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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 183

2023-01-29 10:44:44Publish Time: 370 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 183: The Rising Of The Beasts!

The Grand Beast Canyon with a continuous chain of mountains that went on for unknown thousands of miles with seemingly no end deep within.

The lofty chain of mountains formed into a canyon that had no limits.

Occasionally there were densely covered forests. The crowns of these shocking and ancient sky-high trees rose into the sky with a height of several hundred zhang like a giant umbrella whose size could even rival some big mountains.

On the sky-high trees, there were tree vines wrapped around it for a long time looking like a dragon that was ancient and vigorous.


Inside the forest, beasts were rising.

Beasts continuously appeared everywhere from the top and bottom. There were even beasts that drilled out from under the ground.

"Not good! Why are there so many beasts? What is going on?!"

"Quickly retreat. Quickly!"

A small mercenary group was trapped as their gazes abruptly changed drastically. Their eyes flashed with shock.


A cry was heard from mid-air as several enormous ferocious birds swooped down while spreading their wings like black clouds looming over their heads with hook-like sharp claws as a glow flashed on their bodies. With swift and bloody auras, they directly tore through the people at the scene into pieces as blood spilled onto the ground.


There was also a gigantic beast. With just a paw that smacked down like a pillar from the sky, it smashed the humans into meat paste.


There was also a beast that directly drilled out from the ground. With a rapid speed and frantic movements, its blood-dripping mouth instantly swallowed down a human.

Such a gory, sharp, and violent scene immediately caused the people's hair to stand with their flesh breaking out in goosebumps!

"Quickly flee. Quickly!"

The strong cultivator from the mercenary group shouted as he immediately ran away frantically, not daring to fight.

However, it was too difficult to escape, as there were beasts all around them.


Beasts roared like thunder one after another within the forest and the canyons, without pausing.

There were even more beasts coming from afar as those strong beasts had also started moving out.

The whole forest was revolting as densely packed beasts charged out like a beast tide that everywhere they passed would be destroyed.

In the empty sky, all kinds of ferocious birds were flying with hook-like sharp claws and a sharp-tipped mouth as they blotted out the sky and covered the ground while they directly ate the humans whenever they found one. Their feathers were floating in the air.


No one dared to contend against the beasts as they abandoned their comrade's bodies while hating themselves for not having a longer pair of legs.

Some people could form Yuan Qi into shapes and flew into the air, but they were instantly smacked down by the ferocious birds and the strong beasts.


The mercenary groups that had dared to enter the Grand Beast Canyon were powerful with an exceptional cultivator leading the group. Otherwise, they would not have dared to enter.

Nonetheless, right now, when facing such a revolting beast tide, even a cultivator in the Yuan Void Realm would turn around and flee.

"What is going on? Why would all the beasts in the Grand Beast Canyon come out?" Exclaimed someone with a pale complexion as his body was trembling.


There were people who fled to distant places and thought that they would be safe when suddenly, numerous pythons and scaly beasts drilled out from the ground with big blood-dripping mouths, directly swallowing the people alive.

Bone-crushing sounds resounded from the mouths of these beasts.

And following that, fresh blood would spill out from their blood-dripping mouths, which was incomparably gory.

"What happened in the Grand Beast Canyon?!"

Some of the people were unaware of the situation as their bodies coldly shivered with a pale complexion. They had never heard that such a thing would happen within the Grand Beast Canyon.

From the Grand Beast Canyon to the entrance, the beast tide was tempestuous.

Densely packed beasts were madly charging out and slaughtering humans. Their bloody auras assailed the nostrils.


The erupting volcano was still blowing out ashes with a steady flow of lava spilling out even though several days had passed.

The surrounding aura was scorching hot, with an endless limit of roaring flames.

The temperature around was terrifying as though a sea of fire was boiling.

"Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance, we are not over. It is a deadly feud between us!"

An enormous dragon was, at the moment, directly wandering in the boiling lava with its head held high and brass bell-like fearsome eyes that were blinding like the sun as though they contained a volcano within them.

"Emperor Blazing Dragon, at the time of the incident, our wolf cubs had seen two young humans, a boy and a girl running among them. Probably, those two humans, the boy, and the girl are still alive!"

A large Ice-Cold Wild Wolf emerged from the empty sky with a frosty aura emitting from its body. It was precisely the alpha wolf of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves.

"Those humans must know something. Find them. We must find that two humans!" Hearing this, the vicious eyes of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon gushed out with a brilliant glow of scorching heat as if flames were raging unceasingly.


Inside a secluded cave, Su Yi was sitting cross-legged. With the help of an elixir, his ashen face had become rosy. The Yuan Qi in his body was abundant while seemingly transmitting roars like the air current as though the wind and thunder!


Moments later, Su Yi kept his hand seal as the glow on his body gradually dispersed. At the same time, when he exhaled a breath, his eyes abruptly opened with blinding lights. After it resided, it revealed a pair of brooding and determined eyes.

Su Yi's eyes squinted slightly as his face revealed a faint smile when he sensed the condition of his body.

"You, this fellow, what cultivation technique are you practicing? It does not seem to be simple!"

Su Tian Que swayed its small little head while tucking its tail, arriving before Su Yi.

It had stared at Su Yi for a very long time. Feeling the aura emitting from Su Yi's body when he was cultivating, it had made its heart to have an unexplainable throbbing feeling.

At the moment, Su Tian Que also found it strange as such an aura seemingly should not have appeared on a human.

"The techniques that I cultivate naturally will not be simple!" Su Yi got up and stretched his waist. A cracking sound resonated from all his joints, which felt very refreshing.

"It seems to be a little mysterious." Su Tian Que wagged its head. Although it was curious, it did not ask too much.

"My lord!"

Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Da Bao, and Xiao Ling unitedly came closer.

"Go. Let's set off!"

Su Yi faintly smiled as the corner of his mouth curved up in a smile. A light secretly flashed past his resolute eyes.

The strong preyed on the weak. In this world where strength was looked up to, only by working hard to become stronger could he stand steadily in this world.

After some time, a handsome young man walked out of the cave with long hair on his shoulders while carrying a sword and a saber on his back. His figure was clean and skinny yet stood tall as the ruthless and arrogant temperament from his bone could not be hidden.


A day later, a team of dozens of beasts appeared before Su Yi, Su Tian Que, Golden Python and the rest.

"Wu wu......"

"Emperor Blazing Dragon has already given out the order to kill a human whenever you come across one. Why is there still a human?"

In this team of beasts, the ones leading were three Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs with hideous appearances. Although their appearances were hideous, they had endless mighty strength while inside their mouths were two long and two short sharp teeth.

"This is not a human. It is a Demon Emperor. Quickly submit to him!"

The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger announced hoarsely in beast language as the tiger roar quivered the whole area with frightening momentum.

Even though there were many beasts in the team, their cultivations were only average. Although the leading three Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs were at the Demonic Spirit Realm Sixth or Seventh Grade, they were not placed within the eyes of the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest.