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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 152

2023-01-29 10:40:45Publish Time: 344 views
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Chapter 152: Nine Lives Cat Demon!

(Translator Note: From this chapter forth, I will be using zhang as a measurement which is about 3.2m because the author kept using them and I’m afraid that the measurement will be off if I was to convert it. Thanks for your understanding!)

“There are so many people here, how lively.”

Suddenly, such a sound reverberated which was both soft and gentle.

The moment the words landed, all of the people’s expressions changed, even Xi Wu Qing.

A series of gazes glanced over to the direction of the voice. At the vacant space in front of them, there was a young girl with an appearance of 16-17 years old. However, she had a coquette manner, coupled with pearly white teeth, snow-white skin, thick and wavy silver hair that draped over her shoulders, thick lashes, seductive eyes and a pair of thick and luscious lips, that seemingly continually revealed all kinds of alluring expressions.

A girl with an appearance of 16-17 years old that had soundlessly appeared and was also this charming, momentarily caused all of the people to be astounded.

Despite that Yi Yun and the rest of the girls were prettier than most girls.

But at the moment as their gazes landed upon the young girl, they couldn’t help but feel ashamed of their appearance.

Even Bi Ling also felt that the young girl looked stunning. With such a girl, it made her seem that she could not prevail against her too.

Su Yi raised his head. At present, he was also sizing up the girl who had appeared suddenly. The tall figure was wearing a white flower print strap dress that faintly revealed the seemingly soft snow-white chest. The dress fell up to the knee with a white belt tied to her waist tightly, making her breasts seem even fuller and firmer.

The young girl stood quietly. She had a pair of delicate hands with jade-like skin, a head full of wavy silver hair, a set of eyebrows that were slender like a painting, eyes that sparkled like the stars and below her tiny nose was a small mouth. Her features were defined, natural, and beautiful. She looked very refined as if she could not be, tainted by the world.

Such a young girl, at present for no particular reason, made Su Yi felt a special kind of aura from her.

This young girl seemed to be strange, unlike a typical strong cultivator.

“Who can tell me where the Blood Spiritual Ginseng is?”

The young girl swept her gaze around the people in the surroundings as she asked while smiling lightly. With an appearance like that of a 16-17 years old, she seemingly still had a kind of immature youthfulness and liveliness, yet she gave people a feeling that she was very charming and gorgeous.

“You are that cat demon!”

Hei Ming watched the young girl closely as his nerves abruptly pushed his alertness to the extreme.

Such a young girl that could appear soundlessly in front of them, Hei Ming's heart suddenly dropped when thinking about it. Except for the rumors about a scary cat demon, there would be no one else.

“You are looking for death!”

Once the two words ‘cat demon’ descended, the complexion of the young girl suddenly changed. With a cold and beautiful expression, she abruptly waved her hand as a brilliant light swept out. A strange and scary demonic aura sipped out and intertwined, forming into a light pillar as it blasted towards Hei Ming.

Hei Ming did not seem to have expected that the young girl would suddenly attack and his expression changed considerably. The Yuan Qi in his body surged as a black fog hovered around his body. A palm print was then shot out, blocking that light pillar.

“Pu chi……”

The light pillar was like a bolt of lightning. Hei Ming’s throat let out a muffled cry as he staggered backward. There was a bloody hole in his palm as blood kept dripping, and his face changed dramatically.

The strong cultivators in the area instantly had faces of shock too. With Hei Ming’s cultivation, he had unexpectedly gotten injured in just one move.

“It is her! The Nine Lives Cat Demon of the Demon Woods! Everyone quickly joins hand or else we won't be able to defeat her!”

Hei Ming’s face became pale. Not bothering about his injuries, he was struck dumb with astonishment. Without a doubt, his opponent was the Nine Lives Cat Demon of the Demon Woods, a strong Demon Emperor.


The moment Hei Ming’s words landed, the auras on Xue Shou, Bi Zhang Qian and the elder in his fifties from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance immediately surged.

