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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 139

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Translated by: Ben-Jackson

Edited by: Alejandro-Juan-Cubero-Infante, everton-alves

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Chapter 139 Come, Serve in the Demon Realm

The Queen of Eternal Night received news from Roger that he had controlled Shady Veronica, so she teleported back from the abyss to Fengling Moon Shadow Palace, waiting for him to escort someone over.

Instructor Tianming had imagined countless times that he would enter the Imperial Queen's bedroom.

It's just that in the picture she made up in her mind, she was leading the army to break through the defense line of the imperial guards, condescendingly looking down on the shivering Queen Evernight, and announcing to the world that "Veronica will always come back".

Then with a snapping of fingers, her dog's head exploded.

But the reality is that Shady was wearing the magic-proof headband produced by the Secret Law Association and personally supervised by the Queen of Eternal Night. While wearing it, she was unable to mobilize any magic power and walked into the empress' bedroom like an ordinary person.

The Queen of Eternal Night stood with her hands behind her back, condescendingly looking down at Shady.

But fate is indeed interesting. The two daughters were princesses with no serious influence back then. Now, one is the leader of the rebel army and the other is an unprecedented queen. Their development is completely different.

With one victory and one defeat, the difference in momentum is even more significant.

This is not the first time Shady has seen the Queen of Eternal Night. Back then when Ashford City was broken, Shady was protected by loyal guards and retreated to the secret road. From a distance, she saw Xiao Ao who charged to the forefront and smashed through the city wall with her hands.

She's an enemy, but she still thinks she's a little bit beautiful.

It was the first time the Queen of Eternal Night to see the last member of Veronica's royal family. She looked her up and down playfully with a smile.

She looks really pretty, and her figure is not bad. Even though she was defeated, she maintained her demeanor surprisingly well.

But the most wonderful thing is the stubborn expression of the unwillingness to accept the reality of failure. It's so interesting!

Shady felt uncomfortable being watched, so she could only force her expressionless face and said in a nonchalant tone, "I missed a move, I admit defeat, kill me now."

The Queen of Eternal Night pondered seriously, "Aunt Shady, are you sure that it was that close?"

Shady's expression almost collapsed.

Who is your aunt, I am so old!

Besides, they lost everything, so what's the point of counting how many tricks they lost?

This vicious empress crumb doesn't have the intention of killing people!

Fortunately, after all these years of ups and downs, Shady's mentality has also been honed, and she said in a deep voice, "Stop talking nonsense! Anyway, no matter what plans you have, I will not cooperate. Don't have delusions!"

The Queen of Eternal Night showed a regretful expression, "If you explain the plan of the Seven Gods carefully, I can consider giving you a happy time."

"Sorry, don't say I don't know, even if I know, I won't say a word."

"It seems that you hate the empire very much. We are all humans... The seven gods are the common enemy of our world."

Shady laughed, but her eyes were full of resentment, and said, "The enemy of the world is not something an emperor like you needs to consider. I am just a subjugated slave. I only remember that you ruined my life, burned the palace where I grew up, killed and lost my loved ones..."

Listening to this almost self-destructive speech, Roger couldn't help showing disgust.

In the game, Tutor Tianming also raised the banner of "overthrowing the Queen's brutal rule".

The Ivy Empire is aggressive and extortionate. Seeing the poor people at the bottom, it is easy for players to believe that she represents justice.

But the Ivy Empire in this world hadn't made those mistakes yet.

On the contrary, the empire has just conducted a round of trials for the nobles, and the living standards of the people under its rule are ahead of the world of Evernight, and they hope to continue to improve with their national strength.

Shady still maintains a strong hostility towards the Ivy Empire, revealing the traits of an avenger, such as paranoia, conservativeness, backwardness, and selfishness.

If you want to count, Shady has killed more people than the empire...

It's just that a princess like her will not sympathize with the people at the bottom, nor will she treat ordinary citizens as murderers.

Veronica only remembered that her happy life and imperial glory were gone.

The so-called mentor is just another pawn of the Seven Gods, using her hatred to make a game.

And Shady provoked more people, including the players, to carry out this game, eventually destroying the empire.

Winners and losers, history is always written by the victors and has nothing to do with Shady's starting point, character, or consciousness.

Fortunately, Roger, as a perpetual, has already noticed this in the following game weeks.

But it was also hard for him to see the goddess in the game crumble with his own eyes, and be so ugly under the beautiful skin.

It's like pure feelings, but they paid for a piece of green tea by mistake and found that those beautiful and happy things are all false, deceptive, and unreal...

At this moment, he just wants to shout: fuck your production team, refund the money!

Because Roger used the Dream Shield again during the battle and had to bear the super high attack power of Shady's battle mage as well as the magic cleansing he released, his mental power was very depleted.

