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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 186

2023-01-29 10:45:07Publish Time: 355 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 186: Danger Can Never Be Overcome Without Taking Risks!

Previously Su Yi was unwilling to travel with Su Tian Que because, in the end, he was still worried that he could not summon the mysterious space out conveniently.

Su Tian Que was so shocked that it finally returned to its senses after a long while. From the moment it had entered the mysterious space, it could feel that if it were to keep cultivating in here, perhaps one day it could remember and go back to its peak form, recalling everything!

Then Su Tian Que glanced towards Su Yi. Inside those small misty eyes, the sternness in its eyes flashed and passed without leaving any trace.

Su Tian Que knew evidently that for the young man to be willing to bring it inside such a treasure denoted that he had absolute trust in it.

Furthermore, this young man had kept guarding against it with only a few truthful words from his mouth. At this instant, it was, truly trusted.

"Wow, is this the Blood Spiritual Ginseng? Why are there so many Spiritual Herbs?"

Very quickly, Su Tian Que recovered its normal state as it instantly saw the Blood Spiritual Ginseng within the field of Spiritual Herbs. There were also numerous Spiritual Herbs causing its eyes to abruptly shine with light, while its drool almost dripped out.

"If you dare to touch them, I will not roast you but only cut you a little to drink your blood. If it is genuinely a peacock's blood, it should also be a treasure, right?"

Su Yi warned Su Tian Que. The Blood Spiritual Ginseng definitely could not be touched, and he was honestly afraid that the balding chicken would ruin his medicinal herbs.


After hearing that, Su Tian Que swallowed back its saliva as it glanced at Su Yi and responded: "Got it, I will go and rest first."

However, after the words landed, Su Tian Que was still staring at the Blood Spiritual Ginseng reluctant to part with it. Its gaze could not bear to part with it.

"Why did you bring such an ugly chicken in?"

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng was alarmed. It opened its eyes as the lively green leaves on its head comfortably stretched out and emitted a glow. It glanced at Su Yi, and when it saw Su Tian Que, it revealed a surprised expression.

"Grandaddy Seng, this......"

Su Yi helplessly smiled bitterly. Su Tian Que indeed looked too much like a chicken, and it was even an ugly one.

"Your daddy, I, am a peacock!"

Su Tian Que abruptly stared at the Blood Spiritual Ginseng with both of its eyes. The most intolerance thing for it was to be recognized as a chicken by people.

"Peacock, to think that you would also dare to say that."

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng completely did not believe in such a featherless meat chicken. No matter what, it did not look like the peacock from the legends.

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng then ignored Su Tian Que and once again closed its eyes.

"A blind radish!"

Seeing that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had actually ignored it, Su Tian Que was brewing with anger, yet it could not do anything to it. It angrily went to a side to close its eyes and meditate.

Da Bao and Xiao Ling stood on their mother, Golden Python's neck as they reached their tiny heads out, staring at the Blood Spiritual Ginseng while secretly drooling.

They had always wanted to eat its spiritual root too, knowing that it was a treasure.

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest could already operate with ease as they started to look for a place to cultivate and meditate.

Su Yi, however, was not in a rush as he first checked on the growth of all the medicinal herbs and then checked the various kinds of elixirs he had placed inside the mysterious space. He also took some elixirs with him in case he might need it before going to rest.

Sizing up the small pit in the center of the space, after the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had absorbed the Spiritual Essence, it no longer produced any new Spiritual Essence.

The surrounding space from the previous expansion had not continued to have any more changes.

Was it because the mysterious space could only be this big or because of other reasons? Su Yi totally had no idea.

Su Yi was deep in thought as he was pondering. He could feel that although the heaven and earth energy in this mysterious space did not weaken, it had also not become stronger.

It was known that before it had devoured the Yuan Stone, the energy within the mysterious space, would slowly be maintained at a rich consistency on its own.

The mysterious space itself seemed to always soundlessly devoured the heaven and earth energy from the outside.

Other people could absorb Yuan Stones to quicken their cultivation, but Su Yi knew that it was impossible for him.

Once he wanted to absorb the Yuan Stone, the mysterious space would seize it for itself, directly taking it away.

So if he wanted to quicken his pace of cultivation, he could only rely on this mysterious space.

The stronger the heaven and earth energy inside the mysterious space, the better it would be for his cultivation and the growth of his medicinal herbs.

Su Yi could still remember that previously when the Spiritual Essence had appeared in that small pit, that was when the energy of the heaven and earth in the mysterious space was the richest.

His speed of cultivation during that time was also the fastest.

"Could it be......"

Su Yi wondered. Then his eyes faintly shone as though he had recalled something and immediately sat cross-legged. He took out an interspatial bag which was the one ransacked by Mo Yue and later recovered by him with more than ten thousand One Star Yuan Stones in it.

Gritting his teeth, Su Yi opened the interspatial bag in his hand and poured out the Yuan Stones.


All of a sudden, the mysterious space shook while implicating the entire space. In an instant, light sparkled, and a blinding light bloomed. Deep within the empty space, there was a brilliant glow blooming like that of a waterfall.

"Rumble rumble......"

A sound like that of wind and thunder rang out as the clanging sound could deafen the ears. A whiff of immense and mighty aura as though it had traversed from the Ancient caused all beings to palpitate and be suppress!

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Su Tian Que and the rest were jolted awake by the trembling while the vast aura made them to uncontrollably bow.

Even the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had also climbed out from the soil and uncontrollably kneeled under this immense and mighty aura.

Before Su Yi, the Yuan Stones from the interspatial bag had instantly become powder due to the mysterious space. At that moment, the glow on the Yuan Stones that was splendid like the fireworks immediately flashed and passed, turning into powder.


The mysterious space was expanding. All of the sides were extending with an obscure holy splendor rippling all around. When the radiance dissipated, the expansion of the space, could be seen with the naked eye.

All of these did not continue for long, only about a minute before the radiance disappeared, and everything became peaceful.

The originally 100 zhang of space, had now increased to twice the size with rich heaven and earth energy.

"The inside has expanded......"

Su Tian Que was the first one to lift its head as its small eyes, were filled with shock and amazement.

The mysterious space had actually become huger right before its eyes.

Su Yi opened both of his eyes and looked around the surroundings. The space had already become more than 300 zhang.

Although the heaven and earth energy had increased by quite a lot, the small pit in the center still did not produce any Spiritual Essence as though the heaven and earth energy in the mysterious space had not yet reached its richest moment.

Initially, Su Yi reckoned that the expansion of the mysterious space and the richness of the heaven and earth energy were related to his cultivation level and the absorption of the energy in the Yuan Stones.

Last time when he had broken through to Yuan Xuan realm, the mysterious space did not expand. It might be because the heaven and earth energy in the space, had almost been absorbed by him. Therefore, Su Yi planned to try by using the Yuan Stones.

Like what he had expected, the mysterious space indeed expanded.

However, even with so many Yuan Stones, it had only made the space huger, which caused Su Yi's heart to be in pain.

"Danger can never be overcome without taking risks!"

His gaze glimmered and then became determined. Su Yi gnashed his teeth and once again took out several interspatial bags.

His heart secretly throbbed as he opened the interspatial bags.


All of a sudden, the mysterious space that had just become peaceful, once again rumbled and shook like the ringing of wind and thunder with a radiance that could be seen for over ten thousand zhang, blinding like the sun!