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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 312

2023-07-11 05:00:00Publish Time: 329 views
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Chapter 312: Let Go of Everything!

After leaving Man City, Su Yi was on the run all the way, unable to help himself.

Although progress has not been slow on the way, he really has not taken the time to stop and meditate.

As night fell, after briefing Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, Da Bao, Xiao Ling and others on some precautions, Su Yi went straight to a hilltop and looked for a small cave, intending to begin his cultivation.

Without any means at hand and no worry about the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect, Su Yi knew that even if he wanted to do something against the Demon Emperor Chi Qin, it would be useless.

If the Demon Emperor Chi Qin really plans to be disadvantageous for the Divine Demonic Sect, any arrangement will be of no help.

In this period of time, Su Yi has come to truly realize that real strength is everything.

Although Su Yi is currently in Cang Lan City, he has never been 100% at ease with the Demon Emperor Chi Qin.

Now that the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect have been brought into Cang Lan City, it would be difficult to get them out without any harm.

Su Yi knew, unless he could quickly rise and become a strong person, strong enough to make the Demon Emperor Chi Qin fear, otherwise, it would be a big trouble when the time comes.

On this journey, Su Yi fought with many young ones, including Hu Chi, Xiong Zhan, the Golden Ancient Scorpion from the Demon Clan, and Chi Zu. These encounters allowed Su Yi to gain insight into his own abilities and increased his appreciation for the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.

But this is still far from enough to contend with the super strong enemies who destroyed the Divine Demonic Sect. He must step onto the Sacred Mountain and seek justice one day, but with the present level of cultivation, it is still far away, far from enough.

This forced Su Yi to work hard and quickly rise up!

"Cultivate the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon, Wrath of the Eight Wastelands, etc."

In the small mountain cave, Su Yi muttered to himself. Taking advantage of the time he had, he should cultivate the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse. He hadn't mastered the third move of the Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon yet, and he had only managed to learn one kick of the Wrath of the Eight Wastelands.

He can only stay in Cang Lan City now, he can't leave.

Su Yi feels that rather than thinking too much, it is better to calm down and cultivate diligently, improve strength, and take action, so as not to waste time.

If a strong person knew that Su Yi had only cultivated for such a short amount of time, and he already had the cultivation base of the First Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm, but he still wasn't satisfied, the person must think that he is too crazy.

Soon, Su Yi returned to peace and devoted himself to cultivating, staying neither flustered nor agitated, with an open mind.

Su Yi has laid a good foundation and succeeded in cultivating the Heavenly Tiger Art, Mighty Desolate Verse and Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation.

However, this is only the basics, the basis of cultivating the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse.

Heavenly Tiger Art, Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, and Mighty Desolate Verse are just a part of the vast Divine Demonic Ancient Verse.

It is said that if one cultivates the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse to its pinnacle, it can shock Heaven and Earth and make the gods and ghosts cry!

Heaven and Earth are shocked, the gods and ghosts weep; these words are enough to prove the power and vastness of the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse!

Su Yi sat cross-legged and began to cultivate the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse; his hands formed seals and a fusing light emanated from his body.

Heavenly Tiger Art, Mighty Desolate Verse, and Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation are the foundations of the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse.

"Heavenly Tiger Art" is for "power", "Mighty Desolate Verse" is for "strength", and "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation" is for "spirit".

"The image of the celestial demon is also the image of all beasts, the image of all beasts is the image of creation, the image of creation is heaven and earth and man…"

Su Yi immersed himself in contemplation and cultivation, his aura faintly fluctuating, as if there was a mysterious energy emanating from him, both eerie and virtuous!

In no time, Su Yi's eyes opened, a light radiating from them, like lightning, as if thousands of spiritual beasts were flashing in his eyes.

This is just the beginning of the cultivate, and it has already shown the power and mystery of the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse!

It is difficult to cultivate the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse; the conditions are enough to make one marvel, with almost perverse demands on the physical body and soul.

Especially for the conditions of the soul, the conditions are absolutely extreme.

But Su Yi exactly satisfied these abnormal conditions, as if this Divine Demonic Ancient Verse was tailor-made for him.

Su Yi immersed himself in cultivation and enlightenment, forgetting everything and calming his mind, with only understanding remaining.

At first, Su Yi was unable to cultivate because he was unable to store qi in his body, not because he was foolish or naive.

On the contrary, Su Yi was able to cultivate the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, and even Hundred Transformations Step. His genius and remarkable intelligence are obvious, and even the mysterious person who was at the bottom of the deep abyss was shocked by him.

As time went by slowly, Su Yi was completely immersed in a peculiar state of contemplation, letting go of everything and only cultivating, which was also a kind of perseverance and tenacity.

It is very difficult to cultivate the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, even for people with a great talent, it is hard to cultivate successfully within a short period of time. But for martial artists, this kind of cultivation and enlightenment is actually a kind of enjoyment.

Su Yi was oblivious to the passage of time, deeply immersed in it.

Su Yi's body glowed with energy, a bewitching yet untainted air of mysticism emanating from within. His flesh quivered and shimmered with different lights and radiated a mysterious power as it refined within him.

These energies were not evil, so they sowed the seed in Su Yi's body, as if it had life, gradually taking root and sprouting, vigorously growing.

In the cave, Su Yi sitting cross-legged, glowing, appeared as if made of warm jade.

As time passed, the cave was also quietly, with no demon beasts coming to disturb.

Ten days, fifteen days, twenty days…

Su Yi's demonic aura was becoming increasingly thick, his body was becoming more transparent, surrounded by a brilliant light, like clouds and mists, bathed in mysterious power.

If there was a strong person here at this moment, they would definitely be shocked. Is this still just a teenage boy in the first grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm? The aura emanating from him is actually capable of reaching such heights.

25 days, one month…

Time passes, and everything in Cang Lan City was as usual, at least on the surface there was no ripple.