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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 185

2023-01-29 10:45:00Publish Time: 315 views
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Chapter 185: Where Did This Chicken Come From?

The bloody battle did not continue for very long.

Except for the three Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs, the rest of the beasts only had average strength, and they were not the opponents of the White Jade Swallow, Flaming Beast Eagle and the rest.

When the surrounding beasts, had almost been settled, White Jade Swallow, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest went over to help Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest.


The three Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs let out furious sounds. From Su Yi's attacks, they had already realized that he was not a genuine Demon Emperor.

And right now, they were being suppressed horribly as they gradually suffered severe injuries.

Although the three Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs had endless powerful strength, they were being suppressed horribly by Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest, unable to escape while the situation kept getting worse.


A tiger’s roar shook the sky. The roar of the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger resounded like thunder. With quick and ferocious movements, the giant tiger claws landed fiercely onto the Robust Vicious Hunting Pig.

The Robust Vicious Hunting Pig that was just attacked heavily by the White Jade Swallow could not avoid in time as its body got smacked by the tiger's claw. On the surface of its rough skin and thick flesh, there were several torn wounds that were deep enough to see bones. Its blood dripped as its body got directly flung away.


Following as the explosion sound landed, the body of the Robust Vicious Hunting Pig was flung onto a sky-high tree not far away, as lines of cracks extended on the dry tree. Then, the skin of the tree blew apart and cracked like scales.

The Robust Vicious Hunting Pig also lost its life as it laid on the pool of blood.

"Wu wu......"

Immediately following up, the two Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs, had also been killed under the alliance of the Golden Python, Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the rest.

Su Yi's figure leaped onto a large rock as Yuan Qi surged under his feet. Then he flew down from the large rock while tightly clenching the Yuan Weapon saber in his hand and swept out.

His body momentarily left the ground as his aura was sharp and arrogant, instantly diving onto the top of an enormous figure of a scaly beast.

The scaly beast looked like a pangolin, but its appearance was savage while its body had thick furling scales, emanating a cold aura.

When Su Yi’s body appeared on top of the head of this scaly beast, the beast stood with its head held high. The aura spurting from its mouth was just like frost causing the Xuan Qi in Su Yi's body to be, extensively impacted as if he was going to freeze.

This frosty air was not ordinary.


Su Yi had prepared long ago as he had already sensed the frosty air from this beast was not simple. The Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique seemed to naturally have the effect of restraining all types of freezing aura when he instantly activated it. The Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, along with his Yuan Qi instantly chased the frosty air away as though there was a holy fire gushing out from within his body.


The saber in his hand directly cut down at this moment.

A thunderous clang alongside the wind separating sound accompanied with the saber's glow of the Yuan Weapon in Su Yi's hand shone brilliantly. In this instance, it looked alive as it formed a saber glow that was almost real and looked gorgeous as it harshly struck onto the head of the scaly beast with fierceness.


The saber was akin to lightning carrying an overbearing and sharp force that was so fast that it did not even give the scaly beast any time to maneuver.

The saber glow directly chopped onto its head as the tough scales along with its skull cracked and broke into pieces while blood gushed out from it.

A beast in the Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade, had been directly killed by Su Yi like this.

Both of Su Yi's legs landed on the ground while he kept the saber in its sheath. The surrounding beasts were also nearly killed off cleanly.

"Clean it up!"

Su Yi spoke. Within the pile of beasts, there were some valuable items.

For example, some of the hair, scales, and horns on the beasts could be used to refine weapons.

Even the meat of these beasts, could be sold for a high price outside.

Especially the meat of a beast in the Demonic Spirit Realm. If, this was inside the City of Man, a typical family certainly could not afford it.

Apparently, by frequently feasting on the meat of a strong beast, it could even increase your cultivation.

Very quickly, with the help of the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest, some of the valuable materials of the beasts had already been sorted out and placed into Su Yi's interspatial bags.

At present, the sun was setting as it covered the chain of mountains in a golden radiance.

Far away, the cliffs were covered by the dusk of twilight as the white clouds in the horizon became fiery with a fresh red.

"Find a place to rest. We will continue to set off once the sun rises!" Su Yi said.

There were beasts everywhere. In less than two days, they had already fought off numerous waves of beasts as they frequently met up with the beast teams.

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest needed to rest while he had also consumed a lot of energy till the point that he was now exhausted.

When the sun set over the western mountains and the night covered the sky, Su Yi and the rest finally found a secluded area.

Deep within the canyon at a small valley that was covered by the surrounding sky-high trees and the dragon-like vines, it was hard to be discovered.

"I am so tired. I am going to rest."

Su Tian Que tucked its tail while waving a tiny pair of wings, appearing a little naive and childish.

"Su Tian Que, can I trust you?"

Inside the valley, Su Yi suddenly glanced sternly at Su Tian Que and questioned.

"Of course, we are already sworn brothers." Su Tian Que arched its eyebrows as its small eyes curiously stared at Su Yi.

"I also hope that I can trust in you."

Su Yi sternly nodded his head. Swearing brotherhood together with Su Tian Que was not solely done on a whim while also not entirely because he wanted Su Tian Que to swear. He also hoped to trust this featherless meat chicken that seemingly had a mysterious origin which claimed that it was a peacock.


The moment the words landed, Su Yi condensed various obscure and complex hand seals while a glow in the middle of his brows shone like the holy light as the mysterious space was summoned out.

Light permeated like rippling holy light as it emitted out of Su Yi’s whole body.

Blinding obscuring light radiated as if it was going to cover the whole valley. Fortunately, there were densely packed sky-high trees covering the light.

When the eyes of the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest became blurry, and they opened their eyes again, they got directly brought into the mysterious space.

"What is this place?!"

When Su Tian Que glanced around the mysterious space, his expression of arrogance on account of one's seniority abruptly filled with shock as its small misty eyes were struck dumb with amazement!

Inside the mysterious space, there was a whiff of aura that made its heart palpitate with uneasiness as it surged with respect, wanting to bow down without reason.

It had forgotten too many things, but this respect was born from within the depth of its heart.

The surrounding spiritual energy was so thick to the extent that it had started to exert pressure on people. It was blurry like in an abyss, emitting a faint radiance as though separated from the outside world.

Su Tian Que scanned the surroundings as its instincts let it know that this was a treasure land!

This place that was peerlessly mysterious was a precious treasure!

"Where is this?!"

The eyes of Su Tian Que were uncontrollably trembling as its heart was extremely shocked.

No wonder this young man was so extraordinary, giving it a strange feeling. It was because there was such a precious treasure with him. Most likely everything on him, had a connection with this place.

"I am also unsure where this place is. However, I always cultivate in here as it can double the effects."

Su Yi replied, hoping to trust Su Tian Que.

On the way to the Demon Woods, for the sake of everyone's cultivation speed and the fact that he also could not be like a typical cultivator absorbing Yuan Stones, Su Yi could only rely on this mysterious space.