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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 179

2023-01-29 10:44:10Publish Time: 355 views
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Chapter 179: The Power Of A Soul Tamer!


Both of them clashed as a frightening explosion sound rang out like thunder and traveled through the air.

"Ka ka......"

There were monstrous waves of radiance while cracks on the surrounding floors abruptly spread in all directions.

The big tail of the Vajra Demonic Lizard got blown off directly as the massive body also staggered back several steps. The rocks on the ground where its feet landed had instantly turned into powder.

Su Yi's feet had also sunk into the ground.

When the big tail of the Vajra Demonic Lizard landed, an enormous force had lashed out, causing Su Yi's feet to directly sink and fall into the ground.


The Vajra Demonic Lizard let out sounds of 'wu wu' as though it had suffered a hidden loss. Its gaze became even more ferocious and in the blink of an eye, it once again pounced onto Su Yi.


Its body leaped up while the mighty claw under its belly glowed and fiercely slashed towards Su Yi with a sharp aura.


Because of his feet, that were sunk into the ground which affected the movement of his body, Su Yi’s expression became dark, while he grabbed the saber on his back, and attacked.

"Raging Dragon Slash!"

He deeply roared in his heart without pause.

Su Yi initiated the technique in his hand as the Yuan Qi within his body speedily surged through his meridians, rushing towards the special meridians and converged. Then, it gathered onto the saber.


In an instant, there was a faint sound on the saber like the roar of a dragon similar to the wind and thunder.


The glow of the saber was blinding as it directly slashed down with a peerlessly fierce stance.


A sharp and fierce aura erupted as the force of the saber struck like the wind and thunder. Following along the sound of 'clack' spreading through the air, a trace of blood had appeared on the mighty and powerful claw of the Vajra Demonic Lizard.

"Pat pat......"

The massive impact force had also blown Su Yi away. With the help of the recoil from the impact force, Su Yi took advantage of the chance and attacked.

"Wu wu......"

The Vajra Demonic Lizard cried out in pain as a wound had appeared on its claw.

However, the wound was not deep, only leaving behind a faint cut.

The Vajra Demonic Lizard was famous for having rough skin and thick flesh, with its defense being abnormally strong.

Presently, if someone saw that Su Yi with his cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade had injured the Vajra Demonic Lizard in the Demonic Xuan Realm Sixth Grade with one slash, they would be shocked into staring dumbfoundedly!


With its claw wounded, the eyes of the Vajra Demonic Lizard turned crimson as it became frantic. The hook-like big tail directly whirled and quickly struck towards Su Yi again.

"Tyrant Dragon Whirlwind Slash!"

Although Su Yi got pushed back, he did not dodge.

The moment the hook-like big tail barbed down, Yuan Qi in his meridians surged and once again converged onto the saber, causing it to tremble. Tyrant Dragon Whirlwind Slash, the second saber of the Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon from Su Yi's hand was directly slashed out.


The glow of the saber whirled with radiance as though an arc of lightning crossing through the empty sky like a crescent moon, faintly bringing a ray of a virtual figure like a dragon flashing by before disappearing.


The saber contained a terrifyingly sharp and frantic mighty pressure as if a raging dragon was dancing while the surrounding sand flew and rocks rolled.

In the middle of defending.

"Dang dang dang......"

In an instant, the glow of the saber and the big tail of the Vajra Demonic Lizard clashed with sparks of fire. The raging wind blasted everywhere, causing the surrounding sand to fly and rocks to roll while the ground to crack.

"Wu wu......"

The Vajra Demonic Lizard shrieked horribly as the tip of its tail bled like a river. A saber wound about the size of a small fist had exploded open as though the tail was almost directly cut off.

Su Yi was also not feeling great as he got blown away due to the massive impact and crashed heavily onto the ground.


The blood in his body surged, and his throat felt sweet. Fresh blood uncontrollably spilled out from Su Yi's mouth. Numerous cracks had also emerged on the saber in his hand while the edge of the saber was bent too.

"Its defense is certainly strong!"

Su Yi was secretly astonished as he had never thought that the skin and flesh of the Vajra Demonic Lizard were actually this thick that even the edge of the saber got bent.

Although it was not a treasure saber, it was cast by stainless steel through severe hammering, which made it even more evident how remarkable the defense of the Vajra Demonic Lizard was.

"Wu wu......"

The Vajra Demonic Lizard roared with a 'wu wu' sound. Its gaze became ferocious as it glanced at Su Yi, with eyes full of murderous intentions.

However, the Vajra Demonic Lizard was now absolutely wary, not daring to get close rashly. Nonetheless, it did not plan on leaving as it waited for an opportunity at one side.

Staring at the reaction of the Vajra Demonic Lizard, Su Yi's eyes became dark. At this moment, there was also nowhere to retreat while Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Golden Python, and the rest were still recovering.

Furthermore, there were beasts everywhere. If he attracted the attention of other beasts, it would be even more dangerous.

Even though he had wounded the Vajra Demonic Lizard, its wounds did not seem to be grave.

He was also injured. With his cultivation of the Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade, while facing against a Vajra Demonic Lizard in the Demonic Xuan Realm Sixth Grade, Su Yi could feel that even if he were to risk his life, it would still be hard to kill the Vajra Demonic Lizard.

"I can only try it this way!"

Su Yi arched his eyebrow as he made a resolution in his heart. Then, both of his eyes slightly closed while a strange hand seal was condensing in his hands.


While the hand seal was condensing, the air current around Su Yi fluctuated as if a glow was going to flare out.

The Vajra Demonic Lizard looked at Su Yi's action and felt very strange. Its fearsome eyes sparkled with light as it stepped back and forth, wanting to go forward but was also wary at the same time.

Su Yi's hand seal kept condensing. On the surrounding empty space, strands of crimson energy emerged and were fluctuating.

The strands of crimson energy converged together as it got hotter and hotter. Finally, it became like a fireball before Su Yi's body.


The Vajra Demonic Lizard seemed to feel that something was wrong and finally could not bear it anymore. With fearsome eyes and a 'wu wu' roar, its body started emitting a black glow. From its blood-dripping mouth, a bloody aura assailed the nostrils. In an instant, it flounced towards Su Yi.

At the same time, Su Yi's face abruptly became incomparably white when he condensed the last hand seal.


All of a sudden, an explosive thunder-like roar of a tiger emitted from the fireball-like scorching energy that Su Yi had condensed.

The glow fluctuated like an eruption of flames. Then the virtual figure of a several zhang long flaming tiger violently stormed out.

The flaming tiger was like a real being as its entire body was crimson with a 'king' pattern on its forehead permeating radiance.

The gigantic virtual figure of the tiger assumed a posture as though it was going to pounce with fire brewing in its eyes with full of hostility. It was as if it contained a sea of fire that was mean and ferocious.


When the virtual figure of the flaming tiger appeared, the surrounding clouds moved as a powerful aura fluctuated and then swept out.

A frightening flame swept like a wind storm, causing the mountain head to abruptly transform like a sea of fire as the temperature rose.

At this instant, the Vajra Demonic Lizard seemed to have felt something as the expression of the flouncing figure drastically changed while its fearsome eyes showed signs of wariness and shock.

However, everything was too late as the two instantly collided.

"Bang bang!"

Horrifying energy with the sounds of the explosion abruptly swept through and then blasted out. The flames swept through everywhere with a peculiar power clashing all around.


The mountain head collapsed. The gruesome flames were as though a bomb had exploded while scorching aura swept out.

"Wu wu......"

Along with the 'wu wu' cries from the Vajra Demonic Lizard, everything on the scene, had been submerged within the flames of the monstrous aura.