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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 149

2023-01-29 10:40:20Publish Time: 397 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 149: Xue Shou!

A bone-chilling aura had also erupted.

"Too strong!"

Su Yi wanted to retreat, but at the moment, he was detained under the aura as if the surrounding air, was frozen causing his Yuan Qi to stagnate, and his entire body unable to move.

"Is this the strength of the Yuan Emperor Realm?!"

Su Yi's heart was shocked. Within the time taken to raise a hand, the elder had already detained him. The Yuan Emperor Realm was so powerful that Su Yi did not even have the strength to resist.

"Hei Ming, the Black Fiend School should not be too overbearing. Don't hurt the kid since we still need to interrogate him." At the same time, a voice had also sounded from around Su Yi's ears.


A figure appeared behind Su Yi. Under the moonlight, an unusual fog spread around Su Yi with a bloody color.

In an instant, the detainment around Su Yi abruptly vanished.

At the same moment, a palm print landed on Su Yi's shoulder, and an indistinct power pulled Su Yi backward.

The black-clothed elder suddenly raised his head, and his expression instantly turned chilly when his hand landed on nothing. His figure stagnated as he faintly said in a chilling tone: "Xue Shou, what is the meaning of this, Blood God Sect?!"

"Nothing, I'm just afraid that you will hurt this kid as we still need to interrogate him on the whereabouts of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng."

The voice then transmitted into Su Yi's ear and immediately asked: "Kid, did you truly not see the Blood Spiritual Ginseng?"

Su Yi finally realized what was happening and abruptly turned his head. Before him, a middle-aged man emerged wearing a dark red long robe with black hair touching his shoulders.

"The Black Fiend School and the Blood God Sect!"

At this time, Su Yi's heart was immensely shocked. That black-clothed elder was a powerful cultivator from the Black Fiend School, and the person behind him was from the Blood God Sect which similarly, was also one of the top three powers in the Forest of Demons.

"What I said is the truth, I have never seen the Blood Spiritual Ginseng." Su Yi shook his head as his expression revealed nothing and his gaze firmed.

The issue of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was small, but if the mysterious space was exposed, there would be a big calamity. The matter of the mysterious space must not be laid bare.

"Xue Shou, you will search that kid and see whether or not the Blood Spiritual Ginseng is on his body." At the top of the empty sky, an elder in his fifties sat on a ferocious beast that resembled a lion and a tiger with yellow scales throughout its body, lightly swept his glance across Su Yi's body.

The mysterious old man who was holding onto the wine gourd was still standing far away on the empty sky, lightly watching as things unfolded. Inside those pair of brown eyes, there were no fluctuations.

Although the old man stood far away, Xue Shou, Hei Ming and the rest had already sized him up and were secretly wary of him.

Bi Zhang Qian also did not have much reaction when watching the situation unfold. He was scanning the surroundings, seemingly trying to see if there were any clues.

"Kid, since you refuse to say anything, I can only search you."

The middle-aged man called Xue Shou by the black-clothed elder, declared as a faint bloody glow shone in his eyes, watching Su Yi like he was trying to see through him.

Without waiting for Su Yi's reply, Xue Shou directly searched Su Yi's body.

Su Yi did not dare to resist, and he also could not resist back.

In front of a group of strong cultivators, he was just like an ant in front of an elephant.

"I need to become stronger!"

At this moment, the blood inside Su Yi's body was surging. If he had been strong, then these so-called powerful cultivators would not have dared to be so unscrupulous in front of him and search his body.

However, right now, he was still too weak as he was only just an ant to them.

Not to mention the fact that they did not need to put him in their hearts, they did not even put him in their eyes.

At this moment, the desire in Su Yi's heart to become stronger had reached the peak.


Very quickly, Xue Shou shook his head as he had found nothing on Su Yi's body.

With Xue Shou's cultivation, Su Yi would not be able to hide anything on his body.

Xue Shou also did not discover any interspatial bags as coincidentally, all of the interspatial bags on Su Yi had been, ransacked by that young girl.

Seeing that Xue Shou shook his head, everyone around did not seem to feel that much letdown.

Everyone could see that this was only a small rookie. Even if he did meet the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, it was impossible for him to catch it.

Evidently, like what he had mentioned before, he was coincidentally in the area and had been affected by the Blood Spiritual Ginseng's First Tribulation. Looking at his miserable appearance, it did seem like he had narrowly escaped death by luck.

"Whoosh whoosh......"


From the surrounding empty skies, several figures once again rushed here.

Some had Yuan Qi under their feet condensed into a ferocious bird.

Some directly charged and stepped onto the air to rush here. There were also people who rushed here on a ferocious beast mount.

At a particular line-up, there was a large vessel giving off light as it glowed. The ship had a mysterious pattern inscribed on it as it flew on the empty sky with numerous young disciples standing on it, curiously glancing over.

The line-up landed right behind Xue Shou, Hei Ming and the elder in his fifties who was sitting on a ferocious beast that resembled a lion and a tiger with yellow scales throughout its body.

When some of the figures came forward, Su Yi swept his glance across them. His expression once again changed.

Su Yi discovered several familiar faces. On that airship was exactly Bi Ling, Yi Yun, Zhou Da, Wu Qingfeng and Guo Yan.

All of them had also instantly recognized Su Yi.

Enemies often crossed each other's path. Abruptly within the eyes of Wu Qingfeng, Zhou Da and Guo Yan, a fire burned as they fiercely glared at Su Yi.

Then, all of a sudden, Su Yi felt another sharp glance landed on him.

Following that glance, Su Yi abruptly looked over and saw two familiar figures that were no strangers to him. It was precisely High Elder Bai and High Elder Yu from the Black Fiend School who he had met in the beginning. Enemies indeed often crossed each other's path.

Glancing at Su Yi, their eyes became chilled. Following that, High Elder Bai and High Elder Yu stood next to Hei Ming and whispered something into his ear.

"Go and search! That Blood Spiritual Ginseng must still be around this area. It cannot escape from our gasp!" The elder in his fifties who was sitting on a ferocious beast that resembled a lion and a tiger shouted as finding the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was much more critical.

Xue Shou, Bi Zhang Qian and the rest also planned to leave as the Blood Spiritual Ginseng should still be around the area.

"Brat, indeed tearing through iron shoes to hunt when all the time it's easy to be found! It turns out you had run into the Grand Beast Canyon. Come follow me!"

Hei Ming's glance fixed onto Su Yi as a frosty cold chill sipped out from his eyes.

He had almost missed Su Yi. Tearing through iron shoes to hunt with no result but, unexpectedly, he was right before them. Hei Ming had found it strange that why would a kid like this show up in the Grand Beast Canyon. It turned out that it was this brat.

Hearing Hei Ming's words, Xue Shou, Bi Zhang Qian and the rest that were leaving, abruptly paused their steps.

"Hei Ming, I have already searched that kid. Do you not believe me?" Xue Shou coldly stated. He had already searched that person, yet, Hei Ming did not want to let him go. No doubt, this was slapping him in the face for not believing in him.

"Xue Shou, this has nothing to do with you. This brat is the one who had killed my Black Fiend School's young master!"

Hei Ming's voice was faint and deep. His gaze intentionally or unintentionally swept across the surroundings like he was warning all of the people as he shouted: "Today I must bring back this brat. Whoever dares to intervene, will become my Black Fiend School's enemy!"