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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 167

2023-01-29 10:42:44Publish Time: 409 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 167: Somebody Had Gotten Ahead!

"As the nest of those Ice-Cold Wild Wolves is in the front and they like the cold, so the place we are at feels like an ice cave." Mo Yue spoke.

"Blazing Heavenly Dragon and the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves......"

Su Yi muttered softly in his heart, feeling that something was not right.

The Blazing Heavenly Dragon was a fire element beast that liked hot areas. Most of their old nests were around the volcanic zones, which were more suitable for their self-cultivation.

However, the habits and the accustomed nature of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolf and the Blazing Heavenly Dragon were exclusively opposite.

Why would the Blazing Heavenly Dragon keep such a group of beasts like the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves to be its followers which, might even affect its cultivation?

Su Yi felt that the matter was abnormal and did not tally with common sense. But, he could not figure out anything. Maybe he was just presuming too much.

"That group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves, how many are there?" Su Yi questioned. Only by knowing yourself and your enemies would there be higher chances of winning.

"Probably hundreds of them or perhaps even more." Mo Yue spoke as she did not know the exact numbers.

Su Yi frowned. Presently even the exact number of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves was unknown. Getting to the Blazing Heavenly Dragon's demonic core and treasures would prove to be tricky.

"Do you have any plans?" Mo Yue glanced at Su Yi. All of the ideas she could think of, had been used. Otherwise, she would not have been chased by the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves previously.

"Spirit Butterfly and Jade Swallow, you guys go ahead and observe the situation. Do not get too close." Su Yi contemplated for a while and said towards the White Jade Swallow and Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly.



Just when Su Yi's words had landed, from the vacant sky behind him came the roar of the beasts.

"Quickly hide and conceal your presence!"

Su Yi said and immediately concealed his presence while turning around to look behind him.

Following Su Yi's gaze, there were several enormous ferocious birds spreading their wings in the sky and heading over.

The several ferocious birds were like black clouds covering the empty sky. Their fearsome eyes were like brass bells while there were several figures on their backs.


The one leading was a ferocious beast covered in yellow scales that resembled a lion and a tiger that could soar high up in the empty sky, dashing through the air. Its momentum was vicious while on its back was an elder in his fifties.

"It’s them......"

When he glanced at the rows of people, Su Yi instantly recognized them. Back then, when the people had surrounded him for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, there was such a group of people seemingly from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance.

"The people from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance."

Staring at the group of people in the empty sky, the complexion of Mo Yue had also abruptly secretly changed.

That group of people did not seem to have notice Su Yi and the rest as they directly soared across the sky.

"They should be heading towards the old nest of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon." Mo Yue’s complexion changed drastically.

"You know them?" Su Yi's eyes secretly moved while he asked Mo Yue.

"No. I only know that those are the people from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance." Mo Yue said. Her expression became slightly grave as she continued: "Their motive should be the same as us."

"You mean, the people from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance have also come here for the Blazing Heavenly Dragon's demonic core?" Su Yi was astonished. If this batch of strong cultivators from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance had also come here for the Blazing Heavenly Dragon's demonic core and its treasures, then with his strength including the Golden Python and the rest, it was unquestionably lacking.

"Should be." Mo Yue seemed sure as she replied while nodding her head.

Hearing this, Su Yi frowned.

Initially, the group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves would already be hard to handle, yet now there were also strong cultivators from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance. Most likely, there was nothing much for him to do here.


Suddenly from the depths of the empty sky in front, came the immense howling of wolves with vigorous fluctuations of energies and frosty auras emitting over.


Then, a frightening roar of a beast traveled over like the howling of a dragon as though lightning had blasted out from the sky.

Along with a roar like that of a dragon howling, Mo Yue’s expression changed slightly as her gaze closely watched the mountain peak that had risen over the clouds.

"Can it be the Blazing Heavenly Dragon?!" Su Yi's eyes trembled. The howling which sounded like a dragon was too mighty. Even while being separated by such a vast distance, the sound of its roar could still deafen the ears, causing people's souls to quiver.



Immediately, frightening roars of the beasts sounded with powers colliding came over from the front. The intensity of the fierce battle could even be felt, when being separated by the distant empty sky.

Su Yi's gaze was closely attached to the distant front. There was a glow of energy that shot through the sky, spreading like an arch in the sky.

"So fierce. An unquestionably strong cultivator is attacking!"

Su Yi's eyes moved. He had seen numerous strong cultivators before and had recently witnessed the battle between strong cultivators in the Demonic Emperor Realm and the Yuan Emperor Realm. Unquestionably, there were strong cultivators fighting fiercely.

"Do you want to go over and have a look?" Mo Yue glanced at the front. Her eyes did not have the same astonished look like Su Yi as her eyes sparkled with a glint of slyness.

"You guys will wait here for me."

Su Yi nodded his head while gritting his teeth. Afterward, he made the Golden Python and the rest to wait here.

With the cultivation of the Golden Python and the rest, including Da Bao and Xiao Ling, judging from the fierce battle at the front, most likely they did not even have the capability to join.

"My lord, it is dangerous at the front." Golden Python, Spectral Mouse and the rest were worried about Su Yi as they could feel the extent of the fierce battle in front. All of them were extremely frightened.

"I will be careful. You guys will wait here." Su Yi had decided. At least he could go over and look at the situation. Anyway, since he had already arrived, even if he could not get the Blazing Heavenly Dragon's demonic core, he must at least witness it.

"Let's go and be careful, do not get too close. Hide your presence well, or else we will be caught by them." Mo Yue stated. Immediately, she and Su Yi walked towards the front.

A moment later, in front of the majestic cloud-like peak of the enormous mountain.

Behind a large rock at a small mountain top, Su Yi and Mo Yue bent their bodies and lowered their heads, watching the sky and the ground in front of them while being dumbfounded.

On the ground, around 500 Ice-Cold Wild Wolves had filled the mountain peak as they raised their heads and howled with frightening might, shooting out ice pillars of light.

In the sky, there were eight large bodies of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves stepping on air, encircling over ten strong human cultivators in the Yuan Void Realm, fighting fiercely without pausing.

The one leading was the hugest Ice-Cold Wild Wolf. Its body was over ten-zhang long, covered with frost-like snow crystals on its entire body. Under the bright rays of light, it glimmered with gruesome chilly aura with its mouth filled with sharp teeth.

"That is the alpha wolf, right?" Su Yi was stunned. For it to have such an aura, it must be the alpha wolf of that group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves.

The big and frightening battle was peerlessly vigorous. The over ten strong cultivators in the Yuan Void Realm had already parted.

The beast mounts that they had sat on were already surrounded and attacked by the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves.

"Why are there so many Ice-Cold Wild Wolves? I thought you said that the problems were not big?!"

Su Yi’s complexion abruptly changed color as he glared at Mo Yue.

This Mo Yue still said that there were not many Ice-Cold Wild Wolves and the alpha wolf might not have reached the Demonic True Realm. However, what he saw now was precisely the opposite.

Su Yi could not help but rejoice secretly. Fortunately, he had not carelessly rushed in, or else even if they wanted to flee, they would not be able to.

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