Dealing with a strong cultivator of the demon race, as fellow human beings, they indeed had the feelings of confronting a common enemy.

“Competing with who has the most people is it? Don’t forget that this is the Grand Beast Canyon, not the territory of the humans.”

The young girl lightly stated. As the gentle voice descended, a huge commotion sounded from afar.

This region was a grand canyon where the surroundings were a mess. However, far away at the distant vast grassland, roars of the beasts were suddenly transmitted.


A full dozens of zhang tall huge bear roared as it appeared from the sky. Its roar was frightening as a gruesome flame appeared on its body.

The bear, that was as red as blood towered over the rest. Just by its roar alone, it had already made those weak cultivators on the scene to go limp, wanting to collapse on the ground.

At this instant, some of the mounts at the scene, no longer listened to their orders as they crouched on the floor on all fours with shivers running down their bodies non-stop.

These mounts were so terrified that they did not dare to lift their heads, utterly suppressed.


A sound pierced through the clouds and shattered the rocks as a ferocious bird with purple light spread its wings, its terrifying aura sweeping through. Its pinions were like a black cloud as it covered up the sky.


Another booming roar sounded as it shook both the sky and earth. A huge cow appeared with its whole body engulfed in blue light like the brilliant sun as it crashed through a far away mountain into pieces.

The blue cow’s vigor was raging as if imbued with a spirit that could conquer the mountains and the rivers. It carried a kind of momentum like a ruler descending upon the world as the blue ray of sunshine burst out of the clouds.

“Scarlet Blood Bear Emperor, Purple-Wings Eagle Emperor and Blue Cow Demon Emperor!”

Xue Shou raised his head as his gaze changed. Another three Demon Emperors had arrived.

“As expected, there are more than one Demon Emperors. This time we are in big trouble!”

Bi Zhang Qian’s expression had also become tense. Another three Demon Emperors had come for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.


Far away, the ground moved, and the mountain shook. It seemed like there were even more beasts heading towards here.

Up in the sky, ferocious birds spread their wings. Each one of them had enormous wings, sailing across the sky like black clouds covering up the sky, causing the earth to darken considerably as an unknown monstrous aura filled the air, making people’s soul tremble.

“Not good, there is a beast tide. These Demon Emperors brought along the beast tides!”

Someone yelled out with fright as things had turned bad.

All of them were shocked, including those strong cultivators. With so many beasts running towards here, it would be unquestionably tough to defend.

“Little boy, have you seen my Blood Spiritual Ginseng? I seem to be able to feel the Blood Spiritual Ginseng’s aura from your body. Was it you who took it?”

Far away, the roar of the beasts was like thunder as it blew away the sand and rocks. Ferocious birds covered the sky, yet the young girl seemed unbothered by it as she gave a faint smile while asking Su Yi thoughtfully.

“I have not seen the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.” Su Yi still shook his head. At this moment, his heart was in shock, however, it was the same for the rest of the people in his surroundings. No wonder her aura was not right. The young girl unexpectedly was a Demon Emperor.

Far away, there were also the Scarlet Blood Bear Emperor, Purple-Wings Eagle Emperor, and the Blue Cow Demon Emperor. A total of four Demon Emperors.

What kind of line-up was this? It was too horrifying.

Most likely, a large portion of people in their entire life had not seen as many strong cultivators as he did.

“Little boy, you are dishonest!”

The young girl glanced towards Su Yi. The moment the words landed, that beautiful and moving figure directly pounced towards Su Yi.


The slender hand shook. The claws of the young girl grabbed towards Su Yi while it contained a terrifying demon’s aura with a brilliant light.


At the same time, a figure once again appeared before Su Yi. A Yuan Qi light pillar swept out as they clashed.

“Boom boom……” Two different kinds of energy suddenly clashed against each other in the void space as they exploded, causing the surrounding rocks to split, crumbling down into pieces and the ground to crack. A strong wind like that of a hurricane swept past.

“Let’s go……” An old and deep roar transmitted into Su Yi’s ear. Following this, Su Yi could feel his body step into the air as the howling of the winds roared in his ears.