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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 212

2023-01-29 10:48:38Publish Time: 348 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 212: There Was Trouble!

Looking at the kid, Shangguan Yan suddenly had cold feet as his face instantly squeezed out a smile and said toward the kid: "Ninth Uncle, how would I dare to?"

Hearing this, Su Yi was stunned. That little kid was unexpectedly Shangguan Yan's Ninth Uncle.


Shangguan Yu unbearably loudly laughed as he looked at the puzzling Su Yi and responded: "Brother Yi Su, you do not know, but this Shangguan Yan's biological grandfather had a son at an old age, so this fellow has a Ninth Uncle. Haha......"

"All of you little fellows get back to training your body!"

A group of muscular middle-aged men walked out and snapped at these little fellows while flashing a smile to Su Yi.

"Let's go. Time to train our bodies!"

The little fellows immediately left, not daring to be presumptuous.

"These wimpy brats." Shangguan Yan pursed his lips.

Afterward, the group of people laughed while continuing on their way.

The village was indeed remarkably big with a bunch of steep mountains and abundant heaven and earth energy.

There were weird birds and strange beasts everywhere while they were also not afraid of humans as they wandered and soared around the village.

In conclusion, it was a heaven of peace and happiness.

Su Yi sighed secretly. No wonder the people inside here were all extraordinary. This sort of place could be called a treasure land.

On the way, from the mouths of Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest, Su Yi found out that there was also danger inside here.

The village was still alright as it was a safe place.

Outside of the living area of the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe was unsafe as many of these places were dangerous.

Some of these places had exceedingly powerful beasts, but there were also many Spiritual Herbs and spirit fruits inside.

Therefore, within the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe, they would frequently form teams to hunt. Firstly, it was to give the village's children, old and weak to nourish and strengthen their bodies. Secondly, it was to harvest the Spiritual Herbs and spirit fruits too.

However, it was still dangerous. Occasionally, there were people getting hurt, bled, and even crushed.


All of a sudden, a commotion traveled from afar as a person riding a horse charged over.

It was a spiritual horse with robust posture and snow-white body like the jade.

On top of it was a 15-16 years old young girl with comeliness face and big bright eyes. Her beautiful black hair was tied up highly.

"It is Shangguan Xiu."

Looking at the person riding on a horse and charging over, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan and the rest revealed astonished expressions.

"Sister Xi Wei, not good......"

When she saw Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest, Shangguan Xiu momentarily revealed joy as she hurriedly stopped the horse before Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest while her expression was urgent with imposing eyes.

"Xiu Xiu, what's wrong?"

Shangguan Xi Wei secretly arched her eyebrows. Looking at Shangguan Xiu's expression, she seemingly must have met with something.

Shangguan Xiu swept her glance across Su Yi and was a little surprised. Last night, she was also at the square and saw the astonishing scene where Su Yi had defeated Shangguan Ming Hou.

Afterward, Shangguan Xiu returned to her senses and recalled the business on hand. With an urgent voice, she said: "Not good, Brother Zhang Hong and Hu Mo from the Hunting Tiger Tribe has fought."

"Hu Mo!"

Hearing this, the complexion of Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, and the rest changed drastically.

"We had found a Green Frost Grass at the Bao Ling Valley, but we did not expect that the people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe to be there too. We obviously found it first, yet they claimed that they saw it first. The one leading the Hunting Tiger Tribe is Hu Mo and is now fighting with Brother Zhang Hong. I see that they have more people on their side, so I decided to return to the village to report the news."

Shangguan Xiu said. She distinctly knew that Brother Zhang Hong was not the opponent of Hu Mo and the other party had more people on their side too. Therefore, she took the chance to sneakily report back to find people in the village to help.

"Let's go."

Shangguan Xi Wei frowned. Before the words of Shangguan Xiu had landed thoroughly, Yuan Qi surged under her feet as her figure urgently rushed out.

"Sister Xi Wei, wait for me." Shangguan Xiu instantly rode her horse chasing after her.

