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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 144

2023-01-29 09:28:00Publish Time: 397 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 144: Brutally Ransacked!

The young girl looked at Su Yi as the expression on her beautiful; slim and youthful exquisite face became chilly. Gradually, a strong fluctuation burst out as a scary aura came surging forward like a wave.

Su Yi’s face also became dark as his eyes grew sharper. Since it was unavoidable, he should give it his best shot.

The young lady did not appear to be old. As a man and even a reincarnated man at that, could it be that he really could not win against a little girl in a fight?!

“I will let you make the first move, just so, you can't claim that I have bullied you!”

The young lady glanced at Su Yi who at the moment, his hair was in a mess and his face smashed up badly. She appeared to be generous and wanted to have a fair fight, therefore she urged Su Yi to make the first move so she would not be taking advantage of him.

Su Yi did not make a move as he was on alert. This little girl was very odd, and her real motive was unknown.

“What are you waiting? If I make a move, you might not have the strength to strike back anymore.” The young lady glanced at Su Yi and said seriously. But in her eyes was an intentional or unintentional expression along with disdain and arrogance.

“Little bitch, there are no ill feelings or any form of relationship between us. I no longer want the Green Xuan Grass, so why must we fight? If you keep on creating trouble, aren't you worried that in the future when you grow older, no man will want you?” Su Yi’s face was dark and his expression was unsightly.

The young lady stood on the rock with a shocked face. On the face, that could overturn a city or a country, was a dazed expression. What did the brat in front of her say a second ago? He had dared to actually, look downed and criticized her.

“You are the little bitch. How dare you lecture me!”

The young lady could not tolerate it any longer as her Yuan Qi surged and shook the ground. The beautiful figure that looked as if a gust of wind could knock her over unknowingly actually contained such mighty force that it swept off the surrounding sand along with the rocks. A crimson light was surging, giving off a blazing heat. Immediately after, she charged towards Su Yi.

The young lady was mad. No one had ever ridiculed her before, yet the brat had dared to say that no man would ever want her in the future.

In her heart, unless the man was like her father, there will be no man in the world that was compatible with her.

“Allow me to see if you have the capability to kill Yan Shang Yang!”

The young lady tenderly yelled. In a second, she leaped from the rock and the crimson aura, like a great wave with its shockingly blazing heat, instantly blew towards Su Yi.

In a short moment, the young lady’s figure arrived in front of Su Yi. Her five long and slim fingers clenched into a fist, as it wrapped around the fire element Yuan Qi and directly detonated it towards Su Yi.

The fist was very robust, carrying along with a windstorm of blazing heat. The surrounding sand with rocks was blown away as dust filled the air, and many crushed rocks flew away.

“So fast and powerful!”

Su Yi was perplexed. The young lady was young, yet her power was very mighty.

Since it was unavoidable, Su Yi did not retreat and prepared to contend against it. The Yuan Qi in his body surged, making his messy black hair fly all over his head. The badly smashed up face that looked pathetic, for no reason, suddenly became more attractive as a mighty and frenzy aura seeped out.

“Overlord’s Fist!”

Knowing how powerful the young lady was, Su Yi did not dare to be careless. With a shout in his heart, he initiated the Overlord’s Fist.

Su Yi raised his arm, giving it a shake and clenched his fist tightly. In that fist, contained a frightening Yuan Qi energy like a volcano that was erupting, giving off brilliant rays of lights. His fist seemed to have inflated as a cleared wind and thunder rang through like a thunderclap rumbling, bringing with it a feeling as if a king had awoken to descend, producing a tremendous pressure that reverberated throughout.

The next moment, both of the fists clashed. Ripples were felt in the surroundings as peculiar violent energy exploded between the two fists.

“Boom! Boom!”

Strong and massive winds formed waves like a wind storm and directly fired over.

The strong wind swept by emitting a shockingly deep and loud sound as if a frightening thunder was blasting.

“Pat! Pat!”

After the attack, Su Yi staggered and moved dozens of steps back. The gravel beneath his feet was, also crushed into powder.

As for the young lady, she only went back a step. But, her eyes revealed that she was astonished.

Immediately, the young lady’s eyes were instantly wide opened as she stepped forward. Her figure was moving very fast as her slender hand was forming a hand seal bringing along ripples of Yuan Qi as it quickly intertwined and shot out.

Seeing that the young lady had once again charged forward while his body was still unstable, Su Yi was unable to avoid it once more.

But he had never once been afraid. Beneath the sword-like eyebrows, his eyes glowed as an unknown crimson light surged out with an arrogant and mighty aura that was getting stronger and stronger.

The young lady seemed to have felt something weird as the aura spread, causing her expression to secretly changed.

However, the movement in the young lady’s hands had never once stopped. A hand seal was formed, giving out a glow like a flame that was burning, directly shooting towards Su Yi’s chest.

Su Yi’s expression did not change as he quickly took action. The fire element exploded out as if there was a flame on the hand seal like the former.

A blazing heat was felt on the surrounding of the hand seal as though the surrounding air was burning up, making people’s skin burnt and burst into goosebumps!

“Crimson Flame Palm!”

Su Yi also greeted it with a palm.


The two palms clashed once again causing a muffled sound to suddenly, exploded out.


An enormous and blazing hot airflow was compressed and then inflated as it exploded like a bomb. An aura as if a small volcano that was erupting exploded out and the airflow was like a small tornado; billowing through.


This time, Su Yi was even worse. The powerful surging of the blazing heat directly sent his body flying away.


Seemingly because of the weight of the 500-kilogram broken sword, he crashed onto the ground less than a foot away. The blood in his body surged, and he uncontrollably spat out blood.

“So you are only at the Yuan Soul Realm!”

The young lady knew of Su Yi’s cultivation as Su Yi had gone all out, releasing all of his Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade’s aura.

The moment the words descended, the young lady’s expression did not change as a teasing smile appeared. She then instantly arrived beside Su Yi.

The young lady quickly took action. Her hand seal changed, giving out a brilliant light and blazing aura as numerous rays of lights quickly caged Su Yi.

“Whoosh whoosh…...”

As multiple lights landed, the Yuan Qi in Su Yi’s body suddenly straggled. Without waiting for him to react, he was already caged up.

“Brat, was Yan Shang Yang, really killed by you? It seems dubious!”

The young lady was suspicious as Yan Shang Yang’s strength did not appear to be so weak.

“I already said I'm not.” Su Yi said as he felt wronged. But at this moment, he could only act like a coward since he did not have any other alternative plans after being caught by her.

“Since you are so dishonest, you should not be any good person. Yan Shang Yang could not be arrogant forever and might, possibly be slain by you.” The young lady said with her sole judgment, not trusting in any of Su Yi’s words.

“Then what do you want to do?” Su Yi felt extremely wronged.

“Don’t worry. Today my mood is good, so I will not kill you.”

The young lady replied seriously yet at the same time, on the face that could overturn a city or a country, and her innocent eyes, a cunning expression swept past. She lowered her body and searched Su Yi’s body, taking out all of the interspatial bags.

“Wow, so many interspatial bags. Sure enough, you are not a good person. This will be deemed, as enforcing justice on behalf of the Heaven and helping the people to get rid of evil on my part.”

The young lady was surprised to discover that there were so many interspatial bags on Su Yi’s body.

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