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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 158

2023-01-29 10:41:40Publish Time: 364 views
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Chapter 158: Breaking Through to Yuan Xuan Realm

Inside Su Yi's mind, a light crimson spiritual soul fluctuated as its momentum emanated out.

Presently, the energy of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng seemed to be able to draw out Su Yi's spiritual soul, causing it to fluctuate.

This aura had appeared before back when Su Yi had broken through to the Yuan Soul Realm Eighth Grade.

It was from when he was in that mysterious imaginary realm that looked realistic, where everything there had already been buried at the end of the Ancient.

The scorching aura in the imaginary realm had seemingly gone inside Su Yi's spiritual soul when he was in a state of dazed, trying to burn his spiritual soul.

But when Su Yi had regained consciousness, his spiritual soul had once again experienced a transformation.

Now, because of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng's energy, Su Yi's spiritual soul once again had this frightening aura.

"What a powerful aura!"

The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Snow Jade Ape and the rest kept on staring with their tongue-tied.

Under that frightening aura, they uncontrollably shook as their bodies involuntarily trembled.

The Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, White Jade Swallow, and the Flaming Beast Bird, the three flying beasts spread their wings open as they laid on the ground with shocked expressions.

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng was also astonished, simply not believing the things that were happening right before it. This strange human was absolutely a little inconceivable.

Inside Su Yi's mind, at the moment, the radiance fluctuated as the light crimson glow was undulating while shaking the surroundings, and transforming into surging rays of sunshine.

At the same time, inside Su Yi's mind, the crimson glow was also getting brighter and brighter like a small sun that was waking up as the radiance was unprecedented dazzling.

The series of lights were brilliant like the galaxy as it gathered towards a place in the center.

In that instant, Su Yi could distinctly feel that his spiritual power was getting stronger as though it still contained a special kind of power that seemingly was waking up.

That power was of identical nature to the mysterious power that he had previously used to deal with Dharma Protector Heijiu from the Black Fiend School.

"Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul!"

Suddenly, Su Yi's heart shook as he seemingly thought of something.

The First Level of Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body was the Indestructible Vajra Body. The Second Level was the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

First Level of Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body, the Indestructible Vajra Body, consisted of all types of fortifying the physical body.

The Second Level was the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, which was to absorb all kinds of spiritual souls.

Regardless of a beast or a human, all spiritual souls could be absorbed and refined with the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to strengthen and fortify his spiritual soul.

Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, taking the souls of all living beings while strengthening his own!

Cruel yet overbearing.

Most importantly, it required sheer might.

Hence, in those times although he knew the cultivation method for the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, Su Yi did not even dare to think about it as with his cultivation of the Yuan Soul Realm, taking someone else's spiritual soul to strengthen his own, was undeniably an unrealistic expectation.

But right now, Su Yi could discern that this feeling seemed to be precisely the feeling of the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

"Could it be......"

Su Yi instantly recalled that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was a Heavenly Being and was also a part of the demons. Although it was not a spiritual soul, it had the effect of nourishing the spiritual soul.

Thus right now, although it was unintentionally, he could fulfill his wishes to start cultivating the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.


Inside his mind, the aura of the spiritual soul fluctuated like undulating ripples, bringing along an arrogant and overbearing air that seemed to be able to suppress the Ancient, looking down on the Heavens!

The mysterious space isolated everything.

Su Yi sat cross-legged as his entire body was enclosed within the blinding light that shone flamingly like the sun.

From Su Yi's body, a holy light sipped out and emanated ripples of fluctuation, as if a mysterious power had transcended time and space, descending from the time of the Ancients!

All of these were continuing as the glow on Su Yi's body was getting more and more blinding while it was gradually giving out roars of thunder.

After three days, Su Yi was finally no longer in pain. Most of the surging energy was refined and was not a threat anymore.

Su Yi's physical body was glowing as it tried to assimilate that enormous energy into his body while refining and absorbing all of it.

Inside his mind, Su Yi's spiritual soul was also glowing as though it was going to condense everything together while the glow kept getting hotter and more blinding.

"This is the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul!" Su Yi was astounded.

From going out of City of Man, from when his grandfather was hurt, from getting thrown to the towering cliff by the Sacred Mountain, from getting chased by the Black Fiend School and from getting searched by people unscrupulously a few days ago, Su Yi had continually craved to strengthen himself, desiring to become a powerful cultivator one day.

This goal in Su Yi's heart was getting more and more firm and unwavering!

Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, the Second Level of the Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body. Su Yi thought highly of it.

Presently, he had by chance started to cultivate the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul causing his heart to be wild with joy.

Feeling the aura from the spiritual soul, it was as though the soul contained an emperor!

If there was a day when the cultivation of the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul succeeded, and when it had further improved, he would be even more powerful!

"I must succeed cultivating the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul as soon as possible!"

Su Yi gritted his teeth and did not let the happiness get to his head. Even with the root of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, it was impossible to cultivate the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul successfully.

Back then, he had used three years to finish cultivating the Indestructible Vajra Body.

The energy converted from the root of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was getting lesser and lesser inside his body as the aura within Su Yi's body was getting stronger while his body emitted light.

"My lord has such a powerful aura. Is he going to break through?"

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger was prone on the ground as his brass bell-like eyes were fluctuating. Although his lord only had an aura of the Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade, it had made him feel fearful as if the aura was resonating with the heaven and earth, the pressure imposing!

A total of five days later, although the aura on Su Yi's body was still escalating, the blinding glow had diminished.


However, only after a short pause, a new aura surged out from within Su Yi's body, sweeping through the mysterious space.

"Rumble rumble......"

At this instant, the glow on Su Yi's body once again shone brilliantly as a powerful aura made his robe flutter, sweeping through all around making the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, White Jade Swallow and the rest to be shocked.

"Yuan Xuan Realm, this human has broken through!"

From the gap between the entrenched figure of the Golden Python, the gaze of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng drastically changed as it was very shocked. That human brat was unexpectedly alright and had endured it, even succeeded in directly broken through.

"My lord has such a powerful aura!"

Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Snow Jade Ape and the rest were astonished.

At the moment, feeling the aura of the Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade on Su Yi's body, his level of valiant was no trivial matter as it was utterly incomparable to the humans on the same level of cultivation as him.

Even beasts with the same cultivation could not be on par.


The aura finally became peaceful. Su Yi opened his eyes as the glow in his eyes was blinding. Then, it subsided.


He exhaled a breath from his throat. Before he had the time to feel the changes from the breakthrough, Su Yi could already directly sense the differences within his body presently.

Everything had become stronger!

This kind of strengthening was not just an increase by a small step, but had skyrocketed many times!

His body, the Ocean of Yuan Qi within his Dantian and even his spiritual soul......

Entirely everything had all changed.

His bones and muscles had become stronger, while he had an abundant Yuan Qi and the spiritual power in his mind was also emitting light.

All of this converged together, indistinctly releasing a powerful aura, giving him a strong feeling.

"Congratulations, my lord on breaking through!"

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Flaming Beast Bird and the rest were extremely excited and congratulated Su Yi for the breakthrough.

"You can finally let me go, right? Your Granddaddy, I, am a Blood Spiritual Ginseng. Quickly let go of me!"

The voice of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng transmitted from the gaps within Golden Python's entrenched figure.

"Release that radish!" Su Yi opened his mouth as his expression revealed his glee. He was very content as he had no idea that with just a root of the radish, could allow him to break through to the Yuan Xuan Realm, causing him to feel that reaching to the Yuan Xuan Realm was not that difficult at all.

If someone knew what Su Yi was thinking presently, they would probably yearn to smack Su Yi to death.