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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 182

2023-01-29 10:44:33Publish Time: 368 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 182: The Blazing Heavenly Dragon Loses Its Temper!

Su Tian Que got up while its small misty eyes turned as though it finally comprehended something and said: "I am a peacock, a king among the demon race with a long lifespan. Dying in the same year, same month and same date, so if you die, aren't you dragging me down too?"

"I am even more afraid that you will be stewed into a chicken soup by people at any time." Su Yi was speechless. This fellow had sincerely thought that it was a peacock.

However, for the oath, Su Yi did find that it was alright.

The beasts from the demon race had a much longer lifespan than humans.

Even if, they were at the same cultivation level, for example, a beast in the Demonic Xuan Realm compared to a human in the Yuan Xuan Realm, typically, the beast would have a much longer lifespan than the human.


"My lord."

Outside the cave, Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the rest had finally returned.

"My lord, we have inquired about the news."

From the words of the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest, Su Yi finally knew about the situation.

Presently, the large number of beasts on the outside at everywhere indeed had a connection with the Blazing Heavenly Dragon. It was an act ordered by the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

According to the news that the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest had inquired, the Blazing Heavenly Dragon itself was the king of the Grand Beast Canyon. After it had stepped into the Demonic Emperor Realm, it had further become the Demon Emperor of the Grand Beast Canyon and had ordered for the search of all the humans in the Grand Beast Canyon, killing every single one of them whenever they saw one.

At the moment, every beast inside the Grand Beast Canyon had unitedly moved out, including many strong beasts in the Demonic Void Realm.

These armies of beasts were conducting searches for humans in a large-scale. Once they saw a human, they would be merciless.

"The Blazing Heavenly Dragon has gone mad!"

After receiving the news, Su Yi did not find it strange.

Most likely, this had an absolute connection to the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon. Because it had a big battle with Cheng Jian and the people from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance and had later found out that its egg had gone missing, it would naturally put the blame onto Cheng Jian and the rest.

Su Yi reckoned that Cheng Jian and the rest must have escaped in the end, so the Blazing Heavenly Dragon then order for the search of every human being, killing them every time they encountered one.

"My lord, apparently that Blazing Heavenly Dragon seems to be preparing to undergo the Changing Shape Tribulation recently." The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger stated.

"Changing Shape Tribulation!"

Su Yi's eyes moved. Demons, whether they were Spiritual Beings or beasts, once they reached the Demonic Void Realm, they had to undergo the First Tribulation, and when they had entered the Demonic Emperor Realm, they would then faced the even more terrifying Changing Shape Tribulation.

If a beast could successfully pass through the Changing Shape Tribulation, then in the future, it could transform into a human shape and be almost the same as a human.

It was stated that, among all the myriad beings, the ones most suitable for cultivation were humans.

Though the beasts and the Heavenly Beings had a longer lifespan, the lifespan of a beast in the Yuan Soul Realm could last around 200 years before their light extinguished. Some could live even longer.

However, for a human cultivator in the Yuan Soul Realm, they could only last for at most 150 years before their lights, would be extinguished.

The Heavens treated all beings fairly, hence, the humans were more suited for cultivation.

The strong demons all hoped to undergo the Changing Shape Tribulation to achieve a human form. Although at then, their cultivation speeds would still be slower than a real human, compared to their original pace, it would be much faster.

"My lord, what should we do now?" The Spectral Mouse questioned. According to the news that they had inquired, currently, there were beasts everywhere in the Grand Beast Canyon with no shortage of strong beasts. Whenever they were to see a human, they must not let them go.

Su Yi frowned. According to the situation at present, even if he was to left the Grand Beast Canyon, it would still be dangerous.

From the news that Su Yi had gotten recently, most of the armies of beasts were heading towards the exits of the Grand Beast Canyon.

The closer to the outskirts of the Grand Beast Canyon, the more humans there were. Instead, there were fewer humans in the deeper parts of the Grand Beast Canyon.

"The Blazing Heavenly Dragon is undergoing the Changing Shape Tribulation......"

Su Yi pondered as he was deep in thought.

He had indeed gotten into trouble. Not to mention that in the end, he had lost the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, he did not think that right now he was unable to get rid of this trouble.

With his strength together with that of the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest, dealing with a few small beasts, would not be a problem. However, right now, all of the beasts in the Grand Beast Canyon had moved out.

"That big snake is enraged. It is losing its temper. Once it successfully passes through the Changing Shape Tribulation, it will definitely personally come out for revenge." Su Tian Que held its head up high as if it did not care too much about it.

"From here, how far are we to the Demon Woods?"

After a moment, Su Yi asked the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest.

"It should not be far. Over the canyon in front of us will be the Demon Woods!" The Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly replied.

Hearing this, the corner of Su Yi's mouth slightly curved up in a smile as he said: "Then, we shall go to the Demon Woods."

"Demon Woods!"

After listening to Su Yi's words, Spectral Mouse and the rest were astounded.

Right now, there were beasts outside everywhere looking for humans. There were even more beasts in the Demon Woods that whenever they saw a human, without the orders from the Demon Emperor, they would unquestionably not let them go.

"That's right we will go to the Demon Woods. Haven't you guys always wanted to go to the Demon Woods?!"

Su Yi was very sure that the Blazing Heavenly Dragon would only order the beasts to place importance on the exits of the Grand Beast Canyon. Once the Blazing Heavenly Dragon had passed through the Changing Shape Tribulation, it definitely would come out personally. By then, it would be even more frantic.

Therefore, presently, he should do the opposite. Anyway, since he had already arrived at the Grand Beast Canyon, going to the Demon Woods would be no different.

Furthermore, the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Spectral Mouse, Golden Python, and the rest had always been wanting to go to the Demon Woods. That was a heaven for the beasts, having more benefits for them to sharpen themselves and to grow stronger.

"My lord, are you sure that you want to go to the Demon Woods? But you are a human!" The eyes of the Fiery Red Demonic Mink shone with light as if flames were dancing inside its eyes as it found Su Yi's decision to be shocking.

There was a shock in the eyes of the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest as well.

Although they indeed desired to go to the Demon Woods to sharpen themselves, their lord was only a human. Going deep within the Grand Beast Canyon was already a tremendous danger to him.

Right now, they were in a dilemma. Once they reached the Demon Woods, it would be even more dangerous.

When the words of the Fiery Red Demonic Mink landed, Su Yi's eyes secretly slightly moved.


All of a sudden, Su Yi's robes fluttered as a mighty and overbearing aura surged on his body without reason.

When the aura surged, although the Golden Python, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest were already used to it, their bodies still uncontrollably instinctively trembled while their eyes shone with light.


Su Tian Que could also feel something as its small misty eyes abruptly stared closely onto Su Yi's body. Then, its gaze suddenly widened.

Activating the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, the moment the aura was released, Su Yi immediately kept it while looking at the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, White Jade Swallow and the rest while asking: "With this, do I still feel like a human?

"The aura on my lord's body just now is very mighty as though it is not from a human. It will naturally oppress us as if it came from a powerful member of the demons." The White Jade Swallow shook its head as it replied to Su Yi. The mighty and overbearing aura from his lord's body was unlike that of a human while it was greatly similar to a powerful member of the demons.

"Then that will be enough. After I have finished recovering and meditating, we will head towards the Demon Woods!"

Su Yi lifted his head. At present, on his face that was as white as paper, was a pair of firmed eyes.

Heading towards the Demon Woods was a big opportunity for him to continue to train himself.

What he lacked the most now was strength.

Without a famous master or big sects and schools supporting him from the back, everything could only be relied on himself to train!