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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 153

2023-01-29 10:40:59Publish Time: 358 views
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Chapter 153: Silver Scaled Demonic Python

"Where are you escaping to?!"

A tender cry resounded behind them like the shadows.

As if mounting the clouds and riding the mist, Su Yi did not even dare to breathe loudly.

After calming down, Su Yi could then clearly see that the Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing, was holding onto his shoulders while speedily leaving along with him.

And behind them, the young lady that seemed to be a cat demon pursued after them while her speed, not losing out to Xi Wu Qing.

"Bang bang bang......"

"Howl!" "Rumble......"

Behind him on the ground, low and deep sounds reverberated as powers clashed violently and fearsomely.

The remaining strong beasts, the Black Fiend School, the Blood God Sect and other powerful cultivators seemed to have directly fought together.

But the sound was getting further and further away. Su Yi involuntarily flew through the chain of mountains and transversed over the canyon as the surrounding fog floated around him.

Su Yi felt as if he was like a bolt of lightning transversing through mid-air. The speed of someone from the Yuan Emperor Realm and the Demonic Emperor Realm was this terrifying.

"You can't escape, human!"

The young lady's voice was pleasant to the ears and was getting nearer.

"Senior......" Su Yi wanted to say something as he was very grateful to him.

"I will help you to obstruct this cat demon for a while. I'm afraid that I won't be able to hold on for long. You have to escape first. Whether or not you can escape successfully, it all depends on you."

The moment the words of the Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing landed, his figure abruptly descended as he directly threw Su Yi down from a low altitude.


Su Yi crashed and landed onto the tree-crown of a sky-high tree.

Yuan Qi surged as Su Yi instantly grabbed onto a tree branch to stabilize his body.

Su Yi raised his head to look, only to see that the Deadly King of Hell, Xi Wu Qing had once again ascended to the sky, his long robe fluttering as his aura surged.

"I want that young boy. If you want to stop me, then you shall pay the price!" The young lady softly spoke while glaring at Xi Wu Qing. On that bewitching face was a strict warning.

"Let's see!"

Xi Wu Qing spoke. With just a few words, the palm under his loose robe directly shot out as Yuan Qi surged with a blinding light, sweeping towards the young lady.

"You have made me furious!"

The expression of the young lady abruptly became cold. Lines of fierceness appeared on that beautiful face as a sternness was revealed within that captivating appearance whereas gathered at the corner of her eyes and the tip of her eyebrows, was arrogance and glamor. A demonic aura spread from her body as a glow covered up the sky and ground. Both of them collided together, erupting out a blinding shine like the rays of sunshine.

"Rumble rumble......"

Under such a clash, there was a roar like that of thunder as a shocked expression revealed on both of their faces.

"You do have a little strength in you. A strong one among the humans!"

The young lady had never once stopped attacking as she coldly stated. A glow was spat out from her mouth that flew towards Xi Wu Qing like lightning.

Xi Wu Qing's expression secretly changed. Condensing a hand seal, the Yuan Qi in his body fluctuated, forming a light shield as it charged out, blocking the blow.


Su Yi did not have the time to thank Xi Wu Qing as he fell from the sky-high tree and immediately initiated the Hundred Transformation Steps, running like the wind and lightning, directly fleeing.

The intense fight behind him was terrifying as the sound waves itself were very destructive.

A battle between the strong cultivators in the Yuan Emperor Realm and the Demonic Emperor Realm was a rare sight to see.

Simply, Su Yi at the moment did not have the time to appreciate it as he ran away madly.

However, he did not run away for too far.

He distinctly understood that no matter how fast he was, he would not be faster than a strong cultivator in the Demonic Emperor Realm.

Furthermore, even if he hid at a random place, the aura on his body would not be able to escape from the snooping of the strong cultivators in the Demonic Emperor Realm. It was impossible to hide.

Moments later, there was a big meandering river streaming through the canyon as the water flowed slowly. Both sides of the shore were a verdant dark green.

Su Yi noticed, and without any hesitation, he dived headfirst into the river.

Under the riverbed at a hidden reef, there was a secret current flowing, proving that there was a concealed passage leading to other places.

Su Yi was good at swimming in his previous life and instantly drilled in, not caring where it would end up.

Under the secret current, as expected, there was a concealed passage that got wider the deeper it went. There was also an intersection inside.


The currents converged and formed a series of whirlpools.

Inadvertently, Su Yi involuntary hit his head hard on a few reefs, causing him to feel dizzy.

After a moment, light could be seen from the front as the space got bigger and bigger. A seemingly concealed river poured down with a ‘rumbling’ sound.

Su Yi's figure was flushed out with the current. The river was so deep that it seemed bottomless. After hearing the ‘rumbling’ sound, Su Yi returned to his senses and scurrying surged his Yuan Qi, pulling onto a reef to stop his body.

Turning his head back to look, at the bottom was a hundred feet tall waterfall with water splashing around. The rumbling sound lingered in one's ears.

"That is close!"

Su Yi sucked in a cold breath. From such a tall height, if he had been flushed down, even if he did not die, he would suffer serious injuries.

Sizing up the surroundings, Su Yi discovered that not far away was a widespread cave hidden inside the waterfall.

The cave would be enough to hide him, making it an excellent hiding place.

The reefs were covered with moss, making them slippery and wet.

Su Yi had already been exhausted from the assaults of the current as he finally reached the cave by climbing up from one reef to another.

The cave was very wet with moss everywhere.


Inside the cave, a roar of the beast reverberated as a giant beast suddenly appeared.

The giant beast curled on the ground as if it was trying to fill up half of the cave. Its entire body had shiny silver scales while its head was flat but was full of patterns. Its eyes were like brass bells, and its tongue that was as red as blood flicked around as it coldly glanced at Su Yi.

It was a silvery python with sparkling snow white scales furling on its entire body like the blade of a knife.

"Silver Scaled Demonic Python!"

Su Yi was stunned. It was a Silver Scaled Demonic Python, and from its aura, it was definitely in the Demonic Spirit Realm. It was a powerful beast with a bloodthirsty and aggressive personality.

The Silver Scaled Demonic Python stared at Su Yi. That was a snack that had delivered right into its mouth. Looks like its luck today was not bad.

Su Yi's expression changed. Even if, he was not exhausted, and was full of energy, he would not be the opponent of this beast.


All of a sudden, the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique within Su Yi's body circulated as he stood up straight with both of his eyes quietly staring at the beast.

In the beginning, the Silver Scaled Demonic Python still had a murderous air emanating from it as it kept staring at Su Yi. But after feeling the aura on Su Yi presently, its expression abruptly changed.

After facing each other for a moment, the Silver Scaled Demonic Python's tongue kept flicking as a low neighing sound transmitted from its throat. It lowered its head like it was bowing and then turned around to leave.


The Silver Scaled Demonic Python's figure of over twenty zhang moved with a silvery light on its body like a silver dragon as it drilled into the concealed turbulent water and disappeared.

Su Yi did not strike as he had scared away the Silver Scaled Demonic Python.

That was also within Su Yi's expectation as the aura of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique seemed to be the jinx of the beasts.

Feeling the surrounding, it seemed that he would be safe for the time being. Su Yi bitterly laughed, if the cat demon could still find him despite all this, then that would merely be his fate.

"Blood Spiritual Ginseng!"

Panting with heavy breaths, Su Yi finally recalled about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

Luring so many powerful cultivators in the Yuan Emperor Realm, alerting all parties of power and even exposing his location by the lightning strikes, these were all caused by that Blood Spiritual Ginseng. It was the initiator of evil.