The Queen of Eternal Night couldn't hear Roger's inner voice, but she caught a glimpse of the change in his expression from the corner of her eye, which was enough to confirm that his understanding of Shady had deepened, and at the same time, his disgust had increased several layers.

This conversation, Empress Scraps, did it on purpose.

Although Roger "sold" Shady to her, as a woman, she still had some doubts and worries about the relationship between Roger and Shady.

In her view, this is some sinister and vicious old man who took advantage of my man's youth and ignorance, so he left behind a beautiful past.

Memories are always good. Men always have white moonlight and cinnabar moles in their hearts. The Queen of Eternal Night doesn't want to end up in that pool of mosquito blood.

Knowing that Roger has a strong sense of justice in his heart and sympathizes with the people at the bottom, the Queen of Eternal Night believes that as long as Shadylai is provoked to make a self-destructive speech, it is enough to directly blow up the past friendship between the two of them.

Although she couldn't guess the specific friendship between the two of them, the current results show that the Queen of Eternal Night's combat goal has been achieved.

After all, Shady in this timeline doesn't have any friendship with Roger at all. He is just the mission target of her gambling agreement.

So Shady didn't care about what impression he had of himself.

Of course, Shady wouldn't care what the real players thought.

It's just a pawn. If you don't want to complete the task, just change it.

So in the end, in this secret battle of favorability, the Queen of Eternal Night won.

Of course, a certain straight man is still immersed in his memories, and he doesn't realize the good intentions of a certain bad woman.

So to a certain extent, there are no extra gains from this victory?

The Queen of Eternal Night never gave the loser a second chance.

After extracting the last bit of value from Shady and confirming that Roger would not be disgusted by how to deal with her, she directly summoned the Eris Demon Worm.

"Ah Fu, why isn't it dead, and has grown up so much?" Shady had a way to recognize that it was the Eris insect that she used to assassinate the Queen of Eternal Night.

Normally speaking, due to the strength of the species, the Eris monster grows extremely slowly.

In a few hundred years, it would be good to grow half a centimeter.

But now, the Cicada that appeared behind the Queen of Eternal Night was twice as big as it was in Shady's hands.

Its eyes shone with hostility, and it recognized Shady. Some strange and weird magic patterns appeared on its translucent body. Its tentacles waved vigilantly, and its body curled up, posing in a fighting posture.

It seems that what happened after being caught by Shady was not pleasant.

"Because magicians like to spend time surfing in its belly," Roger explained.

But it sounds like a riddle to Shady.

What is surfing? Why do magicians take the initiative to drill into the realm of demons?

But the empress was attracted by another discovery.

She poked the Eris monster with her finger, and called out with a smile, "Ah Fu? Ah, Fu?"

It turns out that this bug has a name.

The Eris monster turned around and looked at her with a heartless look, expressing with actions that he didn't like the name.

The Queen of Eternal Night nodded understandingly, "Okay, then I will call you Ah Fu from now on."

I know- I know-

The Eris monster rubbed its wings and let out an angry and piercing howl.

I said I don't like it, can't you understand the worm talk?

But it didn't dare to throw fire at the Queen of Eternal Night. It turned to look at Shady, and under extreme anger, it directly sucked her into the realm of inner demons.

Its original heart demon field was transformed into a magician camp by the Queen of Eternal Night, but because it needs to absorb the active and abundant emotions of magicians at all times, Ah Fu's strength is very fast.

Not only is the area of the magician's camp expanded, but there is also some margin, which can reopen a field of demons.

It also learned to use the projections of those magicians to make the Demon Realm more real than before.

Using the Heart Demon Realm to spy on Tianming Gousheng's information, is the method discussed by the Queen of Eternal Night and Roger a long time ago, and it is also their only choice.

Normal means, I'm afraid Shady won't be able to cooperate at all.

For such a determined avenger, ordinary punishment, magic, and torture may not be able to break through her defenses.

Here I would like to thank Shady for sending them the Eris Demon Worm.

It doesn't matter if you refuse to say it, your memory will naturally appear in the Heart Demon Realm. Let's go and see for ourselves and dig out the treasures inside.

Maybe you can find important information that Shady has seen but didn't take seriously.

You don't have to worry about whether the information is true or not, or whether you were misled by her.

After all, this is the only skill of the Eris Demon Worm, and even the Queen of Eternal Night cannot be exempted from it.

Now that Ah Fu's strength has doubled, Shady's strength is far inferior to that of the Queen of Eternal Night.

Even with the protection of the God of Knowledge, the possibility of her being immune to the realm of demons is infinitely close to zero.

Especially when Ah Fu was in a state of anger, the effect of the demon field was doubled.

