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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 150

2023-01-29 10:40:28Publish Time: 367 views
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Chapter 150: Are you willing to be my disciple?

Many gazes abruptly landed on Su Yi as they curiously sized him up.

The news about the Black Fiend School's young master, was killed by someone had already been spread around massively even to the outside of the Forest of Demons.

It turned out that it was unexpectedly this young man before them who had killed the Black Fiend School’s young master.

Su Yi’s expression also became dark as everything that he had feared, actually happened, even meeting up with the people from the Black Fiend School.

High Elder Bai and High Elder Yu were already strong cultivators in the Yuan Xuan Realm whereas Hei Ming was even more terrifying.

Su Yi estimated that today, he would be fraught with grim possibilities.

“Risk it!”

At this point, Su Yi had no plans of getting caught by them.

Since this was unavoidable and that there were no ways to escape, he could only risk it.

Although Su Yi knew that pitting with his strength against those strong cultivators from the Black Fiend School was like using an egg to hit a rock, however, even if the light from a firefly could not be compared to the moon, at least it could still glow.

Among the Taihang Sect’s disciples, Bi Ling’s expression secretly changed. With a nervous feeling, the beautiful figure arrived beside Bi Zhang Qian and softly told him something, causing Bi Zhang Qian's expression to quietly changed as he glanced towards Su Yi.

“Brat, surrender yourself and come over here!”

Hei Ming yelled as he watched Su Yi closely, while the contempt and disdain in his look had lessened.

He had received news from the Black Fiend School that there seemed to be a power on the brat that did not belong to him and had even caused Heijiu to suffer massive injuries, resulting in the brat to escape from Heijiu.

“That person was indeed killed by me. Surrendering is out of the question as this young master’s body will certainly object to it. If you have the capability, then come at me!” Su Yi took a deep breath as the Yuan Qi in his body secretly surged. No matter what, he had to risk it.

“Hehe, you are overestimating yourself!” Hei Ming was secretly taken aback as the young man before his eyes that seemed to still be wet behind the ears, actually had seemingly not put him in his eyes. A touch of chilled sipped out from his eyes as he prepared to attack.

“Please wait!”

Bi Zhang Qian’s figure stepped out as his shout rang out, attracting the surrounding gazes causing Hei Ming’s expression to change secretly.

“You must be from the Taihang Sect. Who are you?” Hei Ming’s face was dark, as judging from the badge on the airship, he already recognized that it was the Taihang Sect.

As a sect from one of the top ten big powers, it was undoubtedly an enormous being. Even though the Forest of Demons was the heaven of the three powers, Hei Ming still had to be wary of the Taihang Sect.

“Taihang Sect, Bi Zhang Qian!”

Bi Zhang Qian spoke as he stepped out with an overbearing elegance.

“Fast Wind Sword, Bi Zhang Qian!”

Hearing this, some of the eyes in the area were secretly trembling.

The name of the person like the shadow of the tree, the name 'Fast Wind Sword, Bi Zhang Qian' was very well-known.

Rumors had it that the Fast Wind Sword, Bi Zhang Qian, was the youngest Inner Elder that the Taihang Sect ever had in a thousand years, with unfathomable cultivation.

In the entire continent, Bi Zhang Qian was a very famous existence.

When he was young, he was able to move around unhindered, having unrivaled elegance and talent while leaving behind numerous prestige!

“What does the Taihang Sect want?” Hei Ming stared at Bi Zhang Qian as his darkened face twitched. Naturally, he had heard about the name, Fast Wind Sword, Bi Zhang Qian.

Bi Zhang Qian did not pay attention to Hei Ming as he glanced at Su Yi and asked: “Is your name Yi Su?”


Su Yi glanced at Bi Zhang Qian and could see Bi Ling standing right by his side. There were already some guesses in his mind about what had happened.

“Are you willing to join my Sect and become my disciple?” Bi Zhang Qian spoke straight to the point as he asked while watching Su Yi.

