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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 209

2023-01-29 10:48:18Publish Time: 317 views
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Chapter 209: Defeated In One Move!

"So what if I take it!"

Su Yi shouted loudly with Yuan Qi as it resonated around the square.

From coming out of the City of Man to currently this Ancient Spirit Village that separated from the world, Su Yi could be said to have been hunted down and always hiding around.

And this time when facing against Shangguan Ming Hou, Su Yi had exploded.

It was a real verification. If he could not defeat Shangguan Ming Hou in one move, then he should not think about stepping into the Sacred Mountain or wanting to take revenge against the Black Fiend School.


As his words fell, a scorching heat aura erupted from within Su Yi's body while at the same time, a frightening burning aura turbulently surged, shaking the entire square.

Following as Su Yi's arm shook, fire element Yuan Qi was fluctuating as though his palm had emanated a naked flame. The scorching hot aura caused the surrounding air to seemingly burnt up.

This scorching heat aura was evidently much hotter than the former, causing people's skin to sting and hairs to raise!

Shangguan Ming Hou's fist had already reached the empty space before Su Yi.


Afterward, when the fist was about to land onto Su Yi's chest, Su Yi's palm also struck out with the same fire element Yuan Qi raging wind while colliding onto that fist with speed akin to lightning.

A fist and a palm clashed while a whiff of terrifying and raging wind abruptly surged out with a horrifying scorching heat aura.

"Ka ka......"

On the floor of the field, cracks rapidly spread out from their feet as some of the gravel instantly turned into dust.

Such a clashed had made the strong cultivators and the elders of the Ancient Spirit Village on the scene to have glistening eyes.

A strong cultivator was already on the move. Using Yuan Qi as a barrier, it isolated the space between the battle of the two young men.

Silently, the surface of Shangguan Ming Hou's body had Yuan Qi spilled out, forming into a Yuan Qi shield and covered his entire figure. The scorching hot Yuan Qi on his fist was currently charging towards Su Yi while the corner of his mouth lifted in a cold smile as he chillingly stated: "Contending head-on, you won't be......"

Following as the former coldly smiled, the corner of Su Yi's mouth was also lifted in a faint smile as he softly muttered: "Explode!"

When Su Yi's words landed, it was as though from within his palm contained a whiff of frightening scorching hot air current that was shrinking and then swelled which in the end, directly exploded open like a bomb......


The explosion rang like thunder while an aura like a small volcano exploded out. The air current was like a tiny tornado wind storm surging through with monstrous raging wind.


The monstrous scorching raging wind was like a big turbulent wave as it blotted out the sky and covered the ground, turbulently howling inside the square.

If, it wasn't for the strong cultivator in the Ancient Spirit Village that had seen through the signs and isolated them, many people on the surrounding would be affected by the ripples now.


Almost at the same time, before Shangguan Ming Hou's word could land, his fist shook, and his complexion instantly became as white as paper. Then, his body flew out like a kite that had its string snapped while the Yuan Qi shield on his body cracked into pieces and blood directly spurted from his mouth.


Shangguan Ming Hou crashed onto the square while the surrounding howling scorching raging wind also instantly calmed down.

The entire square had already unknowingly became a dead silence.

Series of gazes glanced at Shangguan Ming Hou that had crashed and then looked towards the skinny young man that was currently in the field.

"Hu hu......"

Many gazes became dumbed like a wooden bird while the sound of someone sucking in cold air emanated out from their throat.

"It seems he still has some reservations. That Yi Su is not simple!"

On the square, the elders and the strong cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village revealed astounded gazes.

Many strong cultivators and elders could not return to their senses.

Shangguan Ming Hou at the Yuan Xuan Realm Fourth Grade while also being older than the young man by a few years, was instead defeated like this.

Strictly speaking, he was defeated in just one move.

Most importantly, the eyes of these strong cultivators and elders of the Ancient Spirit Village were all very sharp. How could they not see that the young man called Yi Su, had seemingly not used his real strength or at least, had not gone all out? That was the most frightening part.

Su Yi stood at the field while his hair flew around and danced. Unknowingly, a whiff of overbearing and majestic air emitted out.

The surrounding youngsters that were initially rooting for Shangguan Ming Hou were now silent. The shock in their eyes could not return to normal after a long time.

"Seeking humiliation for himself!"

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, and Shangguan Ye were not surprised with the result as everything was within their expectations.

They knew even more distinctly that if it wasn't for the latter purposefully giving him face and letting him two moves, Shangguan Ming Hou would not be able to have the chance to cast one strike.

Back then, the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard in the Yuan Xuan Realm Fifth Grade was also defeated by Yi Su with that strong might. Shangguan Yan and the rest could still recall it vividly in their minds.

In the middle of the square, the village head, Shangguan Cheng Ya revealed a smile on her face which then returned to being calm.

Shangguan Ming Hou climbed up and wiped the bloodstained on the corner of his mouth. The gaze in his eyes was looking at Su Yi with unbearable shock in his heart.

Shangguan Ming Hou found it hard to accept that he had actually collapsed at the first blow and was defeated, in just one move. The previous two strikes were obviously Yi Su letting him.

With the existence of being the top three among the young generation of the Ancient Spirit Village, his status had always been high among the young generation, but right now he had gotten defeated this badly which was hard for him to accept.

However, the fact had already been placed before his eyes, that he was indeed defeated.

Moreover, Shangguan Ming Hou could feel that the other party still had some reservations. Otherwise, he would be, defeated even terribly!

While tightly gritting his teeth and under the watch of everybody, Shangguan Ming Hou took a deep breath as he stared at Su Yi. With some unwillingness and a little shock, his gaze was a little perplexed, but he also admitted the truth while declaring: "I have lost. I should not have doubted that you do not have the ability to defeat Xiong Lie. Will the esteemed guest please forgive my rudeness!"

"Brother Ming Hou has admitted defeat!"

Looking at Shangguan Ming Hou, even though some of the youngsters had clearly seen with their own eyes that he had lost, they still felt a little unbelievable when hearing it from Shangguan Ming Hou's mouth.

"You are too polite. I am just lucky."

Su Yi faintly smiled. He did not expect that this Shangguan Ming Hou could take it up and put it down.

"Win means win. My strength is not as good as you!"

Shangguan Ming Hou was very firm. He had lost meant that he had lost. Being bashful about it was not his character.

"Fine, then I will concede!" Su Yi laughed.

"Shangguan Ming Hou, you are now convinced, right? We already told you earlier, but you don't believe in us!" Shangguan Yan and the rest walked over while teasingly said towards Shangguan Ming Hou.

"I have to confirm it myself to naturally believe in it. If you guys are not convinced, then try and challenge me!" Shangguan Ming Hou rolled his eyes towards Shangguan Yan and the rest.

"Challenge you? We are not stupid. Why should we fight you when we obviously knew that we are not your opponent?!" Shangguan Yu shook his head, not wanting to be humiliated.

"That's enough. Winning or losing a battle is a common occurrence. There is a human beyond another human and a mountain beyond another mountain. All of you must remember to work hard on cultivating. You guys must definitely work hard on cultivation as you are the future of the Ancient Spirit Village!"

The village head, Shangguan Cheng Ya spoke as her voice echoed in the entire square, landing into everyone's ear.

"Yes, village head granny!"

All of the youngsters nodded their heads while some of the children stood up with the arrogance of an elder as their expressions revealed full of yearning.

"My good nephew, Yi Su, has allowed me to widen my horizon with his exceptional might!"

Shangguan Qing Ming stepped forward and reached Su Yi's side.