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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 138

2023-02-19 11:26:19Publish Time: 1,066 views
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Chapter 138 Shady's Darkest Hour

Shady felt like she couldn't breathe.

She tried to cut Roger in the form of a battle mage but was injured by Roger's continuous floor-scrubbing attacks.

Anyway, he was surrounded by the enemy, and there were no friendly troops around him, so he didn't worry about the friendly fire at all.

This is equivalent to the fantasy shield combined with super-high spiritual power in exchange for Shady's blood. Shady, a mage with high attack and low defense, can't stand it at all.

In a very short period, her chances of winning plummeted, and finally reached the warning line where she had to retreat to preserve her vitality.

But at this moment, you can leave if you want to.

Roger didn't give her this opportunity at all, and directly activated the active skill of the Dream Shield in mid-air.

It was like a towering giant, thrusting the tower shield into the ground heavily, and Shady's slender body was like a small grass fluttering in the wind.

The power of fantasy can also interfere with reality, directly crushing her. Roger stepped onto her shoulders and stepped into the mud-soaked with the blood and brains of her men.

There was a pungent fishy smell in all directions and there was also darkness in front of him. Roger was pressed from above his head and he was on the verge of serious injury.

In the perception, one after another strange breaths appears in neat queues...

The men who ambushed Roger together must have had no chance to escape.

Shady could only use the last of her magic power to send a message to the outside support staff to retreat.

By running away, they can at least give the Veronica dynasty a little more hope.

However, her message fell like a stone in the pond, and no one responded to her.

Recalling that "Roger" was pretending to be Dio and waiting for her, Shady finally realized that if all her actions were controlled by the empire, her subordinates might have been exposed by now...

Unknowingly, has the empire become so powerful?

Desperation and depression made Shady unable to breathe and entered the darkest moment of her life.

It wasn't because she might die if she fell into the enemy's hands, but because of the strength of the Ivy Empire, she could not help but think that all her efforts from before were a joke.

Pawning her conscience and bottom line, but in the end, she was hung up and hammered, watching her struggles like a cat and a mouse. This is sad.

Although Shady misjudged Roger's identity as true or false, she was still very accurate in predicting the direction of this battle.

The City Defense Army and the Dark Night Guard entered the arena, and the resistance of the Tianming Army and the remnants of the Sea Kingdom also seemed negligible, and they were quickly suppressed.

Anyone who intends to resist will be killed on the spot.

Anyway, they are just thugs instigated by Shady, and it is impossible to know the valuable secrets of the gods.

If you surrender honestly, I can even send you to dig a mine. If you are dishonest, the empire is not willing to take the risk of being backstabbed by fanatics.

So the scene was quickly brought under control.

When Margaret heard the movement, she quietly slipped back from her hiding place.

She looked at the messy battlefield and the only Dio standing proudly (the active effect has not been released), showing an expression of disbelief.

Is this his record?

She always thought that her friend was a cutie who needed to be taken care of by herself.

But now she was wrong, and she was wrong by too much. He is a big bad wolf that eats people!

Hey, what's the matter with this sudden excitement?

In the chaotic nature of demons, they have the instinct to worship and obey the strong.

This is also the basis for the upper demons to easily suppress the lunatics below.

Roger is not a devil, of course, he can't suppress the small ceiling fan with his blood, but at this moment he showed enough strength, which is enough to make Margaret feel different ripples in his heart.

Her unwavering admiration for the Queen of Eternal Night is inseparable from the empress' strength.

This kind of child who grew up in despair and chaos naturally doesn't have any good feelings for vase-shaped idols. He only admires the powerful, and longs for himself to become a powerful demon lord someday.

Dio's performance today is the best of the best.

The whole block is as if it has been ravaged by meteorites for several rounds. Big pits and small pits have dropped jade plates, and none of the stone slabs paved on the ground are complete.

A group of assassins who jumped out of nowhere were dead and wounded, lying all over the ground.

Looking at Dio's body, he didn't have any injuries at all, and the terrifying and boiling magical power like a raging wave is now hidden.

In perception, he is an ordinary high-level magician, how can he be the peerless powerhouse who single-handedly suppressed a group of armed thugs?

Such a low-key disguise made Margaret feel more secure.

The sword in the sheath is the most intimidating. It is quite clever to hide the fighting power of a strong man so that the enemy can't figure out the depth of their strength and rush to the street.

At this moment, the Tianming army proved that they kicked the iron board’s ass.

The more Margaret thought about it, the more excited she became. There was a strange light in her red eyes, and she secretly looked at Dio's figure.

Well, what happened to suddenly not wanting to just be friends...

