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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 208

2023-01-29 10:48:12Publish Time: 355 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 208: What A Big Tone!

Hearing Su Yi's words, except for Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan and the other two, everyone else was stunned. This Yi Su that came from the outside was seemingly much wilder than they thought.

Shangguan Ming Hou was even more startled and was briefly stunned. Then, the corner of his lips lifted in a cold smile as he glanced at Su Yi before him and softly spoke: "Since you are so confident, then I will also be imprudent. But later, when you beg for mercy, I will still be softer. Now, you can strike first!"

Following as the last word landed from Shangguan Ming Hou, a whiff of vigorous and firmed Yuan Qi emitted out from his body, causing his long robe to flutter.

The temperature in the square also suddenly became hot.

"Fire element Yuan Qi."

Su Yi's gaze, was calmed as he remained unmoved. Looking at Shangguan Ming Hou, he faintly smiled and stated: "Nevertheless, you will strike first while I will let you two moves!"

"What a big tone......"

"Letting two moves to Brother Ming Hou, this tone is too big. Even Sister Xi Wei also does not dare!"

The moment when Su Yi's words had landed, the surrounding was in an uproar.

Some of the expressions of the village's strong elder cultivators also changed. This tone was unlike typical and was too wild.

Shangguan Xi Wei's complexion secretly moved as her eyes glanced at Su Yi. At the moment, she was also surprised as the young man today seemed to be different from usual.

Shangguan Ming Hou stared at Su Yi as the corner of his eyes started to unbearably twitched twice. As though he was enduring the anger in his heart, he looked at Su Yi and nodded his head while softly answering: "Fine. You are the guest that came from afar, so I shall do as you wish......"

When the last word fell from Shangguan Ming Hou, the scorching aura in the square abruptly fluctuated while the long robe fluttered on his figure, seemingly leaving behind a series of afterimages as he instantly pounced towards Su Yi.

When Shangguan Ming Hou's body moved with afterimages, a glimmered also sparkled out in Su Yi's eyes.

"The guest must accord with what the host likes!"

At the same time, when the words fell from Su Yi, Xuan Qi surged under his feet.


Shangguan Ming Hou's figure emerged with speed akin to lightning. A fist detonated out and directly landing onto Su Yi's chest.

At this instant, many youngsters in the surrounding revealed smiles. That Yi Su had a big tone, but it turned out that he had actually collapsed at the first blow.

In contrast to that, presently, the elders and strong cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village had astonished gazes as they were secretly shocked.

Shangguan Ming Hou's fist blasted out. When that fist landed onto Su Yi's chest, that originally indifferent expression became shocked and his pupils shrank.

From Shangguan Ming Hou's vision, that skinny yet straight figure before him, was seemingly blasted into pieces, yet there was no splatter of blood.

Afterward, that skinny yet straight figure gradually emerged clearly before his eyes at several zhang away, perfectly fine.


Many youngsters that were initially happy before, their expressions were instantly replaced with shock.

"What a fast speed. It is an exceptional wind element martial technique!"

An elder of the Ancient Spirit Village revealed a delicate glimmer in his eye as he saw through the action, concluding that Su Yi's movement was not simple.

"Let's see how fast you are!"

Seeing that his attack had landed onto nothing, Shangguan Ming Hou suffered a setback. His complexion abruptly became cold while he quickly condensed a hand seal. The Yuan Qi beneath his feet were like tides as he pounced towards Su Yi. Simultaneously, fire element Yuan Qi covered his palm as a crimson palm print condensed.

"Fiery Tian Lou Palm!"

After a deep roar, the hand seal on Shangguan Ming Hou kept shooting out seemingly transforming into densely packed palm prints that hovered towards Su Yi.

That was Fiery Tian Lou Palm, one of the ultimate skills of Shangguan Ming Hou which was long cultivated by him until proficient. Currently, combining with his vigorous and firmed Yuan Qi, it was like adding wings to the tiger when it was executed, with exceedingly strong might.

