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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 181

2023-01-29 10:44:23Publish Time: 421 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: Jens-Jensen

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Chapter 181: Su Tian Que!

"Even though those beasts are indeed not simple and seem extraordinary whereas my cultivation has also regressed and I might not be able to defeat them, with just these beasts alone in the Demonic Spirit Realm will not be enough to trap me. Once I leave, I will tell that big snake that you have taken its egg. I'm afraid that it will not let you go even if it has to chase you to the end of the earth!" The featherless meat chicken said to Su Yi.

Su Yi's gaze was a little stunned. To think that the featherless meat chicken could actually still threaten him.

Su Yi was aware that this featherless meat chicken was not easy to deal with and had a mysterious origin.

However, from the state of the featherless meat chicken, he naturally did not entirely believe that even if the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest had ganged up, they would not be able to deal with this featherless meat chicken.

Nevertheless, he was still secretly a little worried that the featherless meat chicken would have some battle techniques to rely on.

"Give me a reason to believe in you. Otherwise, the cooperation will end here." Su Yi responded to the featherless meat chicken. Even though he was afraid of being chased by the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, bringing along a featherless meat chicken with a mysterious origin would also undoubtedly be a time bomb. Both were dangerous.

"I have no ill intentions towards you, and I truly do not know where to go. Seeing that you, this young man, seem to be pretty fun, so I want to join you along the road!"

The featherless meat chicken flapped its short wings with a pretentious appearance of arrogance on account of one's seniority, as it stared at Su Yi and said: "One day when I have recovered, maybe by then I could even give you some treasures, allowing you to become the strongest cultivator in this world. That is also not impossible. How about it? Are you moved?"

"Treasure, if you have the ability, then give it to me now, and I will believe in you." Su Yi glanced at the featherless meat chicken while responding. If it was indeed the peacock from the legends, then it should have some treasures.

"I already told you that I cannot recall anything now, so where would there be any treasures?!"

The featherless meat chicken rolled its eyes at Su Yi.

Su Yi was deep in thought. Looks like, the featherless meat chicken was determined to follow him, and he could not get rid of it. However, he would still feel uneasy if it were to follow him.

All of a sudden, Su Yi’s eyes shone as he looked at the featherless meat chicken and stated: "You can follow me, but for reassurance, I have a proposal. If you agree to it, then we can be together. If you disagree, then we will go our separate ways!"

"Say it." The featherless meat chicken curiously glanced at Su Yi and replied.

"We will be sworn brothers and smear our blood as an oath." Su Yi smirked. In this world, an oath was seemingly looked upon with high regard, especially for cultivators. Reportedly, once someone had violated the oath, that person would most likely suffer from tribulation.

"Sworn brothers, it seems like a great idea."

Within the small eyes of the featherless meat chicken that was brimming with vigor, it abruptly shone with light as it said: "I have lived for such a long time, so I shall undertake the more difficult task. In the future, I will be your peacock elder brother while you will be my human younger brother."

The featherless meat chicken had surprisingly unhesitantly agreed, unlike Su Yi.

Su Yi initially thought that by swearing with the featherless meat chicken, he would not undertake any losses.

At least he could confirm that this featherless meat chicken was not simple. Perhaps in the future, there would indeed be chances to become a strong cultivator.

"No way. You say that you are a peacock, but there are no ways to prove it."

Su Yi's eyes moved, and he slightly smiled. His gaze secretly turned as he said to the featherless meat chicken: "On the journey of cultivation, the one who reaches first wins. Why not we shall have a friendly match between us. You are not allowed to hide, and if you win against me, you will be the elder brother, whereas I will be the elder brother when you lose. In the future, it will also be like this. Whoever has the greatest strength will become the elder brother. How about it?"

"I am a dignified peacock! To become your sworn brother was already because all of your 18 generations of ancestors had burned a good incense. It must be that your ancestral graves are emitting green smoke. How can I call you my elder brother?!"

The featherless meat chicken glanced at Su Yi with its head held high while speaking.

"On the journey of cultivation, the one who reaches first wins!" Su Yi responded.

The small and misty eyes of the featherless meat chicken moved as it knew that it could no longer insist and nodded its head while saying: "That is also fine!"

"Then shall we have a friendly match now?" Su Yi stated. He secretly sized up the reaction of the featherless meat chicken, trying to seize this chance to test out the real might of the featherless meat chicken.

Previously when the featherless meat chicken was battling against Mo Yue, Su Yi had seen it with his own eyes that the featherless meat chicken kept on avoiding and did not strike back.

"Never mind about that now!"

The featherless meat chicken shook its head and glanced at Su Yi while saying: "I will endure it and let you become the elder brother for a few days. After all, in the future, you will not have the chance to become the elder brother anymore. As your elder brother in the future, I will take good care of you and let you taste the feeling of being an elder brother."


After hearing this, Su Yi rolled his eyes at the featherless meat chicken.

Moments later inside the cave, a human and a chicken were respectfully kneeling.

"I still do not know what is your name?" Su Yi glanced sideways at the featherless meat chicken and questioned.

His eyebrows slightly arched. Looking at the featherless meat chicken right beside him, in Su Yi's heart, he abruptly had a feeling of regret for trying to be a sworn brother with this featherless meat chicken.

'Once words get out that my brother is a chicken, it wouldn't be nice.'

"I have also forgotten my name." The featherless meat chicken shook its head.

"Then I shall help you name one. Since you have no feathers on your body, how about Featherless?" Su Yi stated.

"You are the featherless one. Your whole body has no feathers." The featherless meat chicken rolled its eyes.

"You came out from that volcano and can also spit fire. What about Fire Doll?"

"Fire Doll because it can spit fire. Then if it is spitting saliva, should it be called Spitting Saliva Doll?!"

"You look like a chicken with a golden comb and claws. How about Golden Chicken?"

"Why do I find it uncomfortable? Is there anything good?"

"Then, you name yourself!"

"I am a peacock then I shall be called Qing Tian, Qing Tian Que!" The featherless meat chicken answered with a glow seemingly sparkling within its small eyes.

"My name is Su Yi. Let's do it like this. Since you are my sworn brother, your name will be Su Tian Que."

Su Yi helplessly rolled his eyes at the featherless meat chicken. Qing Tian Que, for such a featherless turkey, the name was indeed exceptional.

A featherless meat chicken called Qing Tian Que, once people knew about it, they would uncontrollably laugh their heads off.

"Su Tian Que. Fine, Su Tian Que, it is then!"

The featherless meat chicken nodded its head, seemingly with no objections.

"I, Su Yi, with Qing Tian Que, Su Tian Que shall become sworn brothers today. We do not ask to be born in the same year, same month or even the same date, but we ask to die in the same year, same month and same date. We will share our wealth unitedly, to go through hardship together. Those that break the oath shall suffer lightning strikes, be executed by heaven and destroyed by the earth while intolerated by the heavens and earth!" Su Yi finished. Glancing towards the featherless meat chicken, he said: "Your turn!"

The featherless meat chicken looked at Su Yi as it did not seem to expect that Su Yi would swear such a ruthless oath. It rolled its eyes and could only repeat the sentence towards the sky without missing any words.

"Dong dong dong dong dong......"

A human and a chicken later respectfully kowtowed their heads loudly and then stood up.

"Why do I feel that I have been taken advantage of."

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