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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 164

2023-01-29 10:42:23Publish Time: 418 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 164: Charming and Gently Applying Medication!

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the other two beasts followed tightly behind Su Yi while staring at the young girl with an utter warning glance in their fearsome eyes.

Looking at Su Yi who had returned, a glint secretly flashed past the young girl's eyes as her enchanting pale face revealed a smile while saying: "Shall we make a deal?"

Su Yi's index finger touched his chin as he mulled over it and asked the young girl: "What's the deal?"

"I will still need a few more days to recover. During that time, you will guard over me, and we will go to that treasure land together. The treasure in there will be split evenly between us. How about it?" The young girl stared at Su Yi with her big beautiful eyes. Along with that enchanting temperament, it was very tantalizing.

"What if you suddenly attack me when you have fully recovered or leave to find the treasure by yourself?" Su Yi faintly laughed. It was better to take precautions when facing this girl since there was nothing that the girl would not be able to do.

"You have so many beasts in the Demonic Spirit Realm behind you that even I cannot deal with, so why would you be afraid of me attacking you? It should be me that is afraid of you attacking me and also stealing all of the treasures for yourself when the time comes.

Furthermore, with so many beasts by your side, it is impossible for me to escape. Indeed, I cannot give you any reassurance, but I swear that when the time comes, I will unconditionally bring you along. If you believe in me, after a few days when I have fully healed, we will go and find that treasure together. If you do not believe in me, then we can go our separate ways now!" The young girl spoke with a determined expression.

Su Yi was deep in thought while staring at the young girl. He honestly did not know whether she was telling the truth or lying.

However, it was indeed uncommon for such a young girl to survive in the Grand Beast Canyon alone for so long. There must be a motive for her to come here.

As for the precious treasure that was beyond anyone's imagination, it was impossible for Su Yi to not be interested.

"Deal. But if you are lying to me, I will make sure that you regret it!" After contemplating for a moment, Su Yi then glanced towards the young girl and nodded his head.

Even though the girl was powerful, Su Yi thought that since he had the Golden Python and the rest with him, it was certainly enough to handle the young girl.

"Relax, I will definitely not lie to you. Furthermore, you are my savior." Seeing that Su Yi had nodded his head, the young girl smiled with her eyes while she pouted her scarlet lips with unsuspecting temptation as she asked: "I still do not know what your name is."

"Yi Su." Su Yi answered.

"My name is Mo Yue, the 'Mo' for no and the 'Yue' for moon." Mo Yue smiled while pouting, which was very enchanting.

"Go heal your wounds first." Su Yi nodded his head and kept glancing at Mo Yue.

"Oh, my interspatial bag should be with you, right? All of the things inside the interspatial bag shall be yours. But can you return my dresses and feminine supplies to me? If you want to keep some as a keepsake, I can give them to you some other time, and it is also fine even if you want my intimate clothing." Mo Yue glanced at Su Yi, with laughter in her eyes. Her pair of scarlet lips looked as though they were sweetly smiling and talking as if she was purposely taunting him, which was so peerlessly seductive.

"Where does this witch come from?" Su Yi secretly frowned, but his expression did not change.

"I will return it to you and nevermind about intimate clothing since I have no interest in them." Su Yi lightly said as he threw over Mo Yue's interspatial bag.

"Thank you."

Mo Yue smiled and afterward, she blinked her eyes towards Su Yi with her long curly lashes, and big sparkling eyes as she spoke: "The medication you applied for me, is there any more left? The effect seems to be quite good."

"There is still a little more." Su Yi nodded his head.

"Then can you help me to apply one more time? Sending Buddha to the west, helping people to the end."

Mo Yue lightly smiled as her black eyebrows curved and eyelashes curled along with her bright eyes, exhibiting a beauty that could not be tainted by the world.

This sort of beauty had momentarily caused Su Yi to be secretly in a trance.

This kind of girl at such a young age could already make so many pretty girls lose their beauty. She was like a witch, yet she was also like an elf.

Following after her words had landed, Mo Yue turned her body and gently leaned on the rock. Her legs were long and slender while one of her legs bent, outlining an incomparably enchanting curve with a lazy appearance that undeniably, still unveiled some childishness, yet was already utterly alluring.


For an unknown reason, Su Yi's throat felt a little hot as he secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

The moment when the girl changed her face, it was like a witch, savage and ruthless that was downright sinister.

However, at the moment, it was also utterly alluring like it was untainted by the world as the two types of temperament merged into one body.

"What's wrong? Are you still afraid that I will attack you? I, however, cannot win against your beasts." Mo Yue softly laid down while she gently lifted her snow-white wrists as her delicate hands pulled the tattered clothes on her back open, revealing the wound that had burst apart. Her eyebrows secretly grimaced as she did not turn her head and said faintly to Su Yi.

Su Yi was briefly stunned. He hesitated for a moment and glanced at Mo Yue. Even though he did not want to go over, his feet had disobediently walked over.

When he reached Mo Yue's side, Su Yi secretly became vigilant and tried to wipe away the powdered herb that he had previously applied.

"Mmm mmm.........."

Mo Yue leaned softly. Although Su Yi was very gentle, her back was in excruciating pain while she occasionally grimaced and softly groaned.

But, when such a sound traveled into Su Yi's ears, it caused him to scowl.

The sound had unknowingly, made Su Yi's tongue dry and mouth parched as if a fire was seemingly burning inside his body.

"Mmm....... Mmm......"

Mo Yue did not sense Su Yi's strange reaction as she kept groaning softly.

She would also occasionally slightly squirmed her enchanting and alluring body. Her waist slightly moved, causing the outline of her body to look even more impressive and tempting.

Su Yi was close to her, and he was precisely at the age full of vigor. With such a witch-like girl, he was immediately thrown in a torturous state.

"Can you stop yelling?!" Su Yi finally could no longer bear it and shouted towards Mo Yue.

"Then you should be gentler. It is painful." Mo Yue softly remarked while the tone of her voice was also sluggish.

"I am already being very gentle." Su Yi rolled his eyes, but he still became even gentler.

When he finished wiping off the remaining powdered medicinal herb, Su Yi discovered that the wound on her back had nearly healed up. Only because of that sudden outburst earlier, it had torn open some slits as blood had sipped out.

Taking out the medicinal herbs and operating with ease, he milled it into powder and once again applied it onto Mo Yue's back.

"Mmm....... Mmm......"

The powdered herb brought a little sting when applied onto wounds, causing Mo Yue to grimace once again as she lightly bit her scarlet lips. A soft groaning sound was also, emitted from her throat.

Most importantly, the witch girl would occasionally clench her legs together and squirm her body while a faint, delicate fragrance from her body directly assailed Su Yi's nose.

"Bear, bear with it!"

Amidst such a scene, Su Yi almost could not hold on as his face was flushed red. The area under his belly was already blazing hot as he forcibly bore with it.


After he finished applying the powdered herb, Su Yi rapidly turned his body around to leave. If he stayed there for any longer, he would not be able to hang on.

"You have touched my back for so long, including the times when I am unconscious. Were there any feelings?" After the medication was applied, Mo Yue gently sat up as she pulled her dress while glancing at Su Yi. Blinking her big eyes, she slightly smiled as she questioned him.

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