment in dimensions has not been completed.

Possessing divinity makes them stronger, and they can even partially distort the laws in the outer planes, but it is impossible to "let there be light" at will.

That is to say, the gods must abide by the most basic magic originality.

This time, the abnormality of the gap between the Ten Thousand Dimensions can be speculated in two directions:

First, the God of Knowledge has transcended the constraints of the current universe.

Second, he didn't transcend the constraints of the current universe, but his understanding of the spatial structure of multiple planes surpassed that of most gods. The Wanwei Gap was created by him in a special way to connect different planes.

According to the current performance of the God of Knowledge, the first direction is ignored.

If the enemy has surpassed the dimension of the current world, they will not have the opportunity to analyze and discuss it here.

When speculating about the God of Knowledge, because of offending, the other party may have already noticed it and thrown a similar two-way foil magic spell, giving up thinking directly.

So obviously the God of Knowledge belongs to the second possibility.

Roger followed this thought, "Could it be that the Seven Gods created the Void Plane just to build the gap between the ten thousand dimensions and complete this ingenious connection to replace the transfer mechanism of the astral world? This benefit is not directly proportional to the cost of creating the Void..."

"The seriousness is not directly proportional, so thank you for ruling out a wrong option." the Queen of Eternal Night said, "However if it is explained in reverse, the gap between the ten thousand dimensions is a by-product of their real goal, which is much more reasonable."

None of the three spoke immediately, thinking about the real goal.

Roger asked, "Since she is the God of Knowledge, she should be very curious. To observe the wonders of a world, evaporating multiple worlds into void planes is an experiment not beyond her. Is there such a possibility?"

It's like earth scientists building a particle accelerator, which is a kind of destruction of microscopic particles.

For an existence at the level of the Seven Gods, destroying a plane doesn't seem to be much different from hitting a pair of particles to annihilate it.

Old Joestar thought for a while, then shook his head and rejected Roger's idea, "Basically, it can be ruled out. If observation is the goal, the specifications of each one are the same now, which doesn't conform to the experimental design."

The Queen of Eternal Night, "I agree"

If one is looking for a specific pattern, one should use the variable control method to try repeatedly, and each void plane that is finally obtained seems the same, but there should always be subtle differences.

So they successfully ruled out another wrong option. The real target of the Seven Gods is still hidden in the mist.

They are already close to the truth. From a certain angle, God King Amilas is experimenting.

It's just that the target of this experiment is not a certain plane, nor a few planes, but the multiverse itself that they rely on for survival.

This kind of destructive experiment that puts one's own life on the line and where the process is irreversible can be called crazy.

But because the gods have always been greedy for their beliefs and greed is a manifestation of their intention to perpetuate, everyone subconsciously doesn't believe that the Seven Gods will conduct experiments with self-destructive tendencies.

This quickly blocked their train of thought.

There was no other way, the three of them could only continue to stare at Shady, hoping to get more clues from her.

It's a pity that this round of Heart Demon Realm ended when she was crushed by the debt of the God of Knowledge, Nalinelle squeezed out the last drop of it, and Shady's mentality collapsed again.

It wasn't until the nineteenth reconstruction of the inner demon domain that Shady was completely spoiled by the Eternal pain constructed by the Eris demon insect, and became a sunken soul.

Her self-awareness protection has completely collapsed, all memories are directly opened, and no one can find any more information.

A shady Veronica with empty eyes and low eyebrows appeared in front of the three of them.

Without resisting the scour of the heart demon domain, her "self" has been completely controlled by Ah Fu, and she has become a slave whose mind will always obey the Eris demon insect even if the shackles of the body are removed.

She still has a complete memory and a complete consciousness. Under the control of Ah Fu, she can show the same personality as before, but she can also play the role of any NPC in the Mind Demon Realm under the command of the Eris Demon Worm.

Sinking is more tortures than death.

What's more, whoever sinks into the realm of demons will have to forever endure endless self-judgment and even more torment.

Seeing Shady's appearance, the Queen of Eternal Night was triggered in the shadow of her heart, thinking that if she failed, she would end up in this miserable state, that would be miserable...