You have to restrain yourself! Don't be too greedy!

The little half-blood demon clenched her fists, stretched her tail straight, and took several deep breaths to calm herself down.

Immediately, as the most senior official present, she called the commanders of the City Defense Army and the Night Guard who sealed off the scene to understand the cause and effect of the incident here.

This battle happened suddenly and quite ended neatly.

In less than five minutes, Tianming Gousheng's two-month-long preparation for the operation had failed.

After the cabinet meeting was canceled, Roger didn't teleport directly back to his residence but went for a walk with Margaret. The time he spent on the road was a bit too long.

Shady worried that Queen Yong Ye might return to the city at any time, so she immediately instructed her subordinates to change their tactics, from ambushing at home to intercepting and killing on the road, which led to a battle breaking out.

This is the backup plan of the Tianming Army, and it is also within the information collected by the Night Guards, but the response is a bit slower than anticipated.

But as soon as the battle started here, Hicks sensed that the Tianming Army was moving ahead of time, and immediately activated a backup plan.

I went to arrest the members of the Tianming Army near Dio's residence, and at the same time observed the Night Guards in other places and began to collect their nets.

Immediately, the Tianming Army who were on standby to support and respond to other directions, and His Royal Highness Shaq, the Crown Prince of the Sea Country, who was waiting for news, were all captured by the Night Guards.

Many people didn't have time to react and found that they had lost the ability to resist. They were dumbfounded when they saw the Night Guard rushing in through broken doors and windows.

Holy crap, we haven't claimed responsibility for today's actions, so now we're directly exposed?

At this moment, the passionate young people of the Tianming Army with the lofty ambition of anti-Qingfu fell into the confusion of who is the hunter and who is the prey.

In Dio's arrest, the Tianming Army discovered and targeted 677 people including Shady Veronica, and 59 more including Prince Shaq of the Sea Kingdom.

In the end, more than 120 people were killed by Roger on the spot. 34 people were killed on the spot because of resisting and the rest were imprisoned. No one escaped in the end.

After all, the field of view advantage is too great, and it is still a home game. Hicks said that he is not aware of any surprises in this ending.

As long as their equipment without magic power fluctuations is not exposed, the city of mystery will be a nightmarish place for all intelligence and dark organizations.

However, apart from the current action against the Tianming Army, Roger restrained the Night Guard's urge to do meritorious service and didn't allow them to disturb the spies from other countries sneaking into the empire, just monitoring and watching.

When the water is clear, there will be no fish. If the empire becomes an intelligence black hole, hostile forces from all walks of life will continuously send new spies, and sooner or later they will discover their little secrets.

At that time, their crushing situation might turn into a secret war in which the enemy also develops and upgrades each other's intelligence technology and equipment.

So why bother yourself?

Now that they know the enemy's location and actions, they can control the information received by the enemy's spies and induce their actions.

To sum up, these enemy spies are our people who receive the salary of the enemy faction. Why can't they think about destroying this good situation?

This wave was only because Tianming's mentor turned against him, and the empire needed to get information from her, so they took out the main force of Tianming's army.

Roger has always believed in eradicating grass and roots. Apart from the Mysterious City, the Night Guards from other places also acted to arrest the remnants of the local Tianming Army based on clues.

According to the analysis of professionals, with the arrest of Shady Veronica, the remaining Tianming Army members may not be able to persist for a long time, and they will disintegrate on their own over time.

However, the empire is not without losses.

The secret whistle around Dio's residence was just a fake death, and the means to offset the fatal damage were prepared in advance, so it was just a very real match with the performance, and there were no actual casualties.

But Margaret's guards were not so lucky because they were Shady's impromptu response.

Several other civilians who strayed into the battlefield were executed by the Tianming army on the spot to prevent the leakage of secrets.

In the subsequent battle, to prevent Dio, a space blockade was carried out, and the scattered power was confined in the subspace, and the damage to the mysterious capital was minimized.

However, these insiders don't know much about the city's defense forces. The Night Guard and the military system are parallel to each other. They didn't report all the details to Margaret, but simply reported the enemy's losses and their losses.

Hearing that all her guards were killed in battle, Margaret was inevitably a little sad and angry.

Those guards also followed her for a long time. They fought in the north and the south, and they came over after encountering many storms. They didn't want to be ambushed by the enemy in the capital of the empire, but none of them survived.

She ordered coldly, "Strictly investigate this matter, find out the identity of the assassins, and we must not let them get away with it!"

The commander of the city defense army nodded yes and took the order to leave.

The golden-sleeved Higgs on the side of the Night Guard didn't answer right away, his eyes were strange.

