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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 148

2023-01-29 10:40:13Publish Time: 407 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 148: A Strong Cultivator in the Yuan Emperor Realm?


Inside the mysterious light, a crimson glow surged through as a domineering destructive power gushed out like a warning roar!


The blinding lightning retreated, not daring to strike down.

Following that, the hair-raising power of the lightning just abruptly vanished within the empty sky.

The thundercloud in the sky had also started to dissipate.

"Eh, does this mean it has succeeded?"

"It seems like it has passed!"

"Don't let the Blood Spiritual Ginseng run away again!"

Far away in the surroundings, eyes began to glow in a blinding light.

Auras abruptly surged as several figures immediately flown to the sky.



The rumbling of the thunder transmitted into his ears. Su Yi, who was presently refining the elixir to recover while meditating had no idea what was going on outside and urgently paused his meditation. When he opened his eyes, right in front of him, a disheartened radish had come in staggeringly.

This radish was too weird as its entire body was green-red with withered leaves on its head. There were roots on its body, and its body looked as if it was going to break into pieces at any moment.

Most importantly, this radish seemed to have a pair of eyes.

As Su Yi was staring at the radish that had charged in, the radish was also staring back at Su Yi.

They looked at each other as both of them were stunned and wary.

"Blood Spiritual Ginseng!"


Very quickly, Su Yi recognized that it was the Blood Spiritual Ginseng as it precisely resembled what he had visualized it to be.

At this moment, the disheartened Blood Spiritual Ginseng made Su Yi instantly recalled something.

Rumors had it that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng in the Grand Beast Canyon had already reached the Demonic Void Realm and many strong cultivators were coming for it.

It seemed like this was the Blood Spiritual Ginseng that everyone had been searching for.

Glancing at the condition of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng: disheartened, staggering and in a state that was too horrible to look at, it seemed that things were grave.

At the same time, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng also cried out in surprise as it had seemingly never imagined that inside this mysterious light would unexpectedly be a human.


In an instant, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng felt that something was not right. Inside, not only was there a human right before its eyes, but there were also several beasts that were currently still cultivating.

"Someone is coming, not good......"

Simultaneously, Su Yi felt that someone was coming over.

At present, he was still inside the mysterious space. Su Yi was positive that nothing on his body could compare to this mysterious space.

The mysterious space was very significant to him as it was a treasure amongst the treasures. He must not let anyone find out about it.

He did not have the time to care about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng now since, anyway, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng seemed to have charged into his mysterious space on its own volition, so he would care about it later when he had the time.

Immediately, Su Yi directly kept the mysterious space away, and his figure emerged on the outside.

When glancing at the disastrous scene outside where the chain of mountains had collapsed with cracks on the ground everywhere and the remainder of the lightning's aura that had not yet faded in the sky, Su Yi was somewhat dumbfounded. It seemed that lightning had struck here not long ago.

"Swish swish......"

A few moments after Su Yi had kept the mysterious space, a wind separating sound reverberated from the empty sky in the surroundings.

Su Yi raised his eyes and looked over. Under the moonlight, many figures appeared in the surroundings.


In an instant, several strong presences descended and unknowingly suppressed the empty sky with a brilliant light.

Under these several presences, it made Su Yi unbearably felt like bending down and kneeling as it was very overpowering. It was a might that came from the high realms.

The Yuan Qi in his body surged, allowing Su Yi to stand tall with a proud and unyielding character as he raised his eyes to look at the surrounding empty sky.

On the empty sky in the surroundings, several figures came and marched on the air as they did not condense Yuan Qi into a bird.

Revealing that these people must be at least in the Yuan Void Realm.

Su Yi had seen a strong cultivator in the Yuan Void Realm before but compared to the auras when he had first met High Elder Bai and High Elder Bi from the Black Fiend School, and the mysterious girl, these several people in front of him seemed to be much more powerful.

A middle-aged man with a slender and tall figure, handsome features and long hair that touched his shoulders scanned the surroundings with grave and sharp eyes before finally landing onto Su Yi.

A black-clothed elder with a hawk-like nose, broad forehead and skin as white as a lady, also looked towards Su Yi and sized him up after scanning the surroundings with a sharp glint in his eyes.

A middle-aged man wearing a dark red robe with his black hair touching his shoulders glanced towards Su Yi with a faint bloody glow shining in his eyes as though wanting to see through Su Yi.


An elder in his fifties sat on a beast that resembled a lion and a tiger with yellow scales throughout its body, causing his momentum to be more fearsome, was also sizing up Su Yi.

Later, Su Yi could also see a familiar figure holding onto a big wine gourd as he stood on the air, standing far away from the crowd.

The figure was in his sixties, skinny yet stood tall and straight while wearing a loose black robe with a pair of brown eyes that were sunken into his eye sockets.

At the moment, the elder glanced at Su Yi's figure as a shocked expression secretly swept through the elder's eyes that were sunken into the eye sockets.

"It's him."

Su Yi was secretly bewildered. That elder was precisely the old man from that night who had insisted Su Yi to accompany him to drink wine. As expected, he was also a terrifyingly strong cultivator.

"Are all of them are in the Yuan Emperor Realm?!"

Su Yi shockingly guessed in his heart as compared to sensing the auras from these people to the people from the Yuan Void Realm that he had met before, these people were indistinctly much more powerful than them, giving off an even menacing feeling.

Could it be that all these people were a powerful cultivator in the legendary Yuan Emperor Realm?!

"Brat, where is the Blood Spiritual Ginseng?"

The black-clothed elder with a hawk-like nose and a broad forehead spoke faintly first.

"What Blood Spiritual Ginseng? I have no idea." Su Yi shook his head. These people had indeed come for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

"The Blood Spiritual Ginseng had faced the tribulation here, and you are here too. How could you not know?"

The black-clothed elder coldly glared at Su Yi as he asked. A cold light sipped out from his eyes as his aura unknowingly pressurized and caged Su Yi.

"I was spending the night here when all of a sudden, the lightning appeared and destroyed everything. I narrowly escaped from death and did not see any Blood Spiritual Ginseng. If you don't believe me, you guys can search my body."

Su Yi replied, knowing the motive of these people.

All of them were unquestionably fearsome and powerful cultivators. If they wanted to deal with him, it would be easier than squashing an ant.

But at the moment, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was inside the mysterious space. Even if it was for the mysterious space, Su Yi knew he could not expose it.


The black-clothed elder coldly replied as his aura surged. At the same time, when the words resounded, his figure had disappeared from the spot.

"Then, I will search!"

When the last word landed, the voice had already transmitted from around Su Yi's ear.


The black-clothed elder, that had disappeared a moment ago, appeared right before Su Yi as a freezing light sipped out from one of his hands grabbing towards Su Yi.

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