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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 141

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Translated by: Ben-Jackson

Edited by:

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Chapter 141 He still doesn't know that he has grasped the future

Old Joestar's excessive reaction shocked both of them.

Especially the Queen of Eternal Night, who jokingly asked back, "Oh? Old Joestar, you are the one who dared to make up gossip about the Goddess of War. She sealed the eighth god. Can she still scare you?"

Old Joestar who didn't care about the Queen's sarcasm said sincerely and seriously:

"Tybella is just a little whore, playing with feelings at most; but that woman is playing with contracts, the most terrifying vampire in the multiverse, the kind that can casually make people fall into the abyss and never recover..."

"Oh vampire, I have a targeted treatment method thicker than a dictionary, and I can always hang them on the street lamp in the end." Roger understood Old Joestar's worries and continued to express his confidence.

What Old Joestar meant was that Nalinelle is an angel by race and an angel investor by profession.

And it's the most shrewd and cunning kind, good at drawing the most beautiful pies, and then hiding the biggest pits for people to jump into.

She took advantage of her capital and was proficient in financial and law contracts and contracts. She opened a gamble, to give others a chance to turn around and get rich overnight.

But in fact, I will never lose blood, or even earn money.

This is the banker, the best capitalist city under the God of Knowledge.

But in the era that Roger lived in, such vampires were everywhere, and there is many clever and sinister ones.

There are even so many vampires that in the era of the Red Sea, there are not enough fools at first, and in the end they can only hurt each other, using all kinds of methods.

It is a classic case that Roger, an outsider, is familiar with countless times.

Capital wars, compared with celebrity gossip, is a quality game where gods fight, and the other is a bad meal with a whore and a dog. Roger quite liked to watch the former to relieve his boredom.

At least, there aren't a lot of episodes where intelligence is forcibly lowered.

In this world, Nalinel has no rivals, but with her gambling personality, she might not even need to go to Wall Street on earth, but she would be crushed in the A-share market.

Maybe within three days, she would lose all her underwear and then debut as a tuber, paying off her debts by currying favor with the two-dimensional fat houses... Tsk tsk tsk!

If it were a supermodel, Roger might not know how to deal with it.

But looking at Nalinier's settings, it's clear that it's a big circle, and it's back to the track familiar to us earthlings.

Since you dare to come, don't blame me for reducing this dimension.

We are not afraid that the enemy is too smart, but that the enemy is not greedy!

Old Joestar might have suffered a loss, or he might have seen others suffer a loss and then be doomed, so he has a serious psychological shadow on Nalinelle, and always feels that Roger is suspected of bragging.

Looking at Xia Di, who was staring blankly to the side, she knew that after a few gambling agreements, she would have to sell herself to Nalinier.

Aren't you afraid of the black hands behind the scenes?

But it's not the two of them who have to decide at this moment, it is the Queen of Eternal Night.

She naturally appreciates Roger's self-confidence, and prefers proactive strategies, "I support Roger's plan to trap. After all, this empire is still my home field."

Although they are restricted by this world, they are still native creatures of this world. They still have a huge advantage at home: there is an upper limit to the strength of a single body that can be accommodated in this world.

Those who exceed a certain limit cannot enter at all. Forced entry will directly lead to rejection or even to the collapse of the world.

Previously, if Nalinier wanted to come to the world of Eternal Night, she would have to hold a sacrifice in advance to enter and strengthen the space barrier before she could try to capture the Queen of Eternal Night.

Normally the gods are unable to enter the material plane with their bodies. Instead, they use methods such as projection or incarnation, and they can only exert their strength to a limited extent.

Nalinier deliberately made a bet with Xia Di, because she is not yet proficient in using projections or avatars. If she wants to stay in the world of Eternal night to obtain information, a strong enough native body is needed.

And the upper limit of this world's capacity, the Queen of Eternal Night herself has almost reached it.

Every time she crosses over to other worlds and returns to the world of Eternal Night, she can feel this world's faint rejection of her.

Few people have reached her stage of strength but didn't become gods, and moved their bodies to the Kingdom of God in pursuit of eternity.

Referring to her strength to speculate the upper limit of Nalinier's ability, the Queen of Eternal Night felt that no matter how scary the name of Time Shepherd was; as long as she dared to come to the empire, she would not be invincible.

In the duel of spellcasters, preparation in advance is enough to even out the gap in strength.

Roger formulated a trapping routine to create a spiritual loophole for Nalinelle and a chance for the Queen of Eternal Night to make a move;

Since the strength of the Queen of Eternal Night guarantees superiority in firepower, if the two of them cooperate, they will be the strongest seraph under the gods, and they may not escape with their wings.