However, how could I fail?

Then it's all right!

She took Roger and old Joestar to rummage through Shady's memory.

As a result, the Veronica dynasty knew many secrets they couldn't tell, but there were very few useful things about the Seven Gods.

It seems that Shady could enter the gap between the ten thousand dimensions, but after all, she was just a chess piece, and it was impossible to get in touch with things that were too secret.

Even this chess piece, which reads as salvation and is written as leek, has not yet started her actions in the world of Eternal night and has already lost a huge amount of power of faith in the God of Knowledge.

It was also the first time that Roger knew that Mentor Tianming had fallen into such a terrible cycle of debts.

Looking at those complicated contract clauses that perfectly protect the rights and interests of the God of Knowledge, and the desperate circumstances that forced Shady to sign, I can only admire that the strongest of the Seven Gods has two brushes.

Other god management believers are still stuck in the tribal era where they believed in totems. The God of Knowledge has already entered capitalism and started playing with various financial leverage and venture capital.

Possessing the God King's favor, and equipped with a formidable intelligence, he had the potential to become the strongest of the Seven Gods.

But the enemy is too smart. For mortals who are trying to guess the enemy's target, it is even higher.

There are very few existences that can touch the core interests of the God of Knowledge.

"Why don't you, Mr. Joestar, ask Ah Fu to help you recall?" Queen Evernight said to old Joestar with a smile.

"Your Majesty, you know me. I only know what the Goddess of War knows, and she's amazing!" Old Joestar took a step back, terrified.

The true purpose of the seven gods is probably only known to the king of gods and the god of knowledge, the other six gods are kept in the dark.

They are just parasites that absorb their beliefs, and the pattern is several levels worse.

Old Joestar thought about going in by himself. Apart from revealing a lot of embarrassing memories, he really couldn't contribute any more helpful information.

The Queen of Eternal Night pondered for a while, and looked at Roger, "I remember that Roger, also knows the secrets of the Seven Gods very well..."

"Your Majesty, you know me. I can't even teleport across planes. How deeply do you think I can understand and see through the layout of the God of Knowledge?" Roger took three steps back.

MD, if I enter the realm of demons, must I completely expose the earth?

Then, by the way, you presented your various notebooks, the Queen of Eternal Night, and then you turned into a meteor waterfall and blasted me into a quark for five hours.

He didn't know that the Queen of Eternal Night had already read some of the selections... emmm...

"Is this the gap between mortals and gods? Our seven gods don't know what to do, so we can only wait for them to come to our door, and then be beaten passively..."

The Queen of Eternal Night sighed softly, thinking of the shock of seeing the void for the first time with her own eyes.

The astral world is also very empty, but the astral world strengthens magic and spirit. After entering, the queen can perceive the spiritual fluctuations emanating from countless powerful beings.

Although those spiritual powers may be the aftermath of hundreds of millions of years ago, at least it is a kind of evidence that this world is "alive".

Even if you can't see anything in front of you, there is an extremely noisy "background sound". You know that if you keep going, you will encounter interesting changes.

The ability to enter the void plane is different.

No matter, no magic, no spirit.

It is utter emptiness, true emptiness.

So even if you are in it for a short time, you will feel lonely and even fearful.

This also shows the strength and unpredictability of the enemy, the unknown will always make people irritated.

Roger comforted, "Actually, it's not that passive. Isn't there a seraph coming to collect debts soon? Let's dig a hole and ask Ah Fu to help her strengthen her memory..."

In Shady's memory, everyone has seen the VAM agreement.

Knowing that in three days, Shady will lose her body to Nalinelle because she failed to capture Roger alive.

At that time, the empire could take advantage of the trend to carry out a trapping plan.

"It's time for another round of re-enactment of classics." the Queen of Eternal Night nodded lightly, "Then Roger Aiqing will arrange this matter, and I will fully cooperate."

I'm tired, I don't love it anymore, let me destroy it, I just want to be a beautiful girl who quietly copies homework.

Old Joestar looked terrified, "Don't. I sincerely advise you not to touch that Shepherd of Time. She is known as the strongest existence under God... Maybe she is now the eighth God!"