The leaders of the Tianming Army were all arrested, and the main force was either arrested or killed. How could they get away with it?

Thinking about the secrecy regulations, now that the Tianming Army's actions are perfectly closed, it seems that they can properly disclose some information to the outside world, right?

Isn't continuing to hide it, a waste of the empire's manpower and material resources?

He confirmed that his logic should be correct, took a step forward, and reported to Margaret, who was still in the dark, "Return to Mr. Zuoxiang, there is no need to investigate this matter. The Night Guard has detailed information on the enemy. If you want to continue for further information, you can apply to our commanding envoy."


Commander of the city defense army:?

After being dazed for a moment, Margaret couldn't help but erupt with anger, "You have such detailed information, yet you still allow the enemy to wreak havoc in the mysterious city, putting Lord Dio and me in danger?"

Higgs had no choice but to tell the truth, "My lord, Mr. Dio is cooperating with the performance. Our conductor and envoy also arranged for someone to finish it. In theory, there is no danger. This is not a dangerous situation..."

"Roger, if he doesn't count, it doesn't count? It's obvious that kid's miscalculation. If it weren't for Dio's hidden strength, you might have come to collect our bodies now!" Margaret became angrier and angrier.

She complained to her subordinates, and also to Dio!

Roger, Dubby!

Knowing in advance but allowing such a thing to happen, I would never do it!

Higgs suppressed his anger, lowered his head, and said, "Master Charles' arrangement is fine."

He bit "Lord Charles" hard and reminded Margaret: Although you are the prime minister, Marquis, please be polite to my lord, don't yell like that kid!

"Oh? Are all of you night guards so confident?" Margaret narrowed her eyes dangerously when she saw that this night guard dared to contradict her.

How about changing his job to become a demon hunter instead of crippling his eyes?

Higgs sensed that Margaret was in a bad mood, but he didn't take a step back and looked at her indifferently.

The right hand wearing the eight-armed space glove is ready to make a move.

Although he was officially incorporated, he still has the aura of a knight-errant, and he is also impressed by Roger's strength and financial resources. Seeing this little mixed-blood devil pointing at the country is very angry!

Many Dark Night Guards felt that the atmosphere was not right here, so they also leaned over and stood behind their own Lord Jinxiu.

Unknowingly, Roger's prestige in the hearts of the night guards was extremely high.

Even if the Prime Minister accuses and speaks disrespectfully to his commanders, they can't bear it!

Roger cultivated the arrogance of the Night Guard with continuous victories, extreme defense, and sufficient material resources.

For these professionals whose average age is no more than twenty-five years old, the Duke has had their heads chopped off.

Except for the empress and her commander, no one will recognize her, and she will not give anyone a face!

The commander of the city defense army looked left and right and found that there was no one he could offend, so he tried to reduce his sense of existence.

"It's wrong, it's wrong, the spies of the empire are about to rebel! I just asked if your work is in place, and you are going to take action against the prime minister of the empire?" Margaret was angry and aggrieved.

Fuck me, I'm the leftist. I was attacked just now, so I just made a few casual remarks, and I'm going to be hacked by the Night Guard.

You are young and loyal!

Just as the two sides were at war, a figure blocked Margaret's line of sight and also blocked Higgs' attack route.

Roger walked over with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, "Mary, if you want to know more information, you can just ask me directly. I didn't expect to involve you in advance today. I'm sorry."

Seeing Dio, Margaret's eyes instantly softened.

She hurriedly said, "Dio, don't apologize. I'm not targeting you. You are also a victim. It's these night guards who have information but don't do anything."

Roger said seriously, "I am deeply sympathetic to what happened to your guards. But, the Night Guards have done their best to complete their work. There is some misunderstanding here. I will explain it to you later, okay?"

"Of course it's possible. Dio, if you have something to do, then take care of it first..." Margaret lowered her head.

Roger's gentle speech made her feel that she was indeed a little too much.

"Thank you for understanding."

Roger waved at Higgs vigorously with his hands behind his back, signaling him to step back quickly.

Margaret didn't have enough information, and she had a long-time guard in her heart. It was understandable for her to question and doubt the work of the Night Guard.

As for Higgs and the other Night Guards maintaining their reputations, it was a surprise.

Everyone is doing things for the empire, there is no need for internal friction.

Fortunately, getting along with each other these days, Roger has figured out that this little ceiling fan has a personality of being soft and not hard.

As long as you keep your stance low, take the initiative to apologize, and speak soft words, almost everything that doesn't involve the Queen of Eternal Night can be passed in this way.

After comforting Margaret, Roger pulled Shady out of the soil and took her to Fengling Moon Shadow Palace.