Seeing that these two people were so determined, Old Joestar couldn't persuade him anymore, so he could only sigh quietly.

As long as you are happy. I am just a prisoner anyway, so what bad thoughts can I have...



In the depths of the Kampusak Desert, at the former site of Sleina City, the cheerful orcs were carrying all kinds of building materials and repairing their former royal city.

Just three days ago, under the leadership of the beautiful and heroic Princess Tasika, they won a big victory and drove away the evil imperial people who occupied this place.

Of course, essentially, this is just a performance.

The empire never wanted to rule the barren desert. The magician team left by the Rommel Legion created enough illusions to satisfy the revenge psychology of the orc tribe coalition forces to tear apart the imperial people.

Then they quietly teleported away and returned the mighty city in the desert to Her Highness Tasika.

The scene was very lively. Only a few unlucky ones broke their legs because they climbed the city wall too eagerly.

But for the empire, this was still a surprise attack at the level of a big victory. Princess Tequila led them to seize the gap in the empire's defense, the opponent was caught by surprise, and it created extremely brilliant results!

The empire swept across the orc tribes, which initially made the orcs despair. It looks like suffering was coming, and the following winter would be very difficult.

However, after the arrival of Princess Tasika, she united the forces of many tribes and gathered the elite coalition forces that had been dispersed before, determined to bring a better life to the orcs.

She didn't just talk about it. Through her efforts, she brought order and tranquility to the desert, brought food and goods, and now brought a glorious victory.

Snatching back the former king's tent brought her prestige to a new peak.

Although there were rumors about the new Beastman King before, Tasika didn't claim the title of king. Her public identity was always the princess of the Bell tribe and the commander of the coalition forces.

But everything will be different after taking down Sleina City.

The orcs experienced hundreds of thousands of years of internal struggle and were defeated by the Green Vines Empire.

After being reintegrated by Tasika, they took back the lost royal city in one fell swoop, and let these simple and strong people see the importance of unity.

Of course, the key point is that the most ambitious group of people have already donated to the old Joestar's layout.

Those prestigious chiefs and executives of the orc tribe were all concentrated in Srena City during the invasion of the empire and were finally sent to the death carousel by Queen Eternal Night. Now the separation of solid and liquid has become the nourishment for nourishing the yellow sand.

The remaining tribes, large and small, have temporary leaders, but they either lack ambition and want to live a stable life, or they have ambition but are not as capable and experienced as Tasika.

More importantly, Tasika firmly controlled the most elite coalition army of the orcs. After a period of experience and integration, he reorganized this coalition army on the grounds of improving combat power and emulating the strong Green Vines army.

Clearing away the obvious or hidden resistance, the current elite orc coalition army has completely broken up the scattered formations that were naturally formed in tribes and instead turned into three legions, each with 50,000 people. Every 10,000 people are a division Such a chaotic compilation.

Thus, the name of the coalition is no longer appropriate. They have completely become the combat force in Tasika's hands, and they can fight a tough battle for her.

After the reorganization of the three legions was completed, the city of Srena was captured in a snappy manner, which also strongly proved that Tasika's military reform was very effective.

At this point, the orcs have already recognized Princess Tasika as a kind, brave, beautiful, and talented leader.

Looking at the orc tribe at this moment, there is no noble who is more worthy of love than her.

The Bell tribe is already powerful, and now it is also the most elite main force of the First Legion.

When the other royal families died in various ways or failed, Tasika was the only candidate they could support.

And the orc tribe, which has experienced too many hardships, has realized the danger of dispersion.

The powerful neighbors to the east are constantly creating pressure, forcing them to unite to resist the aggression of the Green Vines Cavalry.

The old man who had originally held a wait-and-see attitude towards Tasika's integration of the orc tribes also began to think that she represented the future of the orcs.

After occupying Sleina City, the temporary chiefs and priests of those tribes joined forces and entered the palace to see Her Royal Highness Princess Tasika.

Their request is very simple. They ask Her Royal Highness to become the king and lead all the orc tribes legitimately. They are willing to unconditionally serve the new king.

Tasika modestly declined, saying that she was not worthy of virtue.

However, the chief and the priest who made the remonstrance were quite firm, insisting once again that only Her Royal Highness the Princess can save the orc kingdom.

The two sides held a one-day meeting, asking three times and making three concessions. In the end, Tasika was willing to become king.

At the same time, it broke the orc tradition of uniting multiple tribes and established a kingdom to protect the interests of all orcs: Terra.

This is the meaning of the ancient orc word "courage", and it is also the abbreviation of their current main belief, the Goddess of War, which has won the support of all orcs.

