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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 177

2023-01-29 10:43:56Publish Time: 369 views
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Chapter 177: Pitiful Meat Chicken!


"Smells so nice."

The Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest had not tried roasted Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken before and were outside the cave now, sharing the meat.

But with their appetites, although the sizes of the few Spirit Jade Jewel Chickens were not small, it was only enough to fill the holes in their teeth.

Whereas for the featherless meat chicken, it was hugging a Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken that was several times bigger than itself, chowing down on it without any manners.

From afar, it was a strange sight to see a featherless meat chicken holding onto a roasted chicken while nibbling on it.

The two chicken wings, were also swallowed by Da Bao and Xiao Ling in just one mouth.

It was hard to imagine how such two little things could swallow it. There seemed to be a separate space inside that tiny bodies as there were no traces to be seen after they ate it.

Seeing the eager gazes of Da Bao and Xiao Ling, Su Yi had no choice but to tear off another two pieces of meat for them.

The remaining part of the Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken was also unceremoniously gorged down by Su Yi.

"So full... So delicious..."

The featherless meat chicken had unexpectedly eaten an entire Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken faster than Su Yi.

Its small stomach was stuffed to the extreme as its stomach almost dropped onto the floor. Its entire body had become rounder while its short wings patted on its bulging belly as it kept burping non-stop.

It was hard to imagine how it could stuff an entire Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken that was much larger than itself.

Su Yi was also very full. It had been such a long time that he had eaten such a fulfilling meal.

Most importantly, this Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken was like what Mo Yue had stated that eating it would bring tremendous benefits.

Su Yi could distinctly feel strands of energy permeating out from within the chicken inside his stomach.

The energy was very gentle as though it could nourish his bones, muscles, and all of his limbs, making him feel warm.

"Have I consumed too much? Why do I feel dizzy?" The body of the featherless meat chicken begun to sway. It wanted to smack its head, but its wings were too short that it could not reach. Before the words could land, it had directly collapsed onto the floor.

"Why do I feel dizzy too......" Before the beast language of Da Bao could finish, it had fallen off from Su Yi's shoulder. Immediately, Xiao Ling also dropped off too.

Su Yi also felt dizzy and drowsy.

"Not good!"

Su Yi's heart was in shock as he glanced towards Mo Yue while his sight began to blur.

Within his line of sight, Su Yi could only see a smile hanging on Mo Yue's face as the corner of her mouth was curved upwards as though everything was within her expectations.

"So dizzy......" Outside the cave, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest also gradually fell onto the floor unconscious as they had fainted.

Su Yi circulated his Yuan Qi, wanting to resist. He immediately initiated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique while urging the Heavens Taming Incantation inside his mind, trying to keep his spiritual soul awake.

However, it seemed to be too late.

Su Yi was getting more and more drowsy. His sight became blurry as his eyelids involuntarily shut together. Following that, he had also collapsed.

Inside the cave, only Mo Yue was unaffected as a triumphant smile hung on her face.


When Su Yi woke up, his mind was still a little dizzy, but his consciousness was focused. Only, his body was still weak as he did not have any strength in him.

His eyes abruptly opened as he glanced around the cave.

Inside the cave, traces of Mo Yue, had already been lost.

"Not good, the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon......"

The first thing that Su Yi sought to find was the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

"It's missing......"

Like what Su Yi had predicted, the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon indeed had disappeared like Mo Yue, with no traces to be found as it was no longer inside the cave.

Inside the cave, Da Bao, Xiao Ling, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Spectral Mouse and the rest were still unconscious on the ground.

"I was tricked! There was something strange inside that Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken!"

Su Yi was lost in thought as he tried to recall. There must be something strange with that Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken. It might have been drugged by Mo Yue.

At the moment, only he was awake. With the cultivation of the Spectral Mouse, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest, although they had also eaten the least, they were still laying on the floor.

Su Yi reckoned that it was the effect of him urging the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and the Heavens Taming Incantation at the end.

He wanted to get up, but his body was not obeying him. Moments later, he managed to have some strength to sit up.

"Help! Help......"

All of a sudden, a sound screaming for help traveled over.

Su Yi followed the sound of the voice and was momentarily stunned.

He could see that at a corner of the cave, on the pile of wood with burning hot flames that were formerly used to roast the Spirit Jade Jewel Chickens.

The featherless meat chicken was at the moment, tied up with a special kind of tree vine around its wings, roasting on top of the pile of burning wood.

"Help! Who can come and save me."

The featherless meat chicken screamed at the top of its lungs. Seemingly, its entire body felt weak as its voice was not loud as though there was no strength left in its body.

When the featherless meat chicken saw that Su Yi had awakened, it immediately pleaded: "Young man, quickly save me! It must be that girl! There is something strange with the Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken. She tricked us."

"I also know that there is something strange with the Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken!"

Su Yi arched his eyebrows. He wanted to chase after the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon as soon as possible, but he did not have any strength. He could already guess that she must have endured for a very long time, and her motive was the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

"Quickly save me first, I am going to be roasted alive!"

The featherless meat chicken cried for help as its tears were going to fall.

Su Yi rolled his eyes at the featherless meat chicken. Although it was on top of that pile of burning wood, it was evident that nothing was happening to it. Not even a single hair had burned from the layer of fluff on its body, showing that the flames did not have any effect on it.

Su Yi checked his body and found that there was nothing wrong with his body, only that he lacked strength.

Also, every single interspatial bag on his body was not missing.

That made Su Yi surprised. That girl seemed to have only taken the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

"Young man, you have to hurry up and save me." Seeing that Su Yi was not responding to it, the featherless meat chicken was gloomy as it kept calling for help.

"Why should I save you?"

Su Yi faintly said as he was feeling anguished. If he had not eaten the Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken, how would there be a chance for that girl to take away the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

Even though none of his interspatial bags were missing, as though Mo Yue had developed a sense of conscience.

Su Yi knew that with all the things added up inside his interspatial bags, it would not even be worth one out of a thousandth compared to the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

If not for the Flaming Beast Eagle, that girl, would most likely be buried within the eruption of the volcano.

Su Yi figured that she must have found her conscience hence she did not take any of the interspatial bags from him.

"We are all victims drugged by that girl. That girl has tricked both of us and took away the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon that you wanted while tying me up here to be roasted. Therefore, we are all her victims. That girl is my enemy while naturally, she is your enemy too. We can go and find her together to seek revenge. My enemy's enemy is my friend, so we are already friends. Why won't you save me?"