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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 166

2023-01-29 10:42:37Publish Time: 327 views
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Chapter 166: Demonic Core!

"Where is the place?" Su Yi questioned as he was secretly on guard. This girl was not simple, yet she had not succeeded previously, affirming that the place must be extremely unsafe.

"Can it be that you are afraid?" Mo Yue shot a smile at Su Yi. Although her body was still immature, it was already an exquisite figure. Her snow-white skin gleamed with an alluring luster when caged by the sunlight. It was unclear whether she was a sacred elf or a seductive witch.

"It is better to be safe. Say it, what does that place contain and what kind of existence is it?" Su Yi asked.

"Let's talk while we walk." Mo Yue responded. Her expression finally revealed some seriousness.

"I have received news that there is an old nest of a Blazing Heavenly Dragon at the peak of the Demonic Void Realm Ninth Grade not far away at ahead. If we can kill that Blazing Heavenly Dragon, we can get its demonic core, which is a precious treasure!" On the way from Mo Yue's words, Su Yi finally knew what Mo Yue had wanted to do.

"Goodbye......" After listening to Mo Yue, Su Yi glanced at her before unhesitatingly turning his body around to leave.

Su Yi knew that with his and Mo Yue's strength, wanting to kill a Blazing Heavenly Dragon at the peak of the Demonic Void Realm Ninth Grade to get its demonic core was simply a suicide mission.

A demonic core was a core that would only form inside the body of a beast that had reached the Demonic Void Realm.

A core that was at the peak of the Demonic Void Realm Ninth Grade, while also existed inside a beast with an extremely high bloodline like the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, had immeasurable value.

The demonic core of a Blazing Heavenly Dragon at the peak of the Demonic Void Realm Ninth Grade was unquestionably a precious treasure.

Su Yi indeed desired to have that treasure.

But faced with such a situation, Su Yi did not want to commit suicide. Even though the treasure was very tempting, his life was more important.

"Don't leave that fast. I have accurate information that the Blazing Heavenly Dragon is heavily injured and is already at death's door with no hope of recovery. It might even be dead now." Mo Yue stated.

"Are you sure?" Su Yi abruptly turned his head as he glanced at Mo Yue and questioned.

"I am sure." Mo Yue was very positive as her news, could not be wronged.

"If that is so, why don't you go there yourself?" Su Yi was suspicious. Presuming that the Blazing Heavenly Dragon was already at death's door, and might even be dead, then why didn't Mo Yue go there by herself?

"Of course I want to go by myself. I had gone there alone previously and got chased by that group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves. If you did not save me, I might have been dead by now." Mo Yue stared at Su Yi as she smiled sweetly showing her shiny white teeth. With her scarlet lips, she embarrassingly continued: "I did find the old nest of that Blazing Heavenly Dragon, but that Blazing Heavenly Dragon had unknowingly kept a group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves as followers. I cannot deal with so many Ice-Cold Wild Wolves by myself."

"Haven't those Ice-Cold Wild Wolves been killed?" Su Yi maintained a skeptical attitude since the words of this girl could not be believed whole-heartedly.

"That is only a part of it. A group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves can range from a few hundred to more than a thousand. The Ice-Cold Wild Wolves that had chased after me earlier was only a small part of the group. I reckon that the strongest alpha of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves should be reaching the Demonic True Realm." Mo Yue responded.

"Demonic True Realm...... Can you defeat that alpha wolf?" Su Yi's mouth twitched. That Ice-Cold Wild Wolf in the Demonic True Realm would equivalent to a strong cultivator in the Yuan True Realm. He was only at the Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade, so it was utterly impossible for him to defeat it.

"Uh...... that alpha wolf, I also can't." Mo Yue awkwardly laughed. Glancing at Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest of the beasts behind Su Yi, she blinked her eyes and said: "But you have so many beasts. Maybe that alpha wolf has not reached the Demonic True Realm yet. We will have a higher chance if we attack together. Furthermore, you seem to have a way to deal with the beasts, right?"

Su Yi momentarily opened his eyes wide as he stared at Mo Yue and responded: "You want to tie a white wolf with bare hands, right? You want me and my beasts to deal with that group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves while you hide in the back." Su Yi rolled his eyes. This girl was too calculative and manipulative.

Su Yi was not going to participate in such a risky matter. He was not stupid.

"Of course not. We are going to join forces. You must know that a beast like the Blazing Heavenly Dragon has a hobby of collecting all kinds of exotic treasures. The old nest that it resided at is a treasure land, positively hiding precious treasures. As long as we can deal with that group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves, we can get its demonic core and the treasures!"

Mo Yue looked towards Su Yi with an incomparably enchanting smile as though she was naturally born with seduction while saying: "Money comes from danger. I can guarantee that the news I received is true, but if you do not dare to go, then it's fine. I will merely think of other ideas or ask for help from a powerful cultivator. If you want to go, then we will join forces together, and the chances will be higher. Once we succeed, we will strike rich."

Su Yi mulled over the thought. Supposing that the alpha wolf was in the Demonic True Realm, then they would be in trouble as it would be hard to deal with it. He also had no idea if the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique would be able to frighten off a beast in the Demonic True Realm.

However, if the alpha wolf had not reached the Demonic True Realm, although adding the Golden Python and the rest would still not be enough, with his Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, there might be a chance. Anyway, he only needed to get the treasures and the demonic core of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

"So what do you think? Money comes from danger. There might even be numerous shocking treasures within the Blazing Heavenly Dragon's collection!" Mo Yue faintly smiled. Her bright eyes were full of smiles as she watched Su Yi's expression.

"Okay. But we will split it 7:3 where I get the seven because when we attack, you are only one person while I will be doing the most." Su Yi gritted his teeth. Later, he would be going with the Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, and the rest.

Besides, Mo Yue was only one person. Once they attacked, he would naturally fork out more, thus splitting it evenly between them would not be fair.

"Nevertheless, the news was mine. For this news, I had to pay a huge price." Mo Yue responded.

"And I have saved your life. Or else your news would be useless." Replied Su Yi.

Mo Yue glanced at Su Yi as she pursed her lips and said: "You take six and I will take four. Or else the deal is off!"

"Deal." Su Yi nodded his head and revealed a slight smile. 6:4 was already not bad as he had already calculated in his heart that Mo Yue would not accept 7:3.

"You sure do know how to calculate. You selfish person!" Seeing that Su Yi had nodded his head, Mo Yue glared at Su Yi. Afterward, her face continued to show a smile as usual, like an elf, but with a witch's seduction.

Several hours later, Mo Yue stood far away before an enormous mountain peak as her long dress fluttered slightly. Her tiny waist seemed thinner than an arm grip and soft as if it was boneless. Her entire person appeared immaculate as she pointed to a mountain peak in front of her and stated: "We have reached. It is right over there."

"So cold!" Su Yi glanced at the remote enormous mountain peak. Looking from afar, it was as tall as the clouds, standing majestically. Only, the surrounding air emanated a chilling aura, causing his Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body to feel a little cold. He secretly surged his Yuan Qi to become warmer.