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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 165

2023-01-29 10:42:31Publish Time: 386 views
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Chapter 165: Fortifying Arm Strength.


Su Yi was momentarily stunned. This girl truly was......

"Who will have the mood to touch you? I was only applying medication for you!" Su Yi was gloomy. However, his ear had involuntarily become red for no reason.

"Ke ke......"

Looking at the appearance of Su Yi, Mo Yue giggled uncontrollably and responded: "Although you were applying medication for me, you had also undeniably touched me. I am an unsullied virgin with a body that is as clean as ice and as pure as jade. Since you've touched me, aren't you supposed to take responsibility?"

Su Yi felt extremely helpless as this girl was just like a witch. Which part of her looked as clean as ice and as pure as jade?

Most importantly, Su Yi just realized that he got teased by her.

At any rate, he was a reincarnated person. To be teased by a little girl, Su Yi felt a little wronged as he pursed his lips while answering: "If you sincerely want me to take responsibility, then I will reluctantly accept it. But I already have a fiancée so you can only be the second wife. Additionally, your skin is not bad, or you can let me touch it again."

Seeing that Su Yi had suddenly shifted the topic around and teased her, Mo Yue's gaze secretly faintly moved, but her expression did not change as she continued to smile while her body sat slightly straighter.

Though she was sitting down, the witch's figure still appeared curvy and exquisite. When she smiled, it was as if like a celestial who was untainted by the world. She continued to reply to Su Yi: "Next time when you apply the medication, you can continue to touch. However, is it true that you have a fiancée?" "None of your business." Su Yi responded as his mind involuntarily recalled that figure from the beginning. He had not seen her for several years, and he wondered how she was doing.

"I was merely asking. If you don't want to say, then it's fine. But I want to know, is your fiancée prettier or am I prettier?" Mo Yue smilingly asked while blinking her eyes.

"She is prettier than you." Su Yi arched his eyebrow as he responded faintly.

"Fine. I want to change my clothes and then heal myself. You should go out first, and if you dare to peek at me changing, you will be dead!" Mo Yue’s expression abruptly became cold without a reason.

Su Yi's eyebrow arched slightly. This girl indeed changed her face faster than flipping a book.

"You will heal yourself first. I won't enter here to disturb you for these few days, so call me if there is anything." Su Yi stated and then left the cave.

"If there is a chance in the future, I want to see how pretty that fiancée of yours is!" Watching Su Yi's back, Mo Yue pursed her lips with an adorable beauty.

Outside the cave was an endless chain of mountains.

From the words of the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python, and the Snow Jade Ape, Su Yi found out that Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the rest had been going around to train in these few days. Even Da Bao and Xiao Ling had secretly followed after them.

Su Yi had no idea how much truth there was in Mo Yue's words, but since he had chosen to believe in her, then he could only wait for these few days.

"Continue to cultivate!" Muttering in his heart, Su Yi put down the 500-kilogram broken sword from his back.

"Hu hu......" Holding the sword in his right hand without activating his Yuan Qi, Su Yi used his physical strength to swing the 500-kilogram broken sword.

Now that he had broken through to the Yuan Xuan Realm, Su Yi could swing the 500-kilogram broken sword in his hand while only using his physical strength without feeling exhausted.

The Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale required a strong cultivator in the Yuan Emperor Realm to be able to cultivate it.

And before cultivating it, he still needed an at least 5000-kilogram sword to train his body. However, Su Yi did not give up as he continued to follow the guidelines of The Thirteen Swords of the Roaring Gale to train his arm strength.

A 5000-kilogram heavy sword with just his physical strength alone, Su Yi was still unable to lift it. This 500-kilogram broken sword was precisely suitable for him to fortify the power of his arm and wrist.

Su Yi alternated between his two hands while swinging the sword, only stopping to rest when his muscles were screaming in pain.

Su Yi inserted the 500-kilogram sword into the ground of rocks while he was sweating like a pig with bean-sized drops of sweat dripping from his forehead as he panted heavily.

Staring at the 500-kilogram broken sword in front of him, Su Yi had always found it strange. For such an unremarkable broken sword, it was unknown what material it was cast that had caused it to be so heavy, and it had also come from that mysterious lady's interspatial bag. For such an average item, that lady did not seem to has taken a fancy to it.

With no answers, Su Yi did not get entangled with it as he could not explain simply by examining it. Then he sat cross-legged to meditate and recover his strength.

As for the Heavens Taming Incantation, since Mo Yue had awakened, Su Yi did not plan on exposing his identity of a Soul Tamer.

For the next few consecutive days, Su Yi would train the Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon and the rest of the martial arts techniques every day, while also fortifying his arm strength with the 500-kilogram broken sword.

On the evening of the third night, the Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Spectral Mouse, White Jade Swallow and the rest had all returned together with wounds on their bodies.

"We met with some opponents, and their strengths were not weak. Luckily, we had fled away quickly." Spectral Mouse shamefully said.

"Apart from being powerful, if, it wasn't for me, you would have long been tortured to death." The Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly spoke. Both of its wings had traces of blood as it had gone through a vicious battle.

"It was so scary! That dragon was too mighty. When I become stronger, I will go back and deal with it again." Da Bao and Xiao Ling drilled out from within the Flaming Beast Eagle's wings as they had been hiding there.

"It's okay as long as you guys are alright. Go recover yourselves." Su Yi said while taking out some recovery elixirs for the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Spectral Mouse and the rest to cultivate. Suffering from little wounds were normal to become stronger quickly.

During the fourth day, Su Yi continued to cultivate martial arts techniques and fortify his arm strength.

During these days, he would inadvertently glance towards the cave, wondering when Mo Yue would come out.

Throughout all these times, Su Yi was also wondering why Mo Yue hadn't asked him to change the medication. His heart couldn't help but look forward to it.

Unfortunately, for the past few days, no sounds could be heard from Mo Yue who was inside the cave, only the fluctuations of aura spreading from the cave allowed him to know that she had been inside recovering hence he did not disturb her.

On the morning of the fifth day, with the same pattern as always, Su Yi who sat cross-legged stopped meditating as he exhaled a breath and stretched his waist, feeling refreshed.

"To think that you would break through to the Yuan Xuan Realm this fast. The last time I saw you, you seemed very weak!" Mo Yue's voice traveled from the cave as her beautiful figure walked out.

After several days of recovering, Mo Yue’s complexion at the moment had regained its rosiness. She had also changed into a pale blue long dress with a yellow belt tied on her waist, making her waistline to appear even thinner than an arm grip. Her long hair leaned on her tiny waist, emitting a unique and delicate fragrance. Her eyes cleverly moved, revealing a faint slyness like an elf in this ancient chain of mountains.

Su Yi lifted his head as he watched Mo Yue. Sensing her aura and complexion while adding onto the fact that she had recovered to the extent as if nothing had happened within just a few days, this girl was definitely not simple.

"What's wrong? Do you suddenly feel that I am prettier than your fiancée?" Mo Yue glanced at Su Yi as her eyes moved with laughter in them. Her pair of scarlet lips appeared as though it was sweetly smiling and talking.

Su Yi arched his eyebrow while staring at Mo Yue and said: "Now that you have mostly recovered, shouldn't you bring me to the treasure land?" "Certainly, but I have to warn you that you must not be imprudent." Mo Yue slightly smiled and replied.