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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 211

2023-01-29 10:48:30Publish Time: 344 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 211: Su Tian Que Had Caused Trouble!

Even though afterward, there were some battles that were not weak, compared to the battle between Su Yi and Shangguan Ming Hou, they kept feeling that something was missing.

The celebration continued until midnight before it dispersed. This Ancient, heaven of peace and happiness, finally became peaceful and belonged to the cover of the moonlight as it became blurry and misty.


When Su Yi had thoroughly refined the benefits of the Hundred Fruits Wine, it was already late in the morning of the second day.


Inside the room, Su Yi kept his hand seal while sitting cross-legged and exhaled a breath.

His eyes opened with blinding light within them along with a faint crimson color that later resided into his brooding eyes.

When Su Yi first felt the changes within his body, he revealed an expression of joy.

The Hundred Fruits Wine, he had drunk last night not been wasted. Su Yi could evidently feel that his cultivation had a shocking improvement in just one night. The Yuan Qi in his Yuan Qi Ocean Whirlpool within his Dantian was compressed to become even more substantial.

The aura on Su Yi's body was initially at the mid-staged of Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade, but right now, it was already at the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade, strongly leaning onto the Third Grade.

Although he had not stepped into Yuan Xuan Realm Third Grade, indistinctly he could clearly sense that his improvement was huge which, could not be compared to previously.

Moreover, Su Yi could feel that there were many changes to his spiritual power.

"The Hundred Fruits Wine is definitely a treasure!"

Su Yi was secretly astounded in his heart. The Hundred Fruits Wine of the Ancient Spirit Village was indeed not bad.

The corner of his mouth unknowingly curved up in a smile as his gaze secretly moved. Su Yi was pondering in his heart that if, there was a chance, he shall take away some of the Hundred Fruits Wine from the Ancient Spirit Village and let his grandfather, Fatty Wang and the rest taste it.

Thinking of Fatty Wang, Su Yi's heart was a little stirred up. That was his best pal on the world. With Fatty Wang's talent, he might not be able to achieve greatness in the road of cultivation. If there was a chance in the future, he wanted to help him.

With the various types of treasures and great opportunity on his body, Su Yi had some confidence that he could help his best pal on the world.

"And Wan Er that brat......"

Inside Su Yi's mind, an image emerged as he recalled that young girl that would make his heart ached. He was uncertain whether there was anyone in the Su Family that still bullied her.

"Somebody has come...... Shangguan Xi Wei." Suddenly, Su Yi returned to his senses.

With his spiritual power, Su Yi could sense Shangguan Xi Wei's aura.

As a Soul Tamer and adding on to the vigilant he had sharpened in the Forest of Demons, it was not hard for him.

"Yi Su......"

After several breaths, came Shangguan Xi Wei's voice from within the courtyard.

Su Yi leaped down from the bed and tidied his clothes before pushing open his room door.

Shangguan Xi Wei stood at the courtyard. When she heard the commotion, she glanced over.

The door pushed open as a skinny yet tall and straight figure emerged before Shangguan Xi Wei's eyes.

Even though that figure was skinny, it unknowingly gave people a feeling of an unwavering determination like the chain of mountains, causing Shangguan Xi Wei to keep involuntarily looked at him.

"How is it? Is there a lot of benefits?" Following as she felt the aura on Su Yi's body that was faintly emitting out, Shangguan Xi Wei questioned.

Su Yi smiled and nodded.

"Today I will bring you around the village to look around. How about it?" Shangguan Xi Wei asked.


Su Yi was precisely curious about this mysterious village. He slightly smiled and nodded his head. Then his gaze faintly turned as he looked at Shangguan Xi Wei and asked: "There are a few more days before the battle, don't you need to prepare?"

Shangguan Xi Wei smiled lightly and responded: "The second round and third round does not have any relations to me as Shangguan Chen Feng will represent in the third round. These few days, he will also undergo secluded preparation."

"Oh I see!"

Su Yi had sized up that Shangguan Chen Feng before and he was indeed extraordinary.

"Brother Yi Su."

A voice sounded over as figures came over.

Listening to the voice, Su Yi already knew who it was. Other than Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, and Shangguan Ye, there was no one else.

"I called them here to accompany you to walk around and get familiarized with the environment." Shangguan Xi Wei stated as she felt that going alone with him did not seem to be right. Despite that, in her heart, she was not thinking like that, this was after all inside the village.

"Sure." Su Yi nodded his head while the three people had already excitedly rushed before him with a rosy face. Their complexions were notably good. Presumably, it must have been the great benefits from the Hundred Fruits Wine.

"Have anyone seen Su Tian Que?"

Su Yi asked as he had no idea where Su Tian Que had went.

"That fellow had become drunk and went crazy last night."

Mentioning of Su Tian Que, Shangguan Yan and the other two suddenly glanced at each other, not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

"What happened?" Su Yi was stunned.

"What else can you expect? That chicken is too good at eating. In one breath, it had drank the remaining six jars of the Hundred Fruits Wine. All of the Hundred Fruits Wine at the square was swept clean by it, making the elders to have a heartache."

Then Shangguan Yu's voice abruptly stopped as he took a deep breath and looked at Su Yi, continuing: "In the end, Su Tian Que grabbed onto a spirit beast with no intentions of letting it go, saying that it still wants to eat roast meat. That poor spirit beast is the favorite pet of an elder. Usually, it is incomparably conceited, yet all of its feathers were almost pluck out ruthlessly by Su Tian Que." Shangguan Yu felt helpless, especially when he recalled the gaze of the elder, who was the owner of the spirit beast. Even he felt heartache for the elder.

Such a beautiful spirit beast was plucked until like a balding chicken, utterly the second Su Tian Que.

"This......" Su Yi was also struck dumb. That indeed sounded like something that Su Tian Que would do.

"Where is Su Tian Que now?" Su Yi felt helpless and followed up with a question.

"That spirit beast has an intimate friend that is a Flaming Demonic Falcon in the Demonic Spirit Realm. It kept chasing after Su Tian Que for revenge and right now, even I have no idea where Su Tian Que had gone." Shangguan Bi felt very helpless as last night, Su Tian Que had made everything into a mess. He only knew that in the end, Su Tian Que had flown away like a chicken and jumped like a dog, escaping.

"…………" Su Yi was at a loss for words. He was most worried about Su Tian Que causing trouble and yet, that fellow had still caused trouble.

"Don't worry. It will be fine. No matter what, Su Tian Que is still inside the village as it cannot leave."

Looking at Su Yi's expression, Shangguan Xi Wei smilingly said.

Su Yi bitterly smiled. He was not that worried about Su Tian Que. He knew that the fellow, was also covered with mystery. Most likely, a Flaming Demonic Falcon in the Demonic Spirit Realm would not be able to do anything to Su Tian Que.

It was already late in the morning as the sun shone brightly.

The air in the Ancient Spirit Village was fresh with sky-high tree everywhere and stream water flowing endlessly.

Su Yi along with Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest head off, going to walk around the village.

The village was very big, way bigger than any villages on the outside.

"Sister Xi Wei, where are you guys going?"

On the road, some youngsters were curious and chased over, seemingly they wanted to follow them and play.

"You wimpy kids, behave yourselves, and go aside to play!"

Shangguan Yan had a serious and straight face. They could not bring along these brats with them and go around everywhere.

"Shangguan Yan, what did you say? Do you dare to be imprudent to me?!"

A kid around the age of 4-5 years old looking dignified and strong with a seemingly falling snot inside his nostrils pointed at Shangguan Yan and shouted with an arrogant like an elder.