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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 310

2023-07-07 05:00:00Publish Time: 494 views
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Chapter 310: Teach

"What's the plan next? After all this is the Demon Woods, it's Cang Lan City, we can't stay here forever!"

Shangguan Xi Wei gently raised her hand, her long and graceful hands resting lightly on her knees, in the distant night sky, occasional animal roars sounded, like a wave of emotion, as if a gentle breeze had passed over the surface of a lake in early summer.

"Let's talk about it when the time comes, let's wait until this period is over first."

Su Yi furrowed his brows, knowing that staying here was not a long-term plan. But for now, with the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect, he had nowhere else to go.

Shangguan Xi Wei looked at Su Yi, a ripple of light emanating from her clear and bright eyes, as if it could draw people's hearts into a wave.

After a moment of silence, Shangguan Xi Wei sighed, "You are already the Divine Demonic Sect's leader, but Elder Hu Bu from the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Elder Xiong Liu from the Mighty Bear Tribe, and Elder Shangguan Xu all seem to be in doubt. I don't know what they think, what do you plan to do?"

Su Yi smiled. How could he not feel it? The three elders, as well as some other people, seemed to still be hesitant and suspicious of him as the new sect leader.

It seems that in order to become the Divine Demonic Sect's leader, he must pass this level first.

But Su Yi could understand that the Ancient Spirit Village, the Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe had competed for thousands of years; suddenly to say that they were all disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect and even a foreigner became the new Sect Leader, Elder Shangguan Xu, Elder Xiong Li, Elder Hu Bu and the rest all have some difficulty adjusting in their hearts.

"Take your time."

Su Yi replied to Shangguan Xi Wei, hoping that after some time, everyone will accept it.

In Su Yi's heart, he had no thought for the title of Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect at all.

Just by agreeing to Lord Demon and obtaining the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, plus treating the Ancient Spirit Village as his second home all along, Su Yi had taken on the responsibility.

Shangguan Xi Wei said nothing more. She gave Su Yi a glance and sat with him quietly, gazing at the stars in the sky as if she was thinking of something.

Su Yi was speechless, lying on the ground, hands behind his head, a withered blade of grass in his mouth, gazing up at the bright moon in the sky, wondering what could be on his mind.

After about an hour, Shangguan Xi Wei got up and looked at Su Yi lying there, smiled faintly and said softly to him, "Go get some rest."

Su Yi suddenly stood up, looking at Shangguan Xi Wei and said, "I need your help."

"What is it? Feel free to say it." Shangguan Xi Wei was a bit surprised; when did this guy become so polite?

Su Yi asked Shangguan Xi Wei, "You're cultivating the Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, right?"

"How do you know about Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation"?

Shangguan Xi Wei was initially astonished, but then seemed to think of something - that Su Yi was now the sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect, and had gained tremendous benefits in the Tian Yao Cave.

"I need a look at your Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation."

Su Yi said to Shangguan Xi Wei, wanting to understand the "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation" being cultivated in the Ancient Spirit Village now, to determine if it is generally as expected and quite different from the "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation" obtained by him.

"Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation is the strongest martial arts of the Ancient Spirit Village, and only people from the Ancient Spirit Village are capable of cultivating it."

Shangguan Xi Wei had a difficult expression on her face, but after just a slight hesitation, she said to Su Yi, "You are the Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect, and this Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation is also the cultivation technique of the Divine Demonic Sect. I can certainly give it to you, but Elder Shangguan Xu has this technique. If you want to cultivate it, I will go find Elder Shangguan Xu tomorrow. It shouldn't be a big problem."

Hearing that, Su Yi laughed, presumably Shangguan Xi Wei thought he wanted to cultivate "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation".

Su Yi said to Shangguan Xu Wei, "No need to look for Elder Shangguan Xu, I just need to take a look at the incantation of 'Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation' and that will be enough."

"Is the incantation enough…?"

Shangguan Xi Wei was quite surprised. Usually, it is impossible to just rely on them to the incantation to cultivate martial arts.

Su Yi smiled slightly, and hand prints began to condense in his hands.


Suddenly, a powerful aura emerged from Su Yi, followed by a vast ancient spiritual breath and a hint of demonic energy.

"This is… the Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation"!

When this aura filled the air, and looking at Su Yi, Shangguan Xi Wei's eyes suddenly shock in surprise. This is too incredible. The aura clearly belonged to Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, yet it seemed to be beyond that of 'Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation'.

"I have been cultivating the 'Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation' left by the previous generation Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect. I was suspicious and wanted to have a look at the version you're cultivating."

Su Yi restrained their aura and informed Shangguan Xi Wei of the truth of the matter. After all, he had already cultivated the Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, so Shangguan Xi Wei didn't need to worry about divulging the secret incantation.


Shangguan Xi Wei calmed down after learning that Su Yi was actually cultivating the Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, which was passed down from the previous generation's sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect.

It seems that Su Yi has really become the Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect.

Immediately, Shangguan Xi Wei told Su Yi the incantation of the 'Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation' without any hesitation.


When Su Yi learned of Shangguan Xi Wei's cultivation incantation, he immediately found the problem.

Su Yi discovered that, for unknown reasons, the Ancient Spirit Village's cultivate of the "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation" was incomplete, missing some parts, so ever since cultivating "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation", he felt a problem.

"What's wrong? Is there something wrong with our Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation?"

Looking at Su Yi's expression, Shangguan Xi Wei said, "I once heard my grandmother say that there were some small problems with the 'Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation'. It seems like something was missing when it was passed down a long time ago. I heard that the same thing happened to the 'Mighty Desolate Verse' of the Mighty Bear Tribe and the 'Heavenly Tiger Art' of the Hunting Tiger Tribe. I don't know why all these works have been passed down incomplete."

"That's it," Su Yi smiled, nodding with a twinkle in his eyes.

Shangguan Xi Wei gazed at Su Yi with some surprise.

"Get some rest earlier, I'm going to go do something first."

Gazing at the sky, unknowingly an entire night had passed. With Su Yi's voice dying away, he quickly left.

It hadn't been long since the sky had just become slightly brighter when Su Yi found Hu Chi and said, "I want to meet everyone from the Hunting Tiger Tribe in the Yuan Soul Realm in the hall as soon as possible."

Hu Chi was surprised. Seeing that Su Yi had a serious look, he nodded.