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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 285

2023-05-18 06:45:00Publish Time: 354 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 285: Soundless Pain!

Su Yi straddled the bloody big boa on its back with an exploding crimson glow in his hand. In an instant, both fists were as though the rain as fists dropped down like a rainstorm continuously.

"Bang bang bang bang bang……"


Low and deep explosion sounds rang out as all of the punches hit. On the head of the bloody big boa, its skin split open, and meat broke forth while blood dripped everywhere. It shrieked but was utterly unable to move as its tail, was stabbed until it totally could not move an inch. Its head struggled, but following after Su Yi's few punches, it had also wilted.

"Bang bang!"

Su Yi exploded with surging crimson light along with a mighty and destructive aura. Every single fist that punched down, the skull of the big bloody boa would blast out a hole.

The aura on Su Yi's body got weaker and weaker while the speed of the fist landing down also got slower.

When the last strand of energy got exhausted, the speed of Su Yi's fist also entirely stopped.

The skull of the bloody boa had utterly turned into a meat paste. A skull of the strong beast in the Demonic Void Realm had directly gotten blasted.


The roars of the strange and fearsome beast got further and further away. Unknowingly when it had already escaped without any traces.


Su Yi loudly shouted to the sky sorrowfully, making people that heard it feel unknowingly sad too.

The crimson glow in his eyes and the aura on his body had entirely dispersed, but his eyes were still bloody red, covered with the color of blood.

Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and the rest glanced at each other, feeling shocked in their heart as a strong beast in the Demonic Void Realm could actually also be killed by that fellow.

However, following after, Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and the rest one by one looked at the sky in one direction. That was the direction of their home. At the moment, they had separated away too far and escaped out while the rest of their clansmen were killed and slaughtered by people.

Each one of them clenched their fists tightly and had wet eyes with tears rolling in their eye sockets.

On the back of the bloody boa, Su Yi panted with a complexion as pale as a paper with wet and bloody eyes.

He popped a few recovery elixirs into his mouth and then climbed down from the back of the bloody big boa. He took out a Spirit Weapon from his interspatial bag and sliced through the snakeskin of the boa with force. He later took out a fist-sized demonic core that was emitting a bloody light.

Hu Chi, Xiong Zhan, and the rest glanced at a distant, watching everything that Su Yi did. They stood afar, wanting to come over, but didn't and kept silently standing at one side.

Keeping the demonic core, Su Yi plucked out the broken sword that had recovered back to normal on the snake tail. He found a firmed tree vine and once again placed the broken sword and the new big Spirit Weapon saber onto his back.

"Are you guys injured?" Su Yi now then walked to the front of Hu Chi and the rest and asked them as he swept his glance over them.

"Nothing serious." Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and including those elderly glanced at each other and then shook their heads.

"Do you guys know where are we?" Su Yi sized up the surroundings and then questioned everyone.

"We should be inside of the Demon Woods." An elderly from the Hunting Tiger Tribe spoke while sizing up their surroundings. This place should be the Demon Woods.

"There are still many people that have landed in the area. We will go and look for them now."

After hearing this, Su Yi's eyes moved. Here was the inside of the Demon Woods and legends said that it was the heaven of the beasts, which strong beasts were everywhere. He must find everyone so that there would not be any accidents.

When his words landed, Su Yi left to find the others.

Hu Chi, Xiong Zhan, and the rest hesitated, and then also followed behind Su Yi.

In the dark night with the crescent moon landing at the west.

When crossing the mountains, Su Yi's footsteps were hard, supporting himself to go over the mountain and down the dale. Along the way, they had found several people, and amongst them were Shangguan Ye and Shangguan Xiu.

"Died. Mother has died, and father too. Village head granny had died and the old village head too. So many people have died!"

Shangguan Ye cried while sitting on the rocks. The tears in his eyes unbearably dripped down.

"Wu wu……"

Shangguan Xiu cried as tears poured down.

Looking at the scene, the agony in Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and the rest also unbearably got stirred up. The group of people was incomparably sad.

Su Yi clenched his fist tightly while his eyes were red. So many kind villagers that were peaceful with the world were killed just like this.

"Go. We must quickly find all of the people!"

Su Yi loudly shouted with red eyes, but he forcibly endured the tears in his eye sockets and continued to search the surroundings. Along the way, he also left behind the marks of the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe, so that he could find all of them.

The sky had become bright, and the group of people had found more and more people. Shangguan Yan and Shangguan Yu were also within, along with some of the youngsters of the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe. They already had dozens of people in their line-up.

Lastly, at a mountain top, Su Yi found Shangguan Xi Wei and Su Tian Que.

At this moment, Su Tian Que's eyes were a little red while its body still did not have any feathers. As it watched Su Yi came over, it as though was not surprised. The appearance of arrogant on account of one's seniority was even denser as it said to Su Yi: "You have come."

Su Yi nodded his head and looked at Shangguan Xi Wei.

Shangguan Xi Wei squatted on the ground. Such a pose seemingly had maintained for a very long time as she was still hugging granny Shangguan in her arms. Her tears had long dried while she had cried until she had no voice.

Su Yi gently walked over to Shangguan Xi Wei and stood beside her. Looking at granny Shangguan's pale and kind complexion, his heart was in pain. A drilling kind of pain.

"Village head granny."

Shangguan Yuan, Shangguan Xiu, and the rest of the people of the Ancient Spirit Village all surrounded over.

The surrounding people did not say anything while they silently stood at one side.

After a long time, Su Yi glanced at Shangguan Xi Wei and said: "We will bury granny in the ground to rest first. This place is not far from home. We will bury granny here, and in the future, we can visit here often."

Shangguan Xi Wei then moved her dazed gaze at this moment and looked at Su Yi while nodding her head.

Su Yi took over the village head's corpse and gently hugged her into his arms to one side. Then, he searched for a place in the beautiful mountains and clear waters that looked towards the direction of the heaven of peace and happiness from afar and started digging.

The surrounding people were silent, but all came over to help without speaking any words.

Finally, they buried the village head while Shangguan Yan found a huge rock, wanting to inscribe the gravestone.

"Inscribe the gravestone next time!"

Su Tian Que came over to stop while it said: "Everyone has escaped out, so most likely, those great enemies will not let it go this easily, and continue to find us. We must quickly leave this place and try not to leave any traces as much as possible."

Su Yi nodded his head and also stopped the people.


In front of the grave, Shangguan Xi Wei's voice was hoarse as she cried until she had no voice.

"Village head granny!"

The people of the Ancient Spirit Village could no longer endure it as they teared up. All of their eyes were red, flooding with tears.

Su Yi forcefully endured it while he glanced at the sky from afar. The burning sun already hung high up in the sky. He looked in the direction of the heaven of peace and happiness as he kneed before the grave and respectfully kowtowed three times with reddened eyes. Afterward, he wiped his tears and abruptly turned his body around and left.

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