From what he had heard from Bi Ling, that boy was extraordinary and had helped Bi Ling before, so he wanted to intervene and lend a helping hand to save the boy.

After hearing this, many people were surprised, including Wu Qingfeng, Zhuo Da, and the rest. If Elder Bi, genuinely going to accept that brat as his disciple, in the future when they were back at the Taihang Sect, it would be harder for them to seek revenge.

Hei Ming, High Elder Bai, High Elder Yu, and the rest, secretly twitched their eyes. It was evident that the Taihang Sect wanted to intervene.

“Many thanks to the elder’s goodwill, this boy appreciates it.” Su Yi was shocked but immediately shook his head as he grasped his fists and bowed with respect while answering Bi Zhang Qian.

Seeing that Su Yi shook his head, the old man that was holding a wine gourd while silently observing everything in a corner, secretly revealed a questioning expression in his eyes before regaining calmness.

“Boy, do you know what it means to become my disciple and what it represents? At least when people want to attack you, they have to think about whether they can afford to offend the Taihang Sect!” Bi Zhang Qian initially thought that the boy would, at this moment, definitely kowtow his head to express his gratitude and immediately greet him as his master.

And for the sake of his niece, Bi Ling, he would accept this disciple.

As long as it was really as what Bi Ling had said of having an above average talent, it would be fine.

But, that boy did not seem to hesitate much and directly rejected the offer. That made Bi Zhang Qian suspicious.

“Thank you, senior.”

Su Yi once again bowed. How could he not understand Bi Zhang Qian’s goodwill? As long as he was to greet Bi Zhang Qian as his master, then he would be a disciple of the Taihang Sect.

Hence, those from the Black Fiend School that wanted to attack him would have to consider seriously, even if this was the territory of the Black Fiend School.

But Su Yi did not want to have a master in this way, neither did he want to die, since nobody would want to die as well.

However, once he accepted the offer, he would be joining the Taihang Sect.

Not to mention that Su Yi did not have any good impression of those powerful sects or schools, at least for Su Yi, he felt that by accepting such an offer, it was too cowardly.

Even if he was to have a master, it must be done openly and righteously.

“Aren’t you afraid of dying?” Bi Zhang Qian observed Su Yi as he asked with a calm expression and a sharp voice, seemingly trying to see through Su Yi.

“I am!”

Su Yi nodded his head and lightly smiled. He then told Bi Zhang Qian in a neither haughty or humble tone: “But for this boy, once a master will always be a father. Admitting a master is the same as recognizing a foster father. Naturally, recognizing someone as a father must not be done casually. Life can be forfeited, but recognizing someone as a father cannot be done negligently. If this boy does not die today, it is not impossible to greet senior as my master if there are still chances in the future."

After listening to Su Yi’s words, Bi Zhang Qian was stunned. But immediately, with a smile on his face, he replied: “What a nice ‘Life can be forfeited, but recognizing someone as a father, cannot be done negligently.’ What a man of character. If you can survive through today, in the future you can come to the Taihang Sect to find me straight away.”

“Yi Su…… This fellow, how could you fail to see what’s good for you!”

Bi Ling stared at Su Yi. She did not know either why she wanted to help that fellow but seeing that he rejected her good intentions, she was momentarily furious on the delicate face of hers.

“Many thanks to Lady Bi Ling!”

Su Yi lightly smiled as he knew that this was Bi Ling's good intentions towards him.

“The Taihang Sect should not go too overboard as this is the Forest of Demons, not the Taihang Mountain. Since the kid has rejected the Taihang Sect, then this has nothing to do with the Taihang Sect!”

Hei Ming’s face was dark. Although he had to be wary of the Taihang Sect, this was still the domain within the Forest of Demons.

The ten big powers had always wanted to be a part of the Forest of Demons, but in all these years, they had not once succeeded.

Inside the Forest of Demons, it was still the power of the Black Fiend School, Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance, and the Blood God Sect.