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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 159

2023-01-29 10:41:48Publish Time: 382 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 159: Was There Anymore Spiritual Essence?

The root of a Blood Spiritual Ginseng in the Demonic Void Realm was an absolute treasure.

If the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was in its flourishing period, even a single root would be comparable to a Mirage Grade High-Level elixir. A priceless value.

It might not be difficult for those personal disciples from the major sects and schools to get Mirage Grade elixirs to assault the Yuan Xuan Realm, but it would be unquestionably hard to use a Blood Spiritual Ginseng's root to attack the Yuan Xuan Realm!

By comparison, the root of a Blood Spiritual Ginseng was unmistakably much better.

Listening to Su Yi's words, the Golden Python let go of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

"My lord has broken through. I also want to eat this Blood Spiritual Ginseng." Da Bao and Xiao Ling climbed onto Su Yi's shoulders as they stared at Su Yi with glowing eyes.

"Sure, in the future I will give it to you guys to eat." Su Yi slightly smiled as his eyes were also secretly gleaming. One root of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng already had so much effect. He could make use of this in the future.

"Wishful thinking! Granddaddy Seng, I, will not obey your orders unless I have died!"

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng stared at Su Yi with a look that viewed death as though returning home.

"Don't worry. I did not mention that I want to pluck your roots now. Moreover, with your present condition, I must at least wait until you have fully recovered. Additionally, I will only pluck some of your roots, while you will still be able to grow them back in the future, which is nothing much for you. Why are you acting so selfish?" Su Yi glanced at the Blood Spiritual Ginseng with a much better attitude.

At this moment, Su Yi had wholeheartedly believed that it was the rumored Blood Spiritual Ginseng that had broken through to the Demonic Void Realm. In the future, whether his grandfather could recover or even advance, would all depend on this Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

"Wishful thinking. Do you think that Granddaddy Seng's root, can be plucked whenever you want?!" The Blood Spiritual Ginseng felt dismal. What kind of brat had it encountered that seemed to be different from the average human?

"No need to worry, in the future I will just pluck less." Su Yi sheepishly smiled. His gaze secretly changed as he continued to coax the Blood Spiritual Ginseng: "Granddaddy Seng, you are truly indeed a Blood Spiritual Ginseng. But why did you become so wretched?"

"Now you finally believe that Granddaddy Seng, I, am a Blood Spiritual Ginseng!"

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng had a face full of injustice as it was very agitated. Later, it shook the roots on its body as it told Su Yi: "Didn't I already tell you? Back then, I was interrupted when I was trying to break through. This time, I did not have the time to prepare, so my tribulation had failed, and I consequently came into this space."

Glancing at the surroundings, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng seemingly still had some lingering fear towards this space. But as it glanced at the field of herbs, its gaze secretly changed. With a face full of insouciance, it continued to say towards Su Yi: "Then is there any more of your Spiritual Essence? That Spiritual Essence has some benefits for me. Since I have helped you to break through, then you should give me some Spiritual Essence, so that we can call it even."

"The Spiritual Essence was all used up by you, okay?" When the Spiritual Essence was brought up, Su Yi's heart still felt a little stung.

However, since it was indeed the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, and he had also gained immense benefits from it by directly breaking through to the Yuan Xuan Realm, Su Yi's heart felt much better.

"With that being the case then why not do it like this, since I am currently still wounded, I will stay inside here for some time to nurse myself back to health, hoping that there will still be chances to continue to pass the tribulation!"

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng glanced at Su Yi as it said this while carefully observing Su Yi. It seemed that it wanted to capture the changes in Su Yi's expression while within its eyes, there was some sentimental.

"No problem, definitely no problem. Granddaddy Seng can relax and nurse your health back here."

Su Yi's eyes secretly moved without revealing anything on his expression as he asked the Blood Spiritual Ginseng: "But, I thought that Granddaddy Seng had failed the tribulation? How can you continue to pass the tribulation?"

"I did fail, but strictly speaking, it is not entirely failing but only merely avoided."

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng said while peeping at Su Yi. Its eyes were somewhat avoiding him as it continued: "When I was undergoing the First oTribulation, towards the end, I could not continue to contend against it. Just when I thought that I would be fraught with grim possibilities of survival, because of your appearance with the mysterious space, it had interrupted the tribulation. That's why even though I have failed my tribulation, you could also say that I have only dodged it. Although there will be a huge impact in the future, I will still have the chance to assault it again. Only, the tribulation that I will encounter the next time will be much more difficult than before."

"Is that so......" Su Yi's eyes moved. He indeed did hear that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng mentioned that its tribulation had failed and that initially, even if it did not die, its cultivation would drop back. But, because of the mysterious space, although the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had failed the tribulation, it had, nevertheless, dodged it, resulting in its Demonic Void Realm being unstable which could slip after some time. If it wanted to undergo the First Tribulation again, it would be much harder than before that the chances of succeeding would be less than one in ten thousand.

"Granddaddy Seng can relax here while nursing your health back." The expression of Su Yi changed as he smiled.

Moments later, Su Yi brought Snow Jade Ape, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python and the rest to leave the mysterious space.

When Su Yi and the rest left, inside the mysterious space, the expression of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng instantly changed as it secretly revealed an astonished face and mumbled: "Such a precious place. Exactly, what kind of place is this? If I really can cultivate in here for a period of time, there are hopes for my First Tribulation to succeed."


"My lord, in the future, will I truly get to eat that Blood Spiritual Ginseng? I can feel that the taste must be great." Inside the wet cave, a 'rumbling' sound rang from the waterfall on the outside. Da Bao coiled around Su Yi's shoulder as it still could not forget about it.

The aromatic herb smell that emanated from the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was an irresistible temptation for the beasts.

"There will be a chance." Su Yi smilingly replied.

"My lord, I heard that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng is very sneaky and sly. You must beware of it." Golden Python warned Su Yi as it was cautious of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

"It is certainly sneaky." Su Yi slightly smiled while responding.

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng was tortured by having its root plucked, but it surprisingly did not even mention about leaving the mysterious space.

How could Su Yi not understand its intentions? The mysterious space could increase the potency and grades of the Spiritual Herbs and elixirs, so for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, there would be an unmistakably tremendous benefit for it.

Unquestionably, that old fellow, Blood Spiritual Ginseng, had discovered that the mysterious space had a tremendous effect for it, so it did not want to leave.

As for Su Yi, this was undoubtedly beneficial for him as the more potent the Blood Spiritual Ginseng got, the better the effect for his grandfather. Hence, he had no plans for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng to leave.

Afterward, Su Yi told the Golden Python, White Jade Swallow and the rest about the things that had happened recently and that there were several Demonic Emperor Realm beasts in the area.

"Demonic Emperor Realm!"

After hearing it, the eyes of the Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest all shone with lights full of expectation and yearning.

With their bloodline, no matter how much they cultivated, it would be nearly impossible to reach such high levels of cultivation. To be able to be in the Demonic Spirit Realm was already a miracle.

For cultivation, humans would firstly look at their talent.

If, their talent was weak, then no matter how hard they trained, they would not be able to achieve much in life.