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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 187

2023-01-29 10:45:16Publish Time: 408 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 187: Unitedly In Seclusion.

The entire space once again rippled with holy light, while continuously expanding which, could be seen by the naked eye.

Above the sky within the empty space, a light appeared as though the falling of holy chains, covering the entire space.

A whiff of immense and mighty aura collapsed on all beings as if it had traversed and descended from the Ancient!


Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Flaming Beast Eagle and the rest uncontrollably roared as their body lay prone on the ground like they were paying homage. Their gazes were full of reverence!

This time, the commotion was even more vigorous and continued for a longer time.

When everything became peaceful, Su Yi once again opened his eyes as the powder of Yuan Stones before him had stacked into a small mountain, yet his gaze remained dumbfounded.

At the moment from what Su Yi could see, the space had expanded from the earlier three hundred zhang to exactly five hundred zhang and when his eyes looked over, it was quite vast.

"What a rich heaven and earth energy!"

Afterward, Su Yi was surprised to find that the energy in the space had once again reached the state of richness where it would shock people.

Inside this space of several hundred zhang, the heaven and earth energy was so thick to the extent that it had started to exert pressure on people with haze everywhere, emitting a faint radiance.

Fog was drifting around the area of five hundred zhang on that soil-like broad ground, which did not dissipate and floated in the empty space.

The drifting fog was the materialization of energy.


Su Yi took a deep breath and felt like he was directly sucking in energy.

"So many Yuan Stones were not wasted in vain!"

Su Yi's eyes were brimming with happiness after feeling the increased energy and the enlarged space inside the mysterious space. At last, he did not waste the Yuan Stones he had gotten from the Blazing Heavenly Dragon's nest in vain as he endured the happiness in his heart.

The space had once again expanded meaning that he could plant more medicinal herbs and keep more spiritual beings inside.

"There is Spiritual Essence again!"

Su Yi arrived at the center of the space. He could only see a bulge like a small hill. The formerly small pit which was only the size of half a zhang, presently, had also expanded quite a bit, having the size of a small pond.

The surroundings of the pond were still clear, and brilliant but, at the moment, there was a thin layer of crystal-clear liquid that was flowing inside.

"Spiritual Essence......"

Su Yi rejoiced. That was precisely the Spiritual Essence.

Back then, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had wrecked the Spiritual Essence. Finally, some had once again emerged now.

This Spiritual Essence was definitely a treasure.

"There is Spiritual Essence once again!"

A pleasantly surprised voice sounded as the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had unknowingly come over. Seeing that the Spiritual Essence had once again emerged, its eyes shone brightly.

"Granddaddy Seng, you cannot have any thoughts about the Spiritual Essence anymore!" Su Yi directly pulled the Blood Spiritual Ginseng away. Last time, it was the Blood Spiritual Ginseng that had wrecked all of the Spiritual Essence.

"So what, I only want a little bit." The Blood Spiritual Ginseng’s eyes shone brightly as they secretly turned. It knew precisely the benefits that the Spiritual Essence would give it.


Su Yi refused, totally not believing in the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. He could not let the Blood Spiritual Ginseng wreck this Spiritual Essence again as he did not have any more Yuan Stones on him for the mysterious space to absorb.

"Let's talk it over. I only want a little bit of it." The Blood Spiritual Ginseng did not give up as the Spiritual Essence was way too important for it.

"Gulp gulp......"

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Spectral Mouse and the rest had also gathered around, watching the Spiritual Essence in the pool as their throats felt a little hot and swallowed their saliva.

"This is definitely a treasure." Su Tian Que tucked its tail as its small black eyes shone while drooling from the Spiritual Essence.

Su Yi felt very helpless. Even if he could protect against the others, looking at the appearance of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng and Su Tian Que, most likely he could not guard against them.

In the end, he and the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had an agreement. With two roots of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, they would trade for a small bottle of Spiritual Essence for it to absorb.

For the other root, Su Yi broke it into half for Da Bao and Xiao Ling to take.

The energy within the ginseng root was enormous, so he did not dare to let Da Bao and Xiao Ling take too much.

As for the remaining Spiritual Essence, he also handed the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Spectral Mouse and the rest a small bottle each, allowing all the beasts to increase their strength.

As for Su Tian Que, naturally, he would not forget about it.

Su Yi made Su Tian Que promised that under the condition that it would absolutely not steal the Spiritual Essence, he would give it one bottle. Su Tian Que agreed and happily went to one side to take it.

There was not much left of the Spiritual Essence, to begin with, and after Su Yi had distributed it to everyone, there wasn’t much of it left.

When he looked at the remaining Spiritual Essence, Su Yi's eyes moved.

Last time when Su Yi had absorbed the Spiritual Essence, he was still at the Yuan Soul Realm. Right now, he had reached Yuan Xuan Realm so he could consume it once more as it was significant for him to advance his cultivation quickly.

Taking out a bottle of Spiritual Essence that contained way more than last time, Su Yi sat cross-legged right at the side of the pool and drank it all in one gulp!

When the Spiritual Essence went into his mouth, it was refreshing like the sweet spring water as it slid past his throat. In the blink of an eye, it transformed into massive energy, directly assaulting inside Su Yi's body.

Su Yi had previously experienced the feeling of the assault of the Spiritual Essence and had prepared himself. However, his body still trembled as a whiff of massive energy assaulted like a bomb had exploded inside his body.


All of a sudden, from the inside of Su Yi's body to the outside, surging energy gushed out with an immaculate and pure white brilliant glow that enveloped his entire body.

In just an instant, the liquid turned into turbulent and surging energy within Su Yi's body, gushing out in a manner akin to blotting out the sky and covering the ground.


Su Yi gritted his teeth and initiated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to start refining the surging energy.


The surging energy was assaulting his body. Following when Su Yi activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, it started to be absorbed and refined.

Based on the circulation of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, the energy was flowing between Su Yi's meridians and fortifying it before gradually turning into pure Yuan Qi, going into the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian.

Within Su Yi's Yuan Qi Whirlpool, strands of pure Yuan Qi flowed in while the whirlpool started to spin slowly. Faintly, a clang of thunder rang out.

Over time, Su Yi's pale complexion steadily recovered its rosiness.

Strands of Yuan Qi flowed into the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian. After several hours, not only had the aura around Su Yi recovered, it was also starting to escalate.

Inside the vast mysterious space, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Su Tian Que, Blood Spiritual Ginseng and the rest were also enveloped within the layers of blinding light while the auras on their bodies were fluctuating.

Even Da Bai and Xiao Ling, were wrapped in light. They had finally gotten what they wanted, which was to eat the root of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. The energy for them was absolutely massive.

A continuous group of mountains within the mountain range that was boundless and limitless.

A series of mountain peaks had risen from the ground like a jade bamboo shoot with a towering and sharp mountain peak that stood endlessly tall. Sky-high trees densely covered the surroundings with a river meandering in the middle of the thousand peaks coexisting with majesty and beauty.

In a vast canyon, the ridge stretched continuously while the slope was steep, with verdant peaks in the distance outlining an enchanting landscape like a painting.

A party of four figures appeared. It was actually four boys and girls, around the ages of 17-18 years old.

It was three boys and one girl. However, the appearance of the young girl seemed to be older than the three boys by several years.

The young girl was estimated to be at the age of 19-20 years old. Her face was like a silver plate with lips that were naturally red without any lipsticks, and eyebrows that were black even without drawing.