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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 151

2023-01-29 10:40:38Publish Time: 366 views
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Chapter 151: Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing!

“Whatever my Taihang Sect wants to do, your Black Fiend School really can’t do much about it.” Bi Zhang Qian did not bother to read Hei Ming’s meaning.


Hei Ming’s face was extremely dark, yet there was nothing he could have done as feeling Bi Zhang Qian’s aura, even him was not necessarily sure if he could defeat Bi Zhang Qian.

“Brat, since you refused to toast, only to drink a forfeit, then I shall fulfill your wish!”

Anyway, since that brat did not know how to appreciate favors and the Taihang Sect did not seem to have the intention of intervening, Hei Ming did not want to waste any more time and quickly took action once again against Su Yi as he still needed to chase after the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.


With a movement akin to lightning, Hei Ming quickly struck. A black glow emitted from his right hand, turning into a frightful color. The black glow was intense yet brilliant as it instantly enveloped towards Su Yi.

“Second Uncle……”

Bi Ling’s expression changed, her delicate face lost color as she seemingly wanted, her second uncle to intervene.

Bi Zhang Qian’s expression slightly moved, but he did not intervene. He had a good impression of the boy standing in front of him, only as the boy did not show even an ounce of fear on his face, it would be unsuitable for him to intervene and he also wanted to see what kind of strength the boy held.


Hei Ming struck with his hand. The intense and brilliant black glow with an extremely frightening aura enveloped the vast void space.

“A dignified Yuan Emperor Realm cultivator against a boy in the Yuan Soul realm. Isn’t this a little too overboard?!”

A faint yet old voice reverberated. The moment the words landed, a figure appeared like a ghost in front of Su Yi.

The incomer thrust out a palm that brought about an endless glow like a vast ocean as it slapped out.

A roaring aura vented out like an electric awn flashing in the surrounding as the radiance went through the clouds, soaring unhindered.


Under such a clash of majestic auras, the surrounding huge rocks abruptly turned into powder.

There were electric arcs caused by Yuan Qi transforming into lightning scaling through the air, shocking people’s soul. The light was so bright that some people could not even open their eyes.


The strong wind of energy blotted out the sky and covered the ground, making a deep hole on the flat ground due to the explosion. This kind of frightening collision was too shocking!

Su Yi could feel that his body was being pushed back violently, with the surrounding full of brilliant lights.

A mighty strong wind swept by, causing Su Yi’s hair that was near his ear to be sliced off and his neck wounded as droplets of blood dripped down from the wound.

It was risky and dangerous. If it had been slanted by a little, that strong wind of energy would have pierced through Su Yi’s throat.

But luckily, he had unknowingly evaded the attack. Someone bearing with a whiff of wine that spread through the air had saved Su Yi.

Without seeing the person, Su Yi had already figured out who it was that had saved him as the smell of wine was too familiar.

“Pat pat……”

At present, Hei Ming’s figure staggered backward for a total of ten steps before he could manage to stabilize his body. With a shocked expression, he blurted out: “Who is it?”


Su Yi also turned his head. At the moment, behind him was a familiar elder in his sixties holding a wine gourd drinking wine. The figure was skinny yet, stood tall and straight, the loose black robe slightly flapping. It was that mysterious old man he had met before.

“Who I am is not important. A dignified Yuan Emperor Realm fighting against a boy in the Yuan Soul Realm is unpleasant to my eyes.” The mysterious old man faintly remarked.

“This is a person wanted by my Black Fiend School, if you dare to intervene then you can dream on, about getting out of the Forest of Demons!”

Hei Ming glanced at the mysterious old man that had popped out of nowhere. There was some wariness on his face which had become darker.

All of the surrounding gazes were also sizing up this mysterious old man. Since he had dared to interfere into the Black Fiend School’s matter, that old man must have a strong background.

“So what if it is the Black Fiend School, you at least still don’t have the qualifications to be arrogant in front of me.”

Suddenly, the mysterious old man glanced towards Hei Ming as his pair of brown eyes abruptly shone with light.

At the same time, the area around Hei Ming brightened up as a presence suddenly roared!


The presence was huge. With the mysterious old man as the center, it was as if he was an emperor looking down on Hei Ming like he was his servant. The presence was surging, shocking people.

“So strong!”

The presence could be felt even from far away. The disciples from the Taihang Sect sucked in a cold breath as that presence was too strong.

“Sir, could it be that you are Xi Wu Qing?”

Blood God Sect’s Xue Shou slightly moved his eyes as he seemed to recall something. He secretly felt shocked as he softly questioned.

“Xi Wu Qing!”

When these three words spread, the people’s gazes at the scene had all changed.

“Who is Xi Wu Qing?”

Despite that, the disciples from the Taihang Sect only felt doubtful as they had no idea who Xi Wu Qing was.

“Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing. You guys are still too young hence you don’t recognize him. Twenty years ago, he was already a strong cultivator in the Yuan Emperor Realm, but he had suddenly retreated and disappeared without a trace. To think that we can meet him here.” Bi Zhang Qian looked at Xi Wu Qing who was in front of him as ripples fluctuated in his sharp eyes.

“Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing, is he truly that powerful?” One of the disciples from the Taihang Sect asked. The name ‘Deadly King of Hell’ did seem very powerful.

A strong cultivator in the Yuan Emperor Realm was indeed very powerful, but as a disciple from the Taihang Sect, he had seen many Yuan Emperor Realm cultivators before.

How could this Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing, be stronger than their Taihang Sect’s Yuan Emperor Realm experts?

“There’s always a human beyond another human, a mountain beyond another mountain and a sky beyond another sky!”

Bi Zhang Qian could see through what the disciple was contemplating as he said with a lecturing tone: “Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing, is not only an Alchemist but also a Soul Tamer. Twenty years ago, just when he had stepped into the Yuan Emperor Realm First Grade, he already had a pinnacle level fight. Three Yuan Emperor Realm First Grade cultivators from the Heavenly Dragon Sect had ganged up to attack him. But in the end, he managed to hit one person heavily while seriously injuring the other two. Afterward, he disappeared.

However, the scariest thing is not his power but the way he does things. He is alone, by himself, and appears suddenly like a ghost. With his identity of an Alchemist and Soul Tamer, he had come up with a scary method. One time, a place was flattened overnight because a second-rate power had offended him. Except for those weak, old, women and children, the remaining 3000 disciples became idiots with no cures. Someone in the Heavenly Dragon Sect had offended him so consequently, within three years, he had plucked ten of its places. Many Heavenly Dragon Sect disciples became idiots which angered the upper levels of the Heaven Dragon Sect, leading them to send out strong cultivators to kill him. But in the end, he had disappeared without a trace.”

“Gulp gulp……”

Hearing this, the bunch of young disciples from the Taihang Sect sucked in a cold air. Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing, actually was this frightening. Not only was he an Alchemist, but he was also a Soul Tamer. Any of these identities were already extraordinary.

In additionally as a Soul Tamer, that was a terrifying existence.

Especially the way he did things, that even if it was the Heavenly Dragon Sect, he was not afraid. Thus, what else would he be afraid of when the Heavenly Dragon Sect was already one of the ten superpowers of the One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects, and Four Schools.

“To think that after so long, there would still be people who recognize me.” Xi Wu Qing stretched his waist as he lightly smiled, admitting his identity.

The moment he heard the nickname of Xi Wu Qing, Hei Ming’s face became even uglier. That was the Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing, an extremely formidable opponent.