Idealistic skills, fluctuating with emotions, are very obvious.

The result was that Shady had taken sufficient precautions, and there was no room for resistance at all, and she was brought into the realm of inner demons.

Ah, Fu didn't have eyelids, but he landed on the Queen of Eternal Night's shoulder motionlessly, obviously trying his best to deal with Shady.

"Do you want to watch it together? Roger"


Roger nodded.

This may be the storyline involved in the expansion pack or even the next few games. Now it is possible to reveal it in advance. Of course, he is curious about the answer.

What kind of world did the creator create, and how does it make people feel more relaxed as it gets bigger?

As the saying goes, know yourself, know your enemy, and win a hundred battles, if he doesn't even know the real target of the enemy, then he can't even think of a way to deal with it.

What's more, this was originally his proposal. Of course, he couldn't miss the first scene with the materials he captured.

"Okay." the Queen of Eternal Night smiled and snapped her fingers, leading Roger into the realm of demons.



The bright sunshine, the bustling city, the majestic city walls, the majestic palace, the knights in golden armor...

This is the city of Ashford, which has been peaceful for a long time and has not yet become a city full of bones.

"It's still a familiar recipe. First, construct the most beautiful scene, and then tear it up for you to see."

Roger knew the stage of development at a glance.

The Queen of Eternal Night gave a stiff hum.

She has been tortured for several rounds like this. Although with Roger's help, she didn't leave her inner demons behind but broke her inner obsessions, the process was not pleasant.

At this time, there is a third audience.

Old Joestar was wearing a pure white floor-length dress, revealing his "fragrant shoulders" full of muscle bumps. He was very comfortable admiring Shady and having the old dream of the eldest princess again.

His inner line at the moment is "You also came in", which is similar to the mentality of the few who were pierced by the silver needles of Rongmao.

Why did you run away when we were doing trouble together?

Impossible, impossible, let us squat in the prison to be cool and unrestrained!

Roger knew that Old Joestar had been transformed into a random boss of the Infinity Tower by the Queen of Eternal Night. It could be called the nightmare of magicians who dared to climb the tower and challenge themselves. The endless routines tortured them to the point of death.

It's just that I didn't expect him to be so used to women's clothing now...

Old Joestar seemed to notice Meng Shuang who had hit Roger, turned his head and gave Roger a wink, and whistled, "Master Dior, if I have time to help, I will also design some beautiful clothes~"

"This... is a vacuum!"

Roger knew that Old Joestar was joking, but he still felt upset in his stomach.

Regarding the degree of lying down, this legendary chief priest can be regarded as a model of beating workers now, right?

At this time, the good times of the Veronica Dynasty came to an end, and the eldest princess ushered at the moment when Queen Yongye led troops to break through the city.

Roger and Old Joestar subconsciously looked at the Queen of Eternal Night. It turns out that you are Shady's nightmare!

Look at scaring the child.

"Are you good people?" the Queen of Eternal Night jokingly asked back.

After the city was broken, Ah Fu designed the ending that Shady failed to escape, and Roger led the Night Guard to capture her first and gave her as a plaything to the surrendered nobleman Veronica.

And the first nobleman who bullied her was in the face of old Joestar.

But the three of them all became embarrassed.

It turns out that no one can escape, they are all supervillains in Shady's heart.

In this empire, all members of the evil jade must die!

The Demon Realm doesn't reappear completely according to the real memory, there are many things distorted and refracted.

As long as it's something the other party fears, for the sake of stimulating concentration, there is no problem in playing together.

And obviously, Shady was sunk in beauty, didn't realize that the darkness, in the end, was fabricated, sunk in pain, and lost herself.

At the same time, the deeper memory and subconscious mind were also captured by the Eris monster.

Immediately, the new demon world was constructed, and the scenery seen by the three audiences also changed.

By this time, the demon Shady didn't escape but fell deeper into it.

But it was a pity that even in the world of five-layer demons, there was no useful information related to the Seven Gods.

"This is so troublesome, you can't wait for her to collapse completely just to search her memory for a needle in a haystack?" the dissatisfied Queen of Eternal Night complained.

"If she can't do it, we have to break through from old Joestar." Roger changed his mind and looked at the core believer beside him who was not inferior to Shady but had an older qualification.

Old Jostar suddenly looked terrified, "The Goddess of War is not good, she is very good, she doesn't know anything, and I don't know much..."

Who is a serious person that wants to be punished in the realm of demons, and it's still the same kind of people watching and commenting...

What's the difference between this and social death?

"Wait, this time it's the Gap of Ten Thousand Dimensions, the Kingdom of the God of Knowledge!"

Old Joestar suddenly cried out in surprise.

Sister Shady, please work harder, I won't have to suffer if you give me a clue!

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