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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 178

2023-01-29 10:44:03Publish Time: 369 views
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Chapter 178: The Present State of Morality Is Unlike The Past!

The featherless meat chicken said it all in one breath.

"What you said does indeed make sense." Su Yi nodded his head, almost persuaded by it.

"Since you admit that what I said makes sense, then quickly save me. I am a peacock. How can that girl bear to burn a peacock? She's a lunatic!" The featherless meat chicken felt very anguished. It was a peacock, yet at the moment it got tied on top of a pile of burning wood. That girl was simply a lunatic.

"You can't even defeat her, yet you claim that you are a peacock. Which part of you is similar to the legendary peacock? Right now, you even got yourself tied here to be roasted so easily, then what is the use of saving you?" Su Yi had to be on guard against this featherless meat chicken with a mysterious origin.

He had already been tricked once by that girl. He would not be fooled again by this featherless meat chicken.

The corner of his mouth curved up into a smile as Su Yi glanced at the featherless meat chicken and continued: "Furthermore if you are truly a peacock, the taste should be quite good when you are roasted. I also want to know how a peacock will taste like!"

"You surprisingly want to eat a peacock......"

The featherless meat chicken was stunned as its tiny pair of eyes firmly glared at Su Yi as if they were going to bulge out. Then, it shook its head while sighing: "Indeed, the present state of morality is unlike the past! The present state of morality is unlike the past......"

"Say it. Where do you come from?" Su Yi rolled his eyes. Meeting with such a featherless meat chicken was too bizarre.

"I am truly a peacock." The featherless meat chicken was very gloomy. A dignified peacock had unexpectedly been tied up by people onto a pile of burning wood. It was unquestionably the first one among the peacocks.

"If you are a peacock, then how did you end up in this state? Why can't you defeat even that girl?" Su Yi coldly smiled as he had to be suspicious.

"I also do not know why I became like this. I truly cannot recall anything." The featherless meat chicken smiled bitterly.

Su Yi frowned while glancing at the featherless meat chicken. He honestly did not know whether he should trust in this featherless meat chicken.

"Young man, you must be kind to others. If you save me today, then you will form good affinities with me. One day when I have fully recovered, I will pay you back heavily!" The featherless meat chicken said to Su Yi.

Su Yi watched the featherless meat chicken while he hesitated.

He did not want the large repayment from the featherless meat chicken, and moreover, he doubted that the featherless meat chicken would have anything to pay him back.

Such a featherless meat chicken like this, although its origin was mysterious, it was very odd.

But it was also enough to prove that it was unusual and was not that simple.

Finally, Su Yi decided to help the featherless meat chicken. Anyway, that pile of burning wood did not have any effect on the featherless meat chicken.

Most likely without long when its energy had recovered, the vines would not be able to restrain the featherless meat chicken.

Su Yi slowly got up and released the featherless meat chicken.

"She is a lunatic! I will never let that girl off. I already said that the girl is too poisonous. The most vicious is the woman's heart!" The featherless meat chicken collapsed on the ground as it did not have any strength, yet its mouth kept spewing out remarks.

Su Yi ignored the featherless meat chicken as he forced himself to sit cross-legged and initiate the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, starting to meditate and recover.

Following when Yuan Qi gradually circulated within his body, Su Yi could distinctly feel that wherever the Yuan Qi had passed, the feeling of powerlessness on his body was slowly disappearing as everything was recovering.

An hour later, the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Spectral Mouse, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest woke up with no strength on their body. They instantly started to circulate their power to recover.

The featherless meat chicken no longer chattered as it closed both of its eyes tightly while a radiance emitted out from its body like a holy light with aura fluctuating.


In no time, Su Yi had mostly recovered as most of the powerless feeling in his body was gone.

Feeling the Xuan Qi in his Xuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian, Su Yi was slightly surprised.

It was unknown if it was the effect of the Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken as the Xuan Qi inside his body had increased by a lot, slightly improving his cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade.

Su Yi got up. The Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest were still recovering inside the cave, while Da Bao and Xiao Ling were still unconscious.

As he was worried about the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest outside the cave, Su Yi walked out.

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Snow Jade Ape, Golden Python and the rest were still recovering, and it seemed like they would need some more time to recover.

While outside the cave, Su Yi dropped by to inquire about the situation.

Standing at a high point, Su Yi could see the places affected by the volcano eruption were still billowing with smoke.

A scorching aura had emitted over from afar with thick ashes of the volcano floating in the air.


In the surrounding valley within the chain of mountains, beast roars were heard.

Several ferocious birds were gliding in the empty sky while many beasts had shown up, heading in different directions as though they were searching for something.

"It seems something is not right......"

Su Yi hid his body with the help of a rock and concealed his presence while he secretly frowned.

Although the effect of the volcano and the battle of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon was not small, it was unlikely that there would still be a big commotion at so far out, as though the surrounding myriad of beasts were revolting.

"Swish swish......"

All of a sudden, a several zhang long beast had crawled out from the bottom of the mountain.

It was a giant lizard beast with remarkable speed as it instantly appeared before Su Yi.

The eyes of the lizard beast shone as the tongue in its mouth kept flicking while giving out a 'si' sound. Its big tail moved from left to right, directly crushing the surrounding rocks.

"Wu wu......" Glancing at Su Yi, an excited bloodthirsty neighing sound was emitted from the lizard beast’s mouth while its gaze was ferocious.

"I found another human. Go and die!"

The beast language landed into Su Yi's ear as Su Yi could understand it.

"It seems to be especially finding humans." Su Yi's eyes moved, but he was not in a hurry to escape.

The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest were still at the cave recovering.

However, judging from its aura of Demonic Xuan Realm Sixth Grade, this Vajra Demonic Lizard was not on the level where Su Yi would have to escape immediately.

Back when he was at the Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade, Su Yi had not escaped even while facing beasts in the Demonic Xuan Realm Third or Fourth Grade.

Presently, Su Yi was in the Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade. It was the perfect opportunity for him to test out his power.

"Swish swish!"

When Su Yi was pondering, the Vajra Demonic Lizard moved as the tongue from its blood-dripping mouth spat out like a long whip with a bloody aura, sweeping towards Su Yi.

The tongue was much faster than a long whip, especially that bloody aura which would make people retch.


The long tongue crossed through mid-air in an arc, directly storming out.

Su Yi had always been secretly on guard, but at the moment, he was shocked by the speed of the Vajra Demonic Lizard.


In an instant, Yuan Qi surged out from Su Yi's feet as he initiated the Hundred Transformation Steps, quickly dodging the attack of the Vajra Demonic Lizard.

At the same moment when Su Yi narrowly avoided the attack, his back abruptly felt a sharp and chilling intention as a frightening aura swept through. The big tail of the Vajra Demonic Lizard had arrived over like a long lance.

"Overlord's Fist!"

Without any hesitation, Su Yi turned his body around as he clenched his fist tightly. The 'Overlord's Fist' covered his fist in a thick layer of radiance.


An overbearing and majestic power fluctuated from his fist and emanated out, directly colliding onwards!