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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 313

2023-07-13 05:00:00Publish Time: 501 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 313: Strange Phenomenon Appears in Heaven and Earth!

But there was much commotion in the Demon Woods.

News has spread; the battle so intense it seemed like the end of the world, and startled many people.

This news is even spreading quickly across the entire continent.

"The Divine Demonic Sect still exists in the world!"

"The Divine Demonic Sect has descendants! Is this true or false?"

In this world, when powerful cultivators get news, they are all shocked.

For a while, the Divine Demonic Sect's blood-soaked land was no longer peaceful, and at times there was a subtle presence descending, with powerful people coming to search.

In the small cave, Su Yi forgot everything else, forgetting he was in Cang Lan City, forgetting the Divine Demonic Sect, forgetting Barbarian City, forgetting the injuries on his grandfather's body; all that was left was cultivating the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse.

A hint of demonic energy lingered in the air. In Su Yi's breath, a faint wave of energy flowed through his mouth and nose, creating a special rhythm.

This energy, accompanied by a monstrous aura, yet not of evil nature, had an invisible pressure that gradually enveloped Su Yi.

Finally, these energies were condensed around Su Yi's body, forming a dragon-like pattern.

"Very strange, especially strange!"

In the small cave far away where Su Yi cultivates in seclusion, two figures silently appeared on top of the towering mountain peaks - they were the Demon Emperor Chi Qin and the old man in the yellow robe.

The old man in yellow robe is also obviously a Demon Emperor. He looks into the cave, and if he can see everything through the cave, his eyes tremble and say, "This boy is human, but the smell on his body seems to have something to do with our demon clan!"

"From what I know, when the Divine Demonic Sect originally rose, it had some connection with us. This kid might really be the new leader of the Divine Demonic Sect." Chi Qin spoke up, he had heard some rumors about the Divine Demonic Sect.

"A lot of people outside are looking for the Divine Demonic Sect, and a lot of powerful human cultivators have come. I didn't expect to cause such a stir!" said the old man in the yellow robe.

"We took a walk around and no one will suspect that Cang Lan City is involved for the time being," Chi Qin said.

The old man in the yellow robe smiled slightly, knowing that his brother's mind was extraordinary. Obviously, people from the Divine Demonic Sect were in Cang Lan City, but he deliberately revealed himself, to avoid suspicions from nearby people.

Looking into the cave, the old man in yellow robe moved his eyes for a moment and said, "I heard that Chi Zu has entered seclusion again, is he going to break through again?"

"It should be a breakthrough again."

Chi Qin nodded, but his brows creased slightly as he said, "Still, he can't compare to this kid. This kid is too mysterious; I can't see through him either…"


As Chi Qin's voice had yet to completely die down, the sky and earth outside the small cave suddenly rang with a thunderous roar.

"Hula La La…"

The energy of this world was also fluctuating rapidly in an instant.

With the sound of this thunder roaring, there was energy from heaven and earth coming from all around!

This land energy was strange, bearing a great pressure, as if coming from ancient times, then gathering towards the inside of the cave.

"What's the matter?"

The sudden commotion caught the old man in yellow robes off guard. The intimidating atmosphere even seemed to have an effect on him.

Chi Qin's eyes fixed on the cave in an instant, and the oppressive energy around them condensed and headed toward the cave.

Inside the cave at this moment, there was only one young man who was in seclusion.

"It was the little guy that caused this, as expected." Chi Qin was also surprised.

"How is that possible? That human kid is only of the first-grade cultivation in the Yuan Spirit Realm, why would he have caused such a disturbance!"

The old man in the yellow robe couldn't believe it. How could a human boy of only one level of the Yuan Spirit Realm cause such a commotion?


Just as the yellow-robed old man was incredulous and astonished, the heavens and earth suddenly converged with dark clouds.

The energy between heaven and earth was becoming increasingly intense, and the thick demon Qi was pervading, almost gushing out from between heaven and earth.

The thick black clouds were gathering more and more, lightning crisscrossing the sky, and then thunder roaring, the loud boom of thunder resonating through the heavens and earth.

Such a change immediately caught the attention of the entire Cang Lan City.

Many demon beasts emerged, their fierce eyes gazing in the direction of the emptiness from which a feeling of trembling and palpitations came.

The weaker demon beasts were even crushed and crawling on the ground.

The earth trembled, mountains and rivers shook, huge waves surged to the sky, and a terrible aura descended from heaven and earth, covering the entire Cang Lan City.

Within and outside of Cang Lan City, countless Demon Beasts were shocked, trembling deep down in their hearts!


Eight beasts appeared, roaring and approaching the small mountain hole where Su Yi was meditating.

These eight beasts are the Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Da Bao, Xiao Ling, and others.

For some unknown reason, they seem to have not been repressed by the terrible pressure and commotion here.

Eight beasts of different sizes, guarding in front of Su Yi's small cave and automatically protecting Su Yi!

"This is an anomaly, a heavenly and earthly anomaly, this youngster has caused a heavenly and earthly anomaly!"

On the mountaintop, the old man in the yellow robe was astonished by what he saw; this was not a normal commotion, this was an omen from Heaven and Earth.

The earth quakes, the sky collapses and the mountains shake, thunder and lightning resound, this is an extraordinary phenomenon in Heaven and Earth!

"Unusual phenomena arise in heaven and earth, something extraordinary must emerge!"

Chi Qin's gaze finally began to waver, his eyes glinting and his face replaced with shock.

"With the strength of that human boy, even if he breaks through, he can't cause any commotion, let alone an extraordinary spectacle of heaven and earth!"

The old man in the yellow robe was stunned and said, "Could it be that the kid has cultivated a Heavenly Grade Martial Art Technique?"

Rumor has it that when the Heavenly Grade Martial Art Technique has been born, it will be accompanied by strange phenomena in the heavens and earth. The old man in the yellow robe was somewhat suspicious.

"It is unlikely, even with the best talent from the Yuan Spirit Realm, it is impossible to cultivate a Heavenly Grade Martial Art Technique!"

Chi Qin is very sure that Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator is absolutely impossible to cultivate into the Heavenly Grade Martial Art Technique. No matter how good the talent is, it is impossible.

Chi Qin was struck with surprise and sank into deep thought for a while. His eyes then glinted with understanding as he said, "Maybe the young boy has cultivated the legendary Heavenly Grade Martial Skill!"

"Heavenly Grade Martial Skill!"

The old man in the yellow robe was shocked; even though he was a demon, he also knew what the Heavenly Grade Martial Skill represented in human martial artists.

Rumor has it that when the Heavenly Grade Martial Skill comes into the world, the mountains will collapse and the ground will split, accompanied by flashes of lightning and loud thunder!

"No, that kid has already arrived in Demonic Spirit Realm, how can he just complete the Heavenly Grade Martial Skill now!"

The old man in yellow robe shook his head, astonished; he murmured, "Could it be that he had given up his previous cultivation method and cultivated from the beginning again?"

"It would be even worse if he did so!"

Chi Qin said, "What kind of perseverance is needed to give up one's cultivation method and restart everything from the very beginning? This young human can succeed with such perseverance. Once he grows up, he will be even more terrible!"!

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