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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 213

2023-01-29 10:48:45Publish Time: 290 views
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Chapter 213: A Fat Toad!

As for the other pair of figures, Su Yi had seen one of them before.

A young man was wearing a long robe. Su Yi had an impression of him from the night before, so he should be Shangguan Zhang Hong.

Only, at the moment, the situation of Shangguan Zhang Hong was a little not great as his robe had ragged and his complexion was pale. There was already a bloodstain at the corner of his mouth.

Whereas the young man that Shangguan Zhang Hong was battling, he had a round figure while wearing a vest that exposed his arms. He was not tall and had short black hair, yet there was a blinding light in his eyes along with a strong aura on his body.

"Hu Yue is on par with Hu Mo. The two of them are biological brothers with powerful strength. When the two of them join hands, their strengths are even more terrifying!"

Shangguan Yan replied Su Yi. He distinctly knew the strength of these two brothers. When the two brothers were around, in the entire same generations of the Ancient Spirit Village, most likely only Brother Chen Feng could handle them.


In a blink of an eye, Shangguan Zhang Hong's back got hit by another punch while his body staggered forward. The blood in his mouth once again spewed out.


With movement akin to lightning, the speed of the young man was incomparably agile despite his round and plump figure. In an instant, he arrived before Shangguan Zhang Hong's body and with an unclenched fist, another palm print instantly landed.


Shangguan Zhang Hong could no longer hang on as his figure flew backward while dripping blood, landing heavily onto the ground, and finding it hard to climb up again.

"Brother Zhang Hong!"

Shangguan Xiu and the rest hurriedly rushed forward to carry Shangguan Zhang Hong.

"Shangguan Zhang Hong, collapsing at the first blow!"

The round young man faintly glimpsed at Shangguan Zhang Hong.

"Hu Mo, you have gone too far in bullying others!"

Shangguan Yan and the rest of the youngsters rushed forward with boiling anger.

"What, your helpers have come? Why not all of you come at me!"

Hu Mo indifferently glimpsed at the people from the Ancient Spirit Village, without placing them in his eyes.

"Hahaha, come out together and let's fight!"

The ten over young men and young women from the Hunting Tiger Tribe laughed loudly, totally not fearful of the people from the Ancient Spirit Village.

"We saw the Green Frost Grass first! Let's fight them!"

They were precisely at the age full of vigor and vitality while it was the Ancient Spirit Village who saw the Green Frost Grass first. The youngsters from the Ancient Spirit Tribe could not endure this anger as every one of them drew their swords, preparing to fight.

"Stop! Step back!"

After landing an attack, Shangguan Xi Wei took the chance to step back and lengthened the distance between Hu Yue. She turned her head back and looked at Shangguan Zhang Hong, who got carried. Her face became imposing.

"Sister Xi Wei, they have gone too far in bullying others. Brother Zhang Hong got severely injured!"

Several young men and young women were not convinced. The wounds on Shangguan Zhang Hong, was so severe that without a few months of healing, it would not be able to nurse back.

"I said, step back!"

Shangguan Xi Wei tenderly reprimanded. How could she not understand that once they attacked, the situation would be even more out of control?

The people from the Ancient Spirit Village on the scene was not the opponent of the Hunting Tiger Tribe. She had also only found out that Hu Yue was actually here when she arrived.

Today this loss, they might have to suffer it.

"A person who understands the signs of the times is wise. We have already seen this Green Frost Grass long ago, but we merely did not harvest it. Shangguan Xi Wei, if you guys are not convinced, then all of you can come out together. I will give you guys a chance, either one on one battle or everyone together and I will go according to your preference. I am only afraid that your Ancient Spirit Village does not have the guts!"

Hu Mo indifferently said. Then he glanced at Shangguan Xi Wei as the corner of his mouth curved into a smile and stated: "Why not like this, we no longer want this Green Frost Grass. I will give it to you and consider it as the betrothal gift for you. When the time comes that you are married to me, our Hunting Tiger Tribe and Ancient Spirit Village will also be family in the future......"