"Not good." Shangguan Yan and the rest also had slightly imposing expression.

"What's wrong?" Su Yi was still a little confused and asked the three people.

"Brother Yi Su, we should go and have a look. We cannot let Brother Zhang Hong to suffer a loss. We will tell you more on the road." Replied Shangguan Yu.

"Whoosh whoosh......"

The four of them circulated Yuan Qi and immediately hurried over.

On the way, Su Yi found out from Shangguan Yu and the rest that the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Mighty Bear Tribe, and Ancient Spirit Village actually lived very close to each other. Although they usually maintained the trading of goods, there would also be many disputes from the younger generation.

The disputes between these younger generations, as long as the matter was not serious, their respective seniors would not care about it even if they were bleeding or injured.

Like the matter of stealing the Spiritual Herbs, commonly, everything was settled with their strength.

The problem was, this time the Ancient Spirit Village had met with Hu Mo.

Instead, the one leading the Ancient Spirit Village was only Shangguan Zhang Hong.

Even though Shangguan Zhang Hong, could be regarded as having an exceptional existence among the younger generation, his cultivation and strength were only within the top ten in the Ancient Spirit Village.

On the other hand, the ranking of Hu Mo was only below Hu Chi which, could be regarded as the second rank in the younger generation of the Hunting Tiger Tribe with remarkably powerful strength.

Su Yi finally understood. No wonder Shangguan Xi Wei would secretly frown just now. Looks like, that Hu Mo was also a strong character.

The Bao Ling Valley was not far. Very quickly, Su Yi with Shangguan Yan and the rest had already reached.

The Bao Ling Valley was not far from the Ancient Spirit Village and separated the Hunting Tiger Tribe. It was a big piece of a deep valley with many beasts inside and of course, many medicinal herbs.

The cultivation of the beasts inside the Bao Ling Valley was not that high as the powerful beasts were already get rid of or killed by their strong cultivators.

Therefore, in the Bao Ling Valley, many youngsters from the Ancient Spirit Village and Hunting Tiger Tribe, even the Mighty Bear Tribe would frequently come to the Bao Ling Valley in search for medicinal herbs, considering it as a type of training.

"Bang bang bang......"

Separated by a distance, a low and deep sound of energy colliding, rang out from the front.

Within the enveloping crowded figures, four figures were fighting intensely.

When Su Yi had arrived, he swept his gaze across and recognized the people from the Ancient Spirit Village on the scene, including Shangguan Xiu who he had just met. There were a total of eight people with several beasts mounts.

The remaining 13-14 young men and women on the scene should be the people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe. The men were muscular while the women exhibited a sort of wildness.

Some of the youngsters from the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Su Yi seemingly still had some impression of them from yesterday when he entered this heaven of peace and happiness.

"Brother Hu Mo keep up the good work! Shangguan Zhang Hong is not your opponent!"

"Brother Hu Yue keep up the good work and defeat Shangguan Xi Wei!"


The shouting emitted from the Hunting Tiger Tribe was the total opposite from the Ancient Spirit Village's imposingness and silence.

At the moment, the people from the Ancient Spirit Village including Shangguan Yan and the two others who had finally arrived, when they glanced at the four figures that were presently fighting, they also frowned while their expression became imposing too.

"Why is Hu Yue also here!"

The eyes of Shangguan Yan and the rest trembled with an expression of surprise.

"We are in trouble. To think that Hu Yue is also here!" Shangguan Yu softly muttered to Su Yi.

"Hu Yue is also from the Hunting Tiger Tribe, right?" Su Yi softly responded while his gaze had sized up the four figures fighting at the field.

Within these four people, Shangguan Xi Wei was one of them. She was currently fighting with a young man in a tight blue shirt.

That young man was about the same age as Shangguan Xi Wei, but his attacks were sharp and swift while his hand was holding onto a long twinkling rod against Shangguan Xi Wei's pair of curved sabers as clang of metals ranged out with continuous explosion sounds as though they were on par.