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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 147

2023-01-29 10:40:00Publish Time: 381 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 147: Getting Struck by Lightning!

Far far away, in the Taihang Sect's battle array.

Bi Ling's eyes moved as her facial expression changed while staring at the distant empty sky. Even separated by such a long distance, she could still feel the horrifying and tremendous pressure. She couldn't help but ask with a shocked expression: "The tribulation is so frightening, can the Blood Spiritual Ginseng truly contend against it?"

"The Blood Spiritual Ginseng wants to overcome the tribulation and officially step into the Demonic Void Realm, which is defying the Heavens. Whether it is a human or a beast or even a Heavenly Spiritual Being, cultivation itself is an act of defying the Heaven. In the end, they must suffer the tribulation's obstruction. If they can endure the series of tribulations, then they can continue to exist in this world. If they cannot endure it, they will merely vanish into thin air."

Bi Zhang Qian softly replied to Bi Ling while at the same time, informed the Taihang Sect disciples that were at his side with frightened expressions: "At this moment, it is still the First Tribulation of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. Although trying to overcome it is not easy, Heaven is still unprejudiced, giving it a trace of a chance. If it can endure the First Tribulation, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng will be able to advance a step further. Also, only by enduring this lightning tribulation will it be able to persist in this world, becoming a Blood Spiritual Ginseng of the Demonic Void Realm."

"Elder Bi, how many types of tribulations are there? Us humans, powerful cultivators, at what stage do we have to pass the tribulation?" Yi Yun curiously asked Bi Zhang Qian.

Bi Zhang Qian turned his head to glance at Yi Yun and replied: "The First Tribulation only occurs when beasts and Heavenly Spiritual Beings step into the Demonic Void Realm and this is the first of the numerous tribulations. After stepping into the Demonic Void Realm, they will receive the care and protection of the Heaven and will be able to speak the human language.

Whereas when stepping into the Demonic Emperor Realm, beasts and Heavenly Spiritual Beings will face the second point of Changing Shape Tribulation.

After overcoming the Changing Shape Tribulation, beasts and Heavenly Spiritual Beings will officially become members of the Demon, and from then onwards, they can change into their human forms.

Only, whether if it is the First Tribulation or the Changing Shape Tribulation, just one out of hundreds of beasts and Heavenly Spiritual Beings, can overcome the tribulation.

If they fail, the lightest backlash is to have their cultivation fall back and wanting to advance a step further will be as difficult as ascending the sky. The worst is directly sustaining massive injuries or vanishing into thin air.

As for the tribulation of human cultivators, it is still too early for you guys to know.

If there is a day that you guys can walk until that step, you will naturally know how many tribulations you will need to overcome. The Taihang Sect will also take care of every preparation for your tribulation."

"So it is like this......"

Yi Yun gazed up at the sky. If she had reached the step that required to overcome the tribulation, how frightening would her strength be?


Far away in the distant sky, the thundercloud had been crazily surging.

Between the rising wind and scudding clouds in the empty sky, the thick black cloud shrouded out of thin air bringing along with flashes of lightning and roars of thunder as a series of lightning struck down onto the radish's body.

At present, under the flashes of the blinding lightning and thunder roars, the entire space had once again silently become dim.

It was as if this piece of land had soundlessly sunk into darkness.

In the empty sky, a formless energy was fluctuating, causing the entire canyon to shake.


Up in the sky within the thundercloud, a series of lightning continuously fell harshly onto the body of the green-red radish.

There were also several scattered lightning falling onto the ground of the surrounding mountain, destroying everything.


Several mountain tops around were enclosed within. Mountains cracked and the ground split, rocking the earth as the chain of mountains came down in torrents and collapsed.

The momentum was as though annihilation and was extremely frightening!

Many cracks appeared on the body of the green-red radish as if it was going to split open. The green leaves on its head were also wrapped up by the blinding lightning while its leaves were no longer green as if it was burnt and had started to look withered.


Another lightning landed and directly blown the radish away as it tumbled several times on the floor.


At this moment, a series of lightning successively struck down.

The aura of the lightning seemed to be getting stronger as numerous lightning immediately struck down again, causing the strange radish to get continually blown away.


The surrounding scattered lightning also directly caused the nearby mountain tops to crack and the ground to split as the big canyon instantly become flattened.


The body of the green-red radish flashed with a glimmered of light, but its whole body was already wilting as the lightning became stronger and stronger, making it unmistakably hard to hang on.


Just when the green-red radish had still not recovered its strength, another lightning had struck down.

The lightning tore through the empty sky, making the surrounding rocks crack into pieces!

The radish was once again blown away and tumbled. Its whole body was extremely wilted like it was going to crack open at any time.


At this moment, no one had noticed that in the middle of the surging lightning that had been pouring down, a mountain that was destroyed by the lightning into a flat land, revealed a mysterious glow.

Under the obscured cover of the blinding light, a strong and compelling spiritual power spread as if separated from the world.

There were still scattered lightning that continued to fall, but when the light spread over, as though it could feel the lightning landing, its radiance abruptly grew bigger, letting out a brilliant crimson light.


An arrogant and mighty aura like an unprovoked might of an emperor had abruptly exploded.

The scattered lightning seemed to have felt something as the blinding lightning, all of a sudden like it had intelligence, harshly broke the space to swerve, not daring to get close to that obscured cover of blinding light.

That was the heaven and earth lightning, the power of the First Tribulation.

That was capable of destroying everything, the lightning that substituted the Heavens to seek punishment!

However, at the moment when faced with that obscured cover of blinding light, it possessed a deep fear.

If someone was to witness this scene clearly, how shocked would that person be!


The scattered lightning did not dare to land onto that obscured cover of blinding light, but it did not let go of the radish.

The thundercloud continued to surge towards the radish that was on its last breath and whose body was wilting and cracking, as it continued to strike with its terrifying and destructive might.

At this moment, the radish that looked like it had real eyes, glanced towards that mysterious obscured cover of blinding light as though it had seen a path of retreat like a life-saving straw in the middle of the sea.

It already had no other choice, and it could no longer continue to contend against the lightning or, it would vanish into thin air.


The radish promptly made a decision. While using all of its strength, the body of the radish gleamed, heading towards the mysterious obscured cover of blinding light and darted over.


As if it could feel that the radish wanted to escape, the thundercloud in the sky surged even more violently.


A series of blinding lightning with a frightening aura headed towards the radish like a rainstorm.

"Swish swish......"

The radish did not dare to stop as the lightning's aura behind its back made its heart quivered. It desperately darted towards the mysterious obscured cover of blinding light.

"Bang bang bang......"

Numerous lightning landed onto the radish's body. In an extremely threatening situation, the radish managed to fall into the mysterious obscured cover of blinding light.


The sky was full of brilliant lightning as it covered the mysterious light as though it felt unreconciled.