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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 143

2023-01-29 09:27:50Publish Time: 362 views
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Chapter 143: A Mysterious Young Girl!

Several hours later, within the luxuriant chain of mountains, on a cliff, a few flourishing yet old sky-high trees that seemed similar to ancient pine trees, resembled like a dragon on the ground.

Just on the cliff, a green Spiritual Herb was swaying with a crystal-like glow while emitting an alluring scent.

"Green Xuan Grass."

Su Yi appeared under the cliff as his eyes gleamed.

Green Xuan Grass, a high-level Spiritual Herb that was the main ingredient used to refine many Moon Grade High-Level elixirs. Its whole body was green and was glowing brilliantly. It was born to draw the energy from heaven and earth, which was very rare.

"I am in luck."

Su Yi was pleased. On the way, he had harvested many medicinal herbs and Spiritual Herbs, but it was his first time seeing a Spiritual Herb like the Green Xuan Grass.

Su Yi immediately prepared to climb up the cliff, ready to harvest it.

All of a sudden, just when Su Yi went close to the Green Xuan Grass, he felt his body tensing up and his hair raising.


At the same time, Su Yi raised his head and found a figure standing on the top, looking down at him.

In Su Yi's sight, a 14-15 years old young girl appeared, with white and tender skin. The snow-white skin had a tinge of pink as if water could be squeezed out from it.

The young girl had a temperament like the irises and orchids, her hair moving along with the wind and giving off a nice redolence. Her waist was thin, and her four limbs were slender and long, giving off a temperament like a celestial free from vulgarity.

Only, that young girl's pair of eyes that glanced at Su Yi, for no reason, made Su Yi's heart felt cold like it was covered in a layer of frost while the vigor in his body also unknowingly started to surge.

"What are you looking at?" The young girl spoke as she stared at Su Yi. Her eyes had a smile on them, yet, for no reason, it made Su Yi's heart covered in frost. Her lips, were as though it was smiling and talking sweetly, while her long hair fell straight onto her tiny waist as it moved along with the wind, spreading a special redolence like an elf that was left behind on this ancient canyon.

"Because you are good looking." Su Yi replied as it was admittedly the truth. Although this little girl might not win against Liu Rou Xi and Bai Ling in terms of looks, the temperament on her body and that unknown smell were incredibly impactful which, could not be forgotten once you had seen it.

"Really? I also think that I am good looking."

The young girl faintly beamed with a smile that could overturn a city.


The moment the young girl smiled, a mysterious force surged as her foot stepped down. Abruptly, the wall of the cliff collapsed as the crack spread, and the surrounding rocks were like a flash flood as they rushed down towards Su Yi with a 'rumbling' sound.

All of this had happened too suddenly. The surrounding mountain rocks, with the lightest one being around 5 kilograms, and the larger huge rocks weighed around hundreds or even thousands of kilograms. There was also no lack of enormous boulders weighing tens of thousands of kilograms rolling down.

The young girl standing on top of the cliff had stomped a foot down to make the mountain wall collapsed, trying to directly smash Su Yi into falling, which had also proved that the young girl was quite powerful.

"F**k, the most vicious is the woman's heart!"

Su Yi did not think that at such a young age, the young girl would be so evil and poisonous.


The surrounding mountain wall collapsed as huge rocks rolled down. The momentum was extremely astonishing.

Su Yi did not have the time to care about the Green Xuan Grass as he quickly initiated the Hundred Transformation Steps. The Yuan Qi in his body surged as his figure was suddenly jumping around among the chaotic scenario.

Su Yi's figure speedily dodged, but even though he had evaded the large rocks, he still got smashed by many of the smaller ones.

"Rumble rumble!"

Disordered rocks rolled down. Su Yi was in a miserable state that even his cloak and mask had been smashed down and his body had sustained many hits.

If it wasn't because Su Yi's body was hard and Yuan Qi was protecting his body, he might be severely injured.

But even like this, Su Yi's hair was disheveled, and his face was brutally battered up.

At present, the young girl on top of the cliff had already impolitely harvested the Green Xuan Grass and was staring at Su Yi, who had been forced to fall down the cliff. Her gaze was strange.

She seemed to have paid attention to what had just happened and was surprised that Su Yi could unexpectedly easily dodged so many rocks that were rolling down.

When she saw Su Yi's cloak and mask that had been smashed down, the eyes of the young girl abruptly shone with a special light as she spoke: "I didn't expect that I can meet you here. Yan Shang Yang, from the Black Fiend School, was killed by you right?"

Su Yi had initially planned to find the young girl to reason with, but when he heard those words, his expression suddenly became tense.

It seemed like the Black Fiend School's bounty was great that even after going all the way to the Grand Beast Canyon yet, someone could still recognize him.

"You got the wrong person."

As there might be a powerful cultivator from the Black Fiend School here, Su Yi did not want to attract more trouble nor did he intend to reason with the young girl anymore. It would be better to get away first.

"I have seen your portrait before so how could I recognize wrongly? Reportedly, even with the Black Fiend School's rewards, you still can't be captured, and you have escaped several times. It looks like you also have some ability." The young girl lightly spoke as she firmly believed that he was the one. Her pair of eyes were curiously sizing up Su Yi.

"I've said that you got the wrong person!"

Su Yi shook his head. He did not want to be tangled up anymore and planned to leave.

"Where are you going!"

Seeing that Su Yi wanted to leave, the young girl arched her eyebrow as another foot stepped down.

This time, the girl had used an even bigger force as her Yuan Qi surged. A big piece of the cliff cracked, and the surrounding rocks rolled down with a 'rumbling' sound as it covered the sky and ground, moving towards Su Yi like it was trying to submerge him.

"Little bitch, I will get you for that!" Su Yi was furious, this young girl was so young, yet her heart was cruel and merciless.

At this moment, Su Yi did not have the time to ponder too much as Yuan Qi surged under his feet, initiating the Hundred Transformation Steps to continuously, dodge the large rocks.

Ultimately, relying on the Hundred Transformation Steps and some luck, albeit in a state of misery, Su Yi finally rushed out of the rolling rocks range, but his face was even more battered up than before making him look more and more miserable.

"Seems like his skill is not bad."

At the same time, the young girl's figure moved like a ghost, appearing not far away from Su Yi. She stood on a large rock as she secretly sealed Su Yi's path of retreat, her glance curiously sizing up Su Yi. For an unknown reason, her aura was fluctuating, causing people to tremble.

"Oh ya, what does little bitch mean?" The young girl asked as it was her first time hearing it but, she could guess that it must not be a good thing.

"It means that you are very stunning." Su Yi angrily replied while he was wary in his heart.

This girl had a mysterious origin, and he was uncertain whether she had a powerful cultivator behind her or her actual power was that strong.

But no matter which one it was, Su Yi knew that both of them were disadvantageous to him.

"Really? How come I don't believe it? Then are you a little bitch?" The young girl's eyes looked as though she was harmless as she earnestly glanced towards Su Yi and asked.

Su Yi was stunned, this little girl wanted him to join in to scold himself. He immediately replied in an angry tone, scolding her: "You are the little bitch, your whole family is a little bitch!"

"Sure enough, it is nothing good, looks like I have to teach you a lesson. Since you can kill Yan Shang Yang, your strength should be quite good."