Thus, the tribal disputes that plagued the Kampusak Desert for thousands of years ended.

The original blood feud among the tribes was gradually left behind. Under the leadership of Queen Tasika, everyone began to search for an oasis to build a new city centered on Serena City.

It is necessary to move from a nomadic people to a more advanced farming civilization.

The progress of civilization is supported by huge materials, brand-new technology, and sufficient force...

An atmosphere of joy filled the city of Srena. They were busy renovating the city walls, rebuilding the palace, preparing for the enthronement ceremony of the queen, and looking forward to a new era for the Terra orc kingdom.

In the luxurious tent next to the palace, Tasika seemed to be praying devoutly, but entered the magician's camp and left a message to Roger:

"Master Charles, our plan has taken an important step. The kingdom is about to be established, and the plan to change the barrenness and suffering of the orcs will be launched one after another. Thank you very much for your help. In addition, the road ahead is slow, and Terra needs more guidance.—your faithful little tower."

After writing the message, she was reluctant to leave here, flipping through the previous chat between the two of them, with a secret smile on her lips from time to time.

Although she didn't chat every day after the Duke of Carneton broke the ice, the daily communication between her and Roger was successfully resumed, and everyone can discuss big and small matters.

This time, chief priests of the tribes took the initiative to invite her to be the orc queen. It was also Roger's idea for her. He instructed her to arrange for his subordinates to stir up emotions and promise benefits, and then directed a big drama...

If there were not enough benefits, how could those old foxes be willing to give her the rights to a little girl?

But asking her to be king from the bottom up like this is understandable in terms of legitimacy.

She will have enough righteousness to lead the orcs to complete the reform of the kingdom, and with Lord, Charles to guide them, the final result must be good, right?

Tasika didn't wait for Lord Charles to go online tonight. Although she was slightly disappointed, she was not completely disappointed.

She believes that the future will last forever.

Whether it is the Green Vines Empire or the Terra Kingdom, we will all have a bright future.



Roger didn't return to the Charles Mansion until late at night.

The source of information about the Seven Gods is not the only way to arrest believers. the Queen of Eternal Night also sent the Secret Law Society to continuously inquire about news in the star realm.

Although it didn't touch the core of the Seven Gods, there is a lot of information for reference.

After coming out of the Demon Realm, Roger talked a lot with the Queen of Eternal Night.

In Roger's view, the known information and the current situation are far from as bad as Queen Eternal Night thought.

The Seven Gods are stronger than expected, and the goals of the Seven Gods are unpredictable, but their harm is to the entire multiverse.

The pressure distributed to the world of Evernight is not that much more severe than before.

At least the internal environment of the empire is now stable, the national strength is increasing rapidly, and the time bomb of the Tianming Army has been solved.

The Seven Gods can't disintegrate the Green Vines Empire without injury and then control the world of Eternal Night.

It is indeed impossible for the Eternal Night World to resist the mighty power of the Seven Gods coming head-on, but it is also impossible for the Seven Gods to do their best to deal with the Eternal Night World.

Their goal is the multiverse. How much power can be allocated in the end, and how long it will take to mobilize the power, still have to be questioned.

After some discussion, although there is no clear conclusion, making the empire stronger as a whole and replacing individual strength with national strength to fight the war between mortals and gods is still not necessarily correct, or the path with the highest winning rate.

After unifying the mind, the next step is to follow the work of promoting investigation, development, and preparations for war.

After washing up and lying on the bed, Roger saw that it was a new day, so he opened the system treasure chest.

The different special effects from every day attracted his attention:


After more than a month, the guaranteed rate has increased to 40%+ before the guaranteed box is released, which is no longer considered European.

Roger looked at the objects.

[Original Sea Secret Medicine: Moderately repair erosion caused by the origin sea, use 3/3 times. (Automatically refilled every time you return to the material world.)]

"It's this inexplicable origin sea series again?" Roger complained very depressingly.

The golden "Legendary Recovery" entry was expelled, but it turned out to be unusable in the main world, and he didn't know or understand the original sea series.

What kind of sea is the origin sea? The world of Eternal night has this sea, okay?

The dog System gives me such useless props all over the place, and they even give out such crappy things with a guarantee!

After briefly reading the instructions, he threw the item that looked like a medicine bottle into the bottom layer of the system warehouse.

Go and eat ashes with the original sea Ark, the original sea Observation Mirror, the original sea Anchor, and other garbage!

At this moment, this young man doesn't know that he has grasped the future and the props that are lying in the warehouse and that the god-king will cry when he sees them.

The gear of fate has been turning for a long time, but judging from the results, it seems that it has not turned.

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