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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 207

2023-01-29 10:48:02Publish Time: 369 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 207: Accept The Challenge!

That was Shangguan Ming Hou, ranked third within the younger generation of the Ancient Spirit Village, only below of Shangguan Chen Feng and Shangguan Xi Wei.

Except for Shangguan Chen Feng and Shangguan Xi Wei, there was no one else in the younger generation that was the opponent of Shangguan Ming Hou.

At this moment, all of the gazes of Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Cheng Ya and the rest, also landed onto Shangguan Ming Hou.

Under the gazes of everyone at the scene, within the calm expression of Shangguan Ming Hou, there was also some sharpness while he was light on his feet as he walked casually up to the field. That slender and tall figure was like a long sharp spear!

"Brother Ming Hou is going to challenge Brother Chen Feng or Sister Xi Wei?"

Some youngsters softly discussed. With Shangguan Ming Hou's strength, he could only challenge Shangguan Chen Feng or Shangguan Xi Wei.

Su Yi stood on the stone pier as he looked through the densely packed crowd and also sized up Shangguan Ming Hou. His heart quivered as he could feel that the aura on the young man was extraordinary. Most likely, he was not that much weaker than Shangguan Xi Wei, but his age was not as old as Shangguan Xi Wei.

"Looks like it is going to be a little lively."

Some elders at the scene were slightly stunned when they saw Shangguan Ming Hou went up. Then, their faces revealed smiles as they were quite looking forward to it.

All of the people were looking forward as they wanted to know whether Shangguan Ming Hou was going to challenge Shangguan Chen Feng or Shangguan Xi Wei.

Regardless of who Shangguan Ming Hou wanted to challenge, it would definitely be an exciting battle!

"Village head granny, can I ask, if I can randomly seek for anyone to battle today?"

After Shangguan Ming Hou glanced one round around the surrounding under the watch of everybody, he then asked Shangguan Cheng Ya respectfully.

Listening to Shangguan Ming Hou's words, all of the villagers at the scene revealed expressions of uncertainty.

Shangguan Cheng Ya slightly smiled and nodded her head while replying: "Of course, it is also alright if you want to challenge the elders in the village as long as the person you challenged also agree to it."

"Then, I understand."

Shangguan Ming Hou nodded to the village head granny. Afterward, he turned his body around as the sharp eyes were presently emitting a glow, directly looking towards a direction.

The crowd moved as they followed along Shangguan Ming Hou's gaze and looked over.

The crowd even automatically split open a road as series of gazes landed onto Su Yi.

Su Yi was currently watching the scene when he abruptly felt the gaze of Shangguan Ming Hou on the field, landed onto him and directly stared at him. He was clearly prepared for it and had come prepared.

"It’s him......"

"Can it be that Brother Ming Hou wants to challenge Yi Su that has come from the outside?!"

Someone softly mumbled as they were surprised.

"Shangguan Ming Hou wants to challenge Brother Yi Su?"

Shangguan Yu, Shangguan Yan, and Shangguan Ye glanced at each other.

"Someone is seeking humiliation for himself!"

Then, within the gazes of the three people revealed smiles of malicious intentions.

Su Yi stood on the stone pier while he was still chowing on the beast meat in his hand. His heart involuntarily became stunned when thousands of gazes looked over.

The sharp gaze of Shangguan Ming Hou landed onto Su Yi as he directly spoke: "I heard that Sir had defeated Xiong Lie of the Mighty Bear Tribe, so with your strength, you should be able to fight with me. I, Shangguan Ming Hou, want to ask for guidance from my Ancient Spirit Village's esteemed guest. Of course, you are the esteemed guest of my Ancient Spirit Village. If you don't have the courage to accept, you can reject it."

Shangguan Ming Hou stated that he was asking for guidance, but in actual fact, he wanted to testify and confirm.

Shangguan Ming Hou also did not say challenge as he deemed that the other party did not have the strength to obtain his challenge.

"Looks like Shangguan Ming Hou had come prepared!"

The elders of the Ancient Spirit Village at the scene could understand his intentions, but they did not stop it while there were still smiles on their faces.

Series of gazes also curiously glanced at Su Yi. They also wanted to know if this young man really had the ability to defeat Xiong Lie like the rumor.

Shangguan Cheng Ya's face was calm as usual while there was always a faint smile in her eyes.

Following as Shangguan Ming Hou's words had landed, the eyes of the group of youngsters stared even more closely onto Su Yi with expectations and suspicions.

"His age does not seem to be old. I also do not believe that he has the strength to defeat Xiong Lie!"

"Brother Ming Hou is going to fight. Whether it is true or fake, we will immediately find out!"

"Just not sure whether that Yi Su will dare to accept the challenge or not!"

Within the crowd, someone softly muttered.

Su Yi glanced at Shangguan Ming Hou. He did not say anything, but in his heart, it was somewhat laughing bitterly.

"Sir, you can also reject it. Once you reject it, I will immediately get off the field." Seeing that Su Yi did not say anything, Shangguan Ming Hou looked at Su Yi and said.

On Shangguan Xi Wei's face, there was also a bitter smile as she felt very helpless.

She knew that Shangguan Ming Hou was doing it on purpose. If Yi Su really rejected him, then in the future, he would not be treated as an esteemed guest in the Ancient Spirit Village anymore.

With the tradition of the Ancient Spirit Village, if one did not dare to accept the challenge at such a grand affair, not only was it an act of a coward, it was also a humiliation that could not be wiped off in one's entire life.

"Big brother, that fellow seems to want to challenge you." Su Tian Que hugged the wine jar. Its small eyes did not even look at Shangguan Ming Hou once as he only cared about drinking wine and eating meat.


Su Yi faintly smiled while he threw the remaining meat in his hand to Su Tian Que. Then slightly lifting his head, he faintly smiled and responded: "Okay, I will accompany you to play!"

Su Yi knew that he could no longer hide and there was also no need to conceal.

In this world where strength was respected, it was the same for this terrifying village too.

Su Yi understood that if he did not accept the challenge today, in the future, there would be no position for him anymore in this village.

"Swoosh......" When his words landed, Xuan Qi surged under Su Yi's feet as he stepped on the stone pier while his figure abruptly leaped down, landing before the people.

Within the crowd, a path, was already created as Su Yi strode to the field.

The surrounding gazes were slightly stunned before they immediately got excited.

"Hehe, someone is going to get humiliated!"

Shangguan Yan and the other two giggled as they sat properly, awaiting for a great show to start.

After all, they were the ones who knew Su Yi's strength the best.

From the beginning, Shangguan Ming Hou had not believed in it. Now, he still sought for humiliated, so naturally, they would be glad to watch the fun.

"Brother Ming Hou, go for it!"

"Brother Ming Hou will definitely win!"


Following as Su Yi got on the field, the surrounding youngsters started to cheer for Shangguan Ming Hou.

Ultimately, this was the Ancient Spirit Village, so most of them hoped that Shangguan Ming Hou could win.

Looking at Su Yi that had come over, Shangguan Ming Hou sized up the skinny young man before him. On that handsome face, his gaze revealed some smiling intent while the sharpness did not diminish as he said: "It is already out of my expectation that you will accept the challenge. However, even if you are the esteemed guest of my Ancient Spirit Village, I will still not be lenient to you later."

"Get on with it. Even if you give it your all, you are still not my opponent!"

Glancing at Shangguan Ming Hou before him with a similar age as him while the atmosphere was now incomparably enthusiastic, as a youngster, the blood within Su Yi's body also uncontrollably began to somewhat boil up.

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