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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 286

2023-05-20 06:45:00Publish Time: 328 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 286: A Secluded Place.

Everybody bid their last farewell before they followed after Su Yi with red eyes.

Su Tian Que also glanced at the grave before turning around to leave.

"Brother Yi Su, where are we going now?"

Shangguan Yan and the rest came over and asked Su Yi.

"Leave this place. The farther, the better."

Su Yi responded. Those great enemies were all incomparably strong and would not be willing to give up. They must leave this place, the faster, the better.

"We still have some clansmen that have left."

Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and the few elderly from the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe came over and said to Su Yi.

"There are still some clansmen that left? So, where are they now?"

After hearing this, Su Yi's sorrow heart felt a little relieved. At least the Divine Demonic Sect had left behind many bloodlines.

"At a secluded place. We know the path. That secluded place is arranged by our ancestors to take caution of such a day so that they could migrate some bloodlines."

Hu Chi replied, back then, the strong cultivators wanted to take them to the secluded place to take refuge, but they had come back halfway. Yet, when they went back, they then found out that with their strengths, they absolutely could not do anything.

If it wasn't because they were there, perhaps some of the strong cultivators of their tribes could escape out. At this instant, it caused their hearts to be incomparably regretful.

"That secluded place might not be truly hidden. However, as far as I know, we can only go back and gather everyone before we plan anything." Su Tian Que spoke while its small eyes mistily moved.

But, at the moment when they glanced at Su Tian Que, nobody laughed at it while a sort of respect gushed out from their eyes.

Everyone distinctively knew that the one who rescued them out yesterday night was this featherless meat chicken before them. It definitely must be a powerful beast.

As for the matter about yesterday night, Su Yi also had many questions that he could not understand and wanted to ask Su Tian Que, but now was not the time.

All of the people glanced at each other and finally landed their gazes onto Su Yi.

Indistinctively, everyone had treated Su Yi as the leader now.

"You will decide and see what we should do." Shangguan Xi Wei spoke with a hoarse voice.

"Will you guys be willing to listen to my words?"

Su Yi looked at all of the people at the scene. The Honourably Demon had lastly passed the Divine Demonic Sect to him while Su Yi had not mentioned about this matter, nor was it the time now to discuss it.

However, towards everyone that was before him, whether it was the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Ancient Spirit Village, or the Mighty Bear Tribe, all of them were the remaining bloodlines of the Divine Demonic Sect.

With the 《Divine Demonic Ancient Verse》on him and he had gotten the remainings of the last sect leader of the Divine Demonic Sect, Su Yi had already subconsciously treated everyone as his own.

Especially when the Honourably Demon risked its life to seize everyone a chance to escape, it had make Su Yi's heart quivered. No matter what the reasons were, he could not let down the trust of the Honourable Demon.

"Just say it!"

Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and the rest did not hesitate and nodded their heads.

At this moment, they knew very clearly that they were totally powerless to lead everyone to escape from danger.

All of them were arrogant in their generation, and might not be obedient even if they knew that Su Yi’s strength was exceedingly powerful.

However, from last night till now, they had witnessed how Su Yi, for the sake of everyone, swept through everywhere and rescued them while killing the bloody big boa in the Demonic Void Realm ferociously.

They could feel that Su Yi’s heart was also in agony like theirs and could clearly see his reddened eyes.

Indistinctively, in Hu Chi and Xiong Zhan’s hearts, they had already considered Su Yi as one of their own and their clansmen. They knew that they had no capability to lead, but if they followed this young man that was younger than them, there might still be hope.

After all, they had witnessed with their own eyes his exceptional.

Su Yi looked at everyone and did not decline.

Although his reincarnated person was only 15-16 years old, adding on his previous life, if he actually counts the people at the scene, they might not be older than him. He nodded his head and asked the people: “How far away is that secluded place from here?”

Hu Chi lifted his head and looked at his surroundings while reckoning said: “If we can find a flying beast, we will reach around two to three days.”

“We cannot find a flying beast. Hide your presence and slowly walk there!”

Su Yi shook his head. Here was the inside of the Demon Woods, which everywhere were strong beasts. With the strength of this group of people, it was definitely unsafe.

And if they subdued some flying beasts mounts, there would be more harm and no gain in midair as they could become the prey for those lords of the sky.

Furthermore, in midair, although the speed was indeed faster, they would directly become the targets of those great enemies as it was remarkably easy to expose themselves.

The group of people set off according to the direction of the secluded place to gather the batch of clansmen that had set off in advance.

Right now, it was the inside of the Demon Woods. Along the way, they had met with many beasts while most of them were beasts in the Demonic True Realm, whereas the beasts in the Demonic Void Realm were not something you could meet at any time.

With the aura on the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique on Su Yi's body, it was enough to frighten off the beasts in Demonic True Realm and below, so they did not meet with any big troubles.

At night, everyone took a short break while Su Yi took out many elixirs and handed them over to everyone to recover and rest.

Inside the heaven of peace and happiness, Alchemists were extremely rare. Even though there were many herbs, there was also not enough Alchemists to make it.

Hence, for all along, whether it was the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, or the Hunting Tiger Tribe, the elixirs they could get were very little.

Seeing that Su Yi had taken out so many elixirs, the group of people was very astounded and feeling very grateful in their hearts.

After the big battle, they were miserable while escaping. Every one of them somewhat could not bear the tortures along the way. They indeed need the fastest speed to recover and heal themselves.

Tonight, the moon was dark while the stars were bright. Night clouds were drifting and gathering in the sky. Occasionally, the night breeze would gently stir. From a very distant place, beasts roar would irregularly echo.

Shangguan Xi Wei hugged her knees with her hands, sitting on a tall and large rock with a sluggish gaze looking at the night sky. Her hair was a little disheveled with a few strands covering her face.

"Looking at the color of the sky, most likely it is going to rain soon."

Su Yi slowly walked over and softly spoke, sitting beside Shangguan Xi Wei.

"Grandma is dead, Brother Chen Feng is dead, Auntie Ming is dead, Elder Qing Ming is dead, Big Elder, Second Elder, and so many people have died. What are the backgrounds of those people? Why are they so vicious……"

Shangguan Xi Wei did not lower her eyes and continued to glance silently at the night sky. Her voice was clear. Only her face had the expression of hissing pain of grief while her eyes contained tears, trying not to let it dripped out.

Su Yi crooked his mouth. Listening to Shangguan Xi Wei's words, fresh and lively faces seemingly floated passed before his eyes. He secretly gritted his teeth and spoke: "Don't worry. In the future, I will never let those people go."

Shangguan Xi Wei did not respond and dazedly sat.

Su Yi sat before Shangguan Xi Wei as he understood her feelings. At this moment, most probably, it was useless to say anything, and futile to comfort her, no matter who the person was. Only she could comfort herself.