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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 284

2023-05-16 07:00:00Publish Time: 344 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 284: Escaped And Leave!


The Honourable Demon roared while its eyes were like the sun as its body kept dripping blood. However, at this moment, the aura on its body was getting hot and soared the clouds with a brilliant glow, bringing along twinkling runes.

"This old fellow wants to seek death!"

A strong cultivator had a changed of color on his complexion as he was shocked.

"Not good……"

The surrounding super-strong cultivators had a change of color in their complexions as though they had seen the most shocking thing as they speedily stormingly retreated.

"The Divine Demonic Sect will stage a comeback. Heaven will not exterminate my Divine Demonic Sect!"

The Honourably Demon spoke while its voice echoed in this land. The glow on its entire body seemingly burned up, becoming incomparably magnificent like the tides, while the demonic aura turned into a boundless ocean. The power of its body was as though an ancient tiger god standing up.


All of a sudden, the burning and blinding body of the Honourably Demon directly inflated and exploded like a bomb got detonated. Frightening energy swept through in the sky, so blinding that the sky was entirely flaming, and nothing could be, seen exploding out an incomparable might and demonic aura.


At a low altitude, someone horribly screamed as many descended great enemies suffered the ripples while they shrieked and fell. Some of them their bodies got directly crushed with blood flying and spilling like the rain. Some giant beasts, were even assaulted by the energy as their bodies got split into two.

Such an explosion caused all of the soul of every living thing to shiver while every incomer enemies escaped, avoiding that frightening ripples.

Afterward, the sky recovered, and everywhere was empty. The ancient land recovered its dark night and got covered by the night scene.

"Find them. They must not have gone far!"

Faraway in the sky, someone spoke while his voice sounded very sinister.


The surrounding was crimson while Su Yi could not struggle. His eyes were still crimson with a babbling killing aura, but the conscious in his mind was not hidden and got clearer and clearer.


Unknown how long had passed, a few hours or a few minutes, Su Yi felt that his body was dropping while his surroundings was no longer crimson and he could clearly see that he was falling down from mid-air. The bottom was still a cliff abyss, so dark that the bottom could not see.


The instant when his body fell onto the cliff abyss, the heavy sword in Su Yi's hand stabbed down. With the clanging of the metals and sparks of fire, the heavy sword struck into the rock wall, cutting the rocks like soil while his body dropped down. Then it gradually slowed down and stopped as the surrounding large rocks trembled before it was safely secured.


His body gained power while the heavy sword glowed as his hair stood. Su Yi gave a loud roared, and his foot tapped onto the rock wall as his body abruptly leaped onto up to the abyss.

On the abyss, the crescent moon was like a hook with twinkling stars. Su Yi opened his eyes wide and looked at the high sky. The surroundings were quiet while he never saw any great enemies chasing over, but just now, there were many people seemingly falling with him, scattered around the area.

With the heavy sword in his hand, the outer power currently in his body had still not dispersed. Su Yi glanced at the sky, not knowing where he was.


Beast roars abruptly traveled over from afar that could deafen the ears.

Su Yi waved his sword and felt the direction where the roars came and abruptly madly dashed over as he knew that earlier, many people had landed in that area.

Very quickly, Su Yi reached the place. Under the moonlight in the night, the chaotic mountains and rocks, presently, there were several figures while coincidentally, Su Yu knew some of them. There were Hu Chi and Hu Mo from the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Xiong Zhan and Xiong Lie from the Mighty Bear Tribe, and a few elderly of the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe, but their cultivation levels were not high, only a little stronger than Xiong Zhan and the rest.


A several zhang big black ferocious beast was currently staring closely at Hu Chi, Xiong Zhan, and the rest. Its entire body was swarthy with long dense fur while emitting a black glow and a mouth full of sharp teeth. It appeared like a pig and a wolf with a fierce aura on its body.

"Humans interrupting me while I am cultivating. All of you shall die!"

The ferocious beast howled, speaking in the human language while emitting killing intent.

It was initially in closed-door cultivation at this place as it desired to breakthrough in this night with moon, but it never expected that so many humans would suddenly appear and interrupted it, so it was furious.

"Demonic Void Realm!"

Hu Chi, Hu Mo, Xiong Zhan, and the rest that just landed, did not expect that they had alarmed a beast in the Demonic Void Realm while they knew that they were not its opponent.

"Scam beast, or else I will kill you!"

Su Yi rushed over while the agony in his heart had not disappeared, and his eyes crimson.

"It's him!"

When they saw Su Yi, the expression of Hu Chi, Xiong Zhan, and the rest moved as previously, they had seen Su Yi battling the strong cultivators while sweeping through everywhere.

The ferocious beast looked at Su Yi, seemingly feeling a sort of aura as the aura of Demonic Void Realm on its body also fluctuated. That whiff of might, destruction, and gruesome killing aura made people's heart quiver without reason.


The roar of the ferocious beast also became a little soft that even though it was somewhat unwilling, it did not dare to get close. It had indeed been frightened as it carefully stared and sized up Su Yi.


All of a sudden, not far away, a bloody glow swept out as a dozen zhang long big boa in the color of blood swept out. Its tongue in the moon night was like bloody lightning flashing while its aura was much stronger than that ferocious beast. It dived towards Su Yi and opened its big bloody mouth with a foul smell that assailed the nostrils, wanting to swallow Su Yi in one bite.

"Foul beast, you are courting death!"

Su Yi was precisely angry in his heart. Although the outer power on his body was gradually dispersing, it had not totally gone yet. The heavy sword in his hand directly slashed out with sword light along with wind and thunder. The glow was turbulent with a sword glow like the boundless ocean sweeping out.

That bloody big boa seemingly did not expect Su Yi's speed and might to be so strong as its giant tail swept out and actually shattered many of Su Yi's sword glow.

The giant tail lastly swept onto a pile of rocks. The rumbling rocks exploded and rolled down.


Su Yi's inexplicable agony was about to disappear while the heavy sword in his hand fiercely swept out akin to lightning with momentum like dashing lightning, directly piercing the giant tail of the bloody big boa, stabbing the tail into the rocks.

The brilliant glow on the heavy sword exploded out a frightening killing aura, forcefully restraining the boa's tail and locking it inside the rocks.

"Hiss hiss……"

The bloody big boa was in pain as it shrieks. Its raised ferocious head dived down with a foul smell assailing over wanting to swallow Su Yi.

"Come on!"

Su Yi did not retreat and instead went forward. With a loud roar, the aura on his body erupted while a fist directly detonated out. The crimson glow on his fist was like the sunlight, as though a little comet crossing through the sky with a mighty and destructive aura emitting, directly booming out.

At this instant, in the eyes of the bloody big boa, it suddenly gushed with astonishment for unknown reason while it speedily raised and wanted to avoid, dodging at a fast speed, entirely not daring to contend against it.

However, it was too late, Su Yi's fist had already landed down. The bloody big boa got engulfed in the crimson glow while the fist fell beneath the skull. The bloody snake scales and meat mangle as it abruptly suffered severe wounds.

The enormous bloody big boa's body directly rolled down, harshly landed onto a side of the mountain wall. Within the rumbling sound, the rocks crushed, and the body got wilted and cracked.


Su Yi's foot tapped the floor as his figure leaped through the air, directly jumping onto the skull of the bloody big boa.

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