Densely packed palm print hovered towards Su Yi, enveloping Su Yi from all around.

In a short instant, the densely packed palm prints seemingly enveloped Su Yi's body from everywhere as the area around him was all scorching hot palm print.

"The ultimate skill of Brother Ming Hou. This Yi Su is going to lose!"

Seeing that Shangguan Ming Hou had used his ultimate skill in his second move, the eyes of the surrounding youngsters had excitement emerging in them.


Su Yi's footsteps shockingly moved as Yuan Qi surged. He was not careless when facing against those densely packed palm print while his body traversed and retreated within them, appearing in a very critical state yet coincidentally avoided it.

"Bang bang bang......"

All of the palm prints landed onto nothing as though inciting a chain reaction in the air as it kept exploding.

The scorching heat aura swept out, shaking the surrounding as though the ground was moving and the mountain was shaking while the entire square quivered.

When the last palm print landed onto nothing, Su Yi's figure once again retreated as his robe lightly fluttered and his hair softly danced. The saber and sword crossed behind his back did not move a single bit.

Seeing that Su Yi was once again safe and sound, the surrounding atmosphere became silence without reason.

When Shangguan Ming Hou's two-moves had landed onto nothing, it made those youngsters that looked upon him to feel that it must be either luck or coincidental.

At the center of the square, Shangguan Xi Wei did not find it strange as within the calmness of her eyes, there was some intention of smiles.

Alternatively, at the moment, the eyes of the village head, Shangguan Cheng Ya, had light shining in them as though she had an interest while watching the field.

"Brat, what capability is there by depending on dodging. If you have the ability, then let's face each other head-on!"

Shangguan Ming Hou tightly stared at Su Yi with an ugly expression.

Shangguan Ming Hou could feel that the brat's speed was definitely not ordinary, meaning that he was relying on his speed and martial techniques to dodge.

"It is not avoiding but letting you!"

Su Yi slightly lifted his head and glanced at Shangguan Ming Hou. He faintly smiled and said: "Two moves have passed. Then the guest shall accord with what the host likes. Let me see how strong you are!"

"If you have the ability, then decide the win in one strike!"

Shangguan Ming Hou deeply roared while both of his hands shook. Tightly clenching his fists, the Yuan Qi in his body was currently surging all-out. The cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm Fourth Grade was also emitted out without reservation.


Scorching heat aura exploded. At this moment, Shangguan Ming Hou gave his all as vigorous and firmed Yuan Qi along with burning fire element made the temperature of the entire square to rise.

Series of hand seals condensed while at the moment, Shangguan Ming Hou's eyes had also become crimson. The surrounding Yuan Qi condensed in his hand like the fluctuations of the raging tides.

"Brother Ming Hou is using his most powerful hidden card!"

Glancing at Shangguan Ming Hou's movement, the faces of the youngsters on the scene shockingly changed while their eyes also exceedingly changed.

"Yi Si, if you have the capability, then take my Ablazing Fluming Fist!"

The cry landed, and in a short instant, Shangguan Ming Hou had successfully condensed the hand seal as a vigorous and firmed scorching hot Yuan Qi converged in his fist. Then, his arms shook with a whiff of burning aura like the tide while a strong raging wind tore through the air and a fist directly detonated towards Su Yi.

"Ming Hou has improved a lot recently. The Ablazing Fluming Fist, has a frantic might and adding on to the other techniques he had cultivated, it is like adding wings to the tiger. He should be able to contend against a cultivator in the peak Yuan Xuan Realm Fourth Grade!"

An elder in the Ancient Spirit Village revealed an approving gaze. Shangguan Ming Hou with the existence of the top three among the young generation in the Ancient Spirit Village was definitely not an unearned reputation.

At a corner of the crowd, Shangguan Chen Feng looked at Shangguan Ming Hou's fist with a grave expression as he kept an eye on the field.