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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 311

2023-07-09 05:00:00Publish Time: 302 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 311: Cultivation!

Half an hour later in the hall, Su Yi saw nearly a hundred people of the Hunting Tiger Tribe led by Elder Hu Bu. They were all looking suspiciously at Su Yi.

Su Yi first spoke, informing everyone of the reason, "Let everyone come, there is a set of techniques to be passed on to everyone which was left by the previous generation's Divine Demonic Sect Leader."

Last night, Su Yi had something on his mind. The Divine Demonic Sect disciples have temporarily settled in. At this point, the Divine Demonic Sect needs to grow quickly and strengthen its power.

But for now, the only thing Su Yi can think of is to give the true techniques of Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, Heavenly Tiger Art, Mighty Desolate Verse, etc. to the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect.

After Su Yi obtained the formula of the Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation from Shangguan Xi Wei, he determined that the current cultivation methods of the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and Mighty Bear Tribe are incomplete.

Although these three cultivation methods can still be cultivated, they are far inferior to the real "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation", "Mighty Desolate Verse", and "Heavenly Tiger Art".

"What was the skill left behind by the previous generation Divine Demonic Sect master?"

As Su Yi spoke, everyone in the room was moved to tears. Elder Hu Bu, with eyes full of expectation, stepped forward and asked Su Yi.

Looking at everyone, Su Yi gave a slight smile. His hands clenched, and his eyes closed slightly.

Suddenly, when Su Yi opened his eyes again, a ray of light sparkled in his deep eyes. In a moment, his aura surged like the undulating waves, overwhelming.


In the next moment, there was a huge phantom tiger hovering over Su Yi's physical body. Its roar shook their ears as a powerful aura filled the atmosphere, and Su Yi's hair waved wildly in the wind as if it were thunder rumbling in the air.

"Heavenly Tiger Art!"

When this scene appeared, Elder Hu Bu was suddenly shocked, and the faces of the other children of the Hunting Tiger Tribe turned to a look of shock.

They could all feel that this was definitely the Hunting Tiger Tribe's "Heavenly Tiger Art" that they cultivated, but its imposing aura was much stronger than their own rendition.

This is the complete "Heavenly Tiger Art"!

Su Yi collected his breath and looked at the expressions of everyone with a smile.

The true "Heavenly Tiger Art" is what the Hunting Tiger Tribe has been cultivating. After completely mastering the art, the descendants of the tribe are expected to make further progress.

Three days later, Su Yi found the Mighty Bear Tribe.


In the hall, Su Yi's handprint condensed. His eyes shone brightly, a swirl of light radiating out and a terrifying aura emanating an ancient charm, as if capable of suppressing the four sides and radiating outwards in all directions.

From Su Yi, a strong aura emanated outward, accompanied by an ancient pressure.

"Mighty Desolate Verse", this is the Mighty Bear Tribe's "Mighty Desolate Verse"!

Elder Xiong Liu was shaking, his eyes revealing shock. Clearly, the energy flowing through Su Yi's body was the Mighty Bear Tribe's Mighty Desolate Verse, yet it was much more powerful than the one he cultivated.

"The complete Mighty Desolate Verse has been delivered to the Mighty Bear Tribe today!"

Su Yi gave a slight smile as he recited the complete version of "Mighty Desolate Verse" to the children of the Mighty Bear Tribe for their cultivation.

On the seventh day, Su Yi finally found the descendants of the Ancient Spirit Village.

These days, Su Yi has sought out the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe, and news of it has already reached the Ancient Spirit Village.

Some people were curious and were stealthily observing the situation and tried to pry out information.

Now that they have seen Su Yi, they can almost certainly guess how it will end up already.

"I heard that the previous generation Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect left a complete version of the 'Mighty Desolate Verse' and 'Heavenly Tiger Art'. Could it be that the 'Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation' we cultivate is incomplete too?" someone whispered in discussion. These days they have been curiously inquiring and have come to know many pieces of news.

Elder Shangguan Xu also closely looked at Su Yi, his eyes filled with anticipation.

"The complete 'Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation' is with everyone today."

Listening to the murmuring talks and looking at Elder Shangguan Xu, Shangguan Yan, and Shangguan Yu's gaze, Su Yi opened his mouth and said that the complete 'Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation' of course had to be given to the villagers of the Ancient Spirit Village.

"Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation" is more difficult to cultivate than "Heavenly Tiger Art" and "Mighty Desolate Verse", in relation to the soul.

Su Yi spent five days to hand out copies of "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation" to everyone.

"I need to retreat and cultivate for a period of time!"

Elder Shangguan Xu opened his mouth with excitement, as if he had found a treasure.

After getting the complete Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, he was most clear on what he had obtained, and would need to retreat for a period of time to digest it.

It is not surprising that Elder Xiong Liu, Elder Hu Bu, and the people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe have all closed themselves off for training and are attempting to understand the complete Heavenly Tiger Art and Mighty Desolate Verse.

The villagers of the Ancient Spirit Village all excitedly chose to seclude themselves and cultivate.

Suddenly, this place became much quieter, only leaving the figures of the demon beasts like Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard and Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger.

Su Yi gave everyone the complete Demonic Spirit Truth Interpret, Heavenly Tiger Art, and Mighty Desolate Verse. He knew that he was in Cang Lan City, so he didn't pay it much regard.

The Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, Heavenly Tiger Art, and Mighty Desolate Verse are valuable but have no great use for Cang Lan City. The Demon Emperor Chi Qin would not benefit much from taking them.

However, Su Yi was not unconcerned with the idea of Demon Emperor Chi Qin cultivating the Heavenly Tiger Art and other techniques. After all, Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation and Heavenly Tiger Art, if the Demon Emperor Chi Qin wants to get involved, taking them out is enough to get precious rewards.

Su Yi was gambling and had a conversation with Chi Qin. Twenty years later, the Divine Demonic Sect will repay the favor of sheltering them with a fountain of gratitude even though they have reached Cang Lan City. But if Chi Qin finds the Divine Demonic Sect to be mediocre, would Chi Qin still keep his promise?

On the contrary, it made Chi Qin feel that the Divine Demonic Sect was not simple, and perhaps in this Cang Lan City, the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect might be even safer.

"Brother Su Yi, keep fighting!"

What a coincidence. Chi Zu is here again, ready to continue the battle with Su Yi and sharpen his own skills.

In the last battle, Chi Zu was injured, but managed to gain a lot from it. Only it itself knows what benefits it received.

Okay, let's do this! Su Yi nodded.

The last battle was very beneficial for Su Yi.

Still at the old place, one person and one beast engaged in a fierce duel. The violent and intense battle even attracted many demon beasts to watch, their fierce gazes shaking all those who were present.

In the end, Chi Zu obviously lost, with Su Yi not taking it easy on him. Aside from not using those powerful hidden cards, he used all his strength.

"I'm delighted that I've gained a lot from the two battles. I feel the signs of a breakthrough. So when I go into seclusion for some time, I'll be ready to fight again after reaching the Third Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm!" Chi Zu is very happy, as he have gained a lot and was now prepared to make the breakthrough.

"I am also going into seclusion for a period of time while waiting for you."

Su Yi had made a decision - hearing that many powerful Demon Clan members were looking for the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect, and with nowhere else to go in Cang Lan City, he could take the opportunity to hide and cultivate for a while.