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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 160

2023-01-29 10:41:59Publish Time: 366 views
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Chapter 160: Child Of The Demons

Hence, that was why those big sects or schools would check for their talents first before accepting disciples.

It was impossible for any sects or schools to spread their resources widely for everyone and to also brought out so many resources to deplete. Thus, they could only groom those disciples with promising futures.

As for the beasts, their bloodlines would decide their future achievements.

Some beasts had inadequate bloodlines that no matter how much they cultivated, they would not be able to become a strong beast in the Demonic Void Realm or the Demonic Emperor Realm.

Reportedly, some beasts with an extremely high bloodline, from the moment they were born, they were destined to become a royalty among the demons, capable of intimidating the other party.

The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, White Jade Swallow, Spectral Mouse, Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the rest, initially only had average bloodlines, and could only survive on the outskirts of the Forest of Demons.

They worked hard on cultivating, wanting to become powerful, but no matter how hard they trained, they would not be able to achieve much.

However, it was different now as all of them had gained the inheritance from the mysterious space.

Only they knew precisely how mighty the inheritance that they had gained was.

Everything had become possible in the future!

Later, Su Yi made Golden Python, Spectral Mouse, White Jade Swallow and the rest to go out first to see whether the Nine Lives Cat Demon and those other powerful beasts were still around the area.

"Yes, my lord."

White Jade Swallow and the rest, replied as they left the cave. Although the hundred feet waterfall was turbulent, it could not stop them.

Half a day later, White Jade Swallow and the rest had returned and informed Su Yi that there did not seem to be a massive amount of beasts in the area and there were also no signs of strong beasts in the Demonic Emperor Realm.

"Let's leave here." Su Yi finally felt rest assured. Then they charged out of the waterfall while Su Yi sat on the White Jade Swallow.

"Yuan Xuan Realm!"

Su Yi landed within the chain of mountains. The aura on his body surged as he smashed his fist onto a sky-high tree with a scurfy skin like that of a dragon.


The sky-high tree cracked into pieces, and the leaves fell everywhere. The surrounding floor was shaking as a crack extended.

"My lord is so strong!"

The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger was shocked as its eyes widened in astonishment. The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger itself was a beast with overpowering strength, but at the moment, it distinctly felt that even when it was at the Demonic Xuan Realm First Grade, its power was far from Su Yi's pure strength.

"Let's test out the power!"

Su Yi spotted a rock not far away, and his gaze momentarily shone. He wanted to know the difference between the Yuan Xuan Realm and the Yuan Soul Realm. His Yuan Qi surged while it ran through his meridians with a rumbling sound like that of wind and thunder.


The large rock exploded open with clouds of dust flying everywhere, and gravel flung towards the sky!

"My goodness!"

The Golden Python, Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the rest were stunned.

The power was so robust that even beasts on the same cultivation level would not be his opponent.

"What do you guys think, with my lord's strength, can he contend against those children of the demons with strong bloodlines at the same cultivation level?" Spectral Mouse questioned. Although they were also beasts, as long as their cultivations had not reached the Demonic Void Realm, they were not acknowledged, as genuine members of the demons.

However, from the moment those children of the demons were born, they were destined to be mighty members of the demons due to their extremely high bloodline. They were naturally powerful.

"My lord is enough to surpass those children, and one day, we will also become real members of the demons, becoming one of the royalty!"

The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger deeply growled with a luminous gleam flashing in its eyes.

"So satisfying!"

Not far away, Su Yi had stopped testing his power.

After taking a deep breath, Su Yi smiled. The difference between the Yuan Xuan Realm and Yuan Soul Realm was too huge.

"Not enough, this is only the beginning!"

Su Yi did not get too excited as he was only at the Yuan Xuan Realm. If it was Ji Chao from the Sacred Mountain, although he was only a few years older than him, he had almost reached the Yuan Xuan Realm since a long time ago.

Su Yi reckoned that under the resources of the Sacred Mountain, Ji Chao should have already stepped into the Yuan Xuan Realm.

It was reported that Liu Ruoxi had already stepped into the Yuan Xuan Realm a long, long time ago before him.

There were also other disciples with exceptional talent from the big sects and schools.

Additionally, behind them were strong cultivators guiding them with powerful techniques. There were also various types of cultivation resources supporting them.

If he wanted to surpass them, then he could only work even harder to cultivate and grind himself.

Under the waterfall, Su Yi composed himself and tidied his clothes.

Once again, the time he had spent in the Forest of Demons was not short. The Su Yi now had grown a little taller, while his face still revealed some tenderness to it, yet compared to people of the same age as him, there was more sharpness and steadiness to it.

"Continue to grind!"

Su Yi said to Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest.

Several days had passed since the commotion that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had created. The Grand Beast Canyon seemed to have once again regained its original peace with no more appearances of those powerful beasts.

Despite this, Su Yi did not dare to carelessly rush in, not daring to even be separated too far from Golden Python and the rest.

Even though Golden Python and the rest were in the Demonic Spirit Realm, they were much stronger than Su Yi.

During the day, Su Yi would sharpen himself, while at night, he would enter the mysterious space to cultivate.

Inside the mysterious space, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had long drilled itself into the land with its roots plunged into the ground. Its entire body permeated a green-red glow while its leaves on the top gradually recovered its freshly green radiance.

Over the course of time, Su Yi had entirely stabilized his cultivation of the Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade.

"My lord, there is a commotion in the front. Many beasts are chasing after a human girl." Another day had passed and in the morning when Su Yi walked out of the mysterious space, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly who was guarding outside, enthusiastically told Su Yi.

"Chasing after a human girl? What's her strength?" Su Yi stretched his waist and smoothly replied. He could feel that he was improving every day, and this type of feeling was very comfortable. The mysterious space, together with the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, was simply like a tiger with added wings.

"The human girl is not that old, about the same age as my lord. She is quite pretty, while her strength did not seem to have reached the Yuan Spirit Realm. However, amongst the beasts that were chasing her, there were two Ice-Cold Wild Wolves in the Demonic Spirit Realm. That human girl will be dead for sure." The Flaming Beast Bird replied.

"Is that so......"

Su Yi arched his eyebrow as he was not really affected by it. After all, there were many people, dying under the mouths of the beasts every day in the Forest of Demons.

"About the same age as me and is also quite pretty. Could it be......"

All of a sudden, Su Yi’s expression changed as an image of a person floated in his mind. It couldn't be such a coincidence that it was her, right?

"Quick, where has she fled to and bring me to her quickly!"

Abruptly, Su Yi’s expression became urgent. Regardless of whether it was her or not, it was better to check.



A wolf howled while it echoed around the entire forest.

Around twenty white bodies of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves were howling and emitting a chilling air. Their mouths were filled with sharp teeth as they surrounded a young girl.

The young girl’s complexion was as white as paper with disheveled hair and she looked miserable.

As she glanced at the twenty over Ice-Cold Wild Wolves before her, the expression of the young girl became extremely imposing.

She had never thought that she would unexpectedly lure a group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves. If she had known about this earlier, undoubtedly she would not have gone there alone and would be well-prepared.


The Ice-Cold Wild Wolves howled as they seemed to be unable to restrain themselves any longer. They opened their bloody mouths wide, showing a mouth full of sharp teeth while their auras were remarkably frightening!