"F**k you! A toad lusting after a swan's flesh!"

Shangguan Yu let loose a torrent of insults while pointing at Hu Mo and exclaimed: "Hu Mo, why don't you look at your own appearance? So round. Which part of you are worthy of our Sister Xi Wei?"

"Shangguan Yu, good, very good!"

Hearing that, the complexion of Hu Mo abruptly darkened as his gaze landed on Shangguan Yu.

"Hu Mo, the Green Frost Grass will be yours. This debt, I will come back for it in the future!"

Shangguan Xi Wei's big beautiful eyes slightly fluctuated. With both Hu Mo and Hu Yue here, it would be hard for her to handle. This loss, she had to suffer it and could only get it back in the future.

"I want the Green Frost Grass, and I also want Shangguan Yu to explain clearly to me, how am I a toad. Otherwise, all of you cannot leave!"

Hu Mo stared at Shangguan Yu with a dark complexion. He would not endure such a shame.

Shangguan Xi Wei's eyebrows secretly scowled. Initially, she also wanted to scold him, but she found it a little embarrassing. Shangguan Yu's scolding secretly relieved quite a lot of her anger. However, at the moment, Hu Mo seemingly refused to give up and instead, gave them some trouble.

"With your appearance, you also want to marry Sister Xi Wei. Why don't you take a piss and look at your own pee? Otherwise, you will find out long ago that you are a toad!" Shangguan Yan was fearless as he also let loose another torrent of insults.

"The people of the Hunting Tiger Tribe is truly shameless, strongly robbing away the Green Frost Grass while a toad still wants to lust after a swan's flesh."

Shangguan Ye was also discourteous. The three of them had the closest relationship. Although Hu Mo was very mighty, the three of them, brothers, would not cower.

"Good. Shangguan Yu, ShangguanYe , and Shangguan Yan, if you have the capability, then come out!"

Hu Mo coldly stared at Shangguan Yu as his complexion had become livid.

"Come out then, come out. We are also not afraid of you."

Shangguan Yu, Shangguan Ye, and Shangguan Yan spoke in unison and unitedly stood out.

Despite that they knew even with the three of them together they were still not Hu Mo's opponent, they were not afraid.

"You three......"

The color of Shangguan Xi Wei's complexion changed while her expression became imposing. She knew that with the three of them together, they would still not be Hu Mo's opponent and they were only going up to seek humiliation.

Only in an instant, before Shangguan Xi Wei's words could finish, she suddenly stopped as the imposing expression abruptly revealed a strange curved smile.

That was because, presently at the side of the three of them, there was another fourth youth......

As she stared at the fourth youth, Shangguan Xi Wei's eyes revealed a slight smile. She had almost forgotten that the fellow was also here......

Initially, the youngsters of the Ancient Spirit Village were all thinking to advance and retreat together with Shangguan Yan and the rest until they also saw the fourth youth beside Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, and Shangguan Ye.


When they saw the fourth youth, all of the young men and young women from the Ancient Spirit Village smiled intently while their gazes, were filled with expectation.

Feeling that there was something wrong by their side, the three of them looked to one side and saw the fourth youth.

When they glanced at this fourth youth, all three of them were briefly stunned before they respectively smiled. The smiles on their faces were undisguised.

"Brother Yi Su......" Shangguan Yan spoke.

"I also feel that the fellow looks like a toad."

Su Yi interrupted Shangguan Yan's words and looked at Hu Mo. With undisguised gaze, he said towards the three of them: "Can you see the roundness? It is even a fat toad. Although it lusts for the swan's flesh, it is too fat that it definitely cannot catch up."

"Fat toad. Haha......"

"Too fat and it cannot catch up. Hahahaha......"

When the youngsters from the Ancient Spirit Village heard it, all of them abruptly burst into laughter. They finally understood in their hearts that this Yi Su also had a glib tongue. He was far stronger than Shangguan Yu and the rest in slandering people.


Hearing Su Yi's words, Shangguan Xi Wei's eyes also uncontrollably revealed a smile as she nearly burst into laughter.