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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 145

2023-01-29 09:28:07Publish Time: 409 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 145: The Strange Radish

With so many interspatial bags, it was evident that not all of them could be Su Yi’s.

As this was the Forest of Demons, everyone could know where these interspatial bags originated.

The young lady had a serious; compassionate face of a female bodhisattva as she impolitely took all the interspatial bags from Su Yi into her arms.

After that, she gazed at Su Yi with a serious face as she declared: “I’ve sealed up your meridians and it will automatically release in a day or two. Unless you meet up with some beasts, you should be able to survive. If not, it will be regarded as the Heaven, seeking out to destroy you and I also can't save you. It all solely depends on whether you are a good person or a bad person.”

The words descended and with a smile in her eyes, she swaggeringly walked away with satisfaction.

“You better not fall into my hands or let me encounter you again……”

Su Yi yelled furiously. How could the young lady be so shameless and even act so serious shamelessly?

The young lady completely disregarded Su Yi as her figure gradually vanished from his eyes while he was lying on the ground.

Su Yi was helpless as she had subjugated him. Although within his mysterious space were several powerful beasts, he did not have the chance to summon them out.

Now that Su Yi was restricted and caged, he could not summon the mysterious space out anymore.


Seeing that the young lady had indeed left, he initiated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to start assaulting the restriction in his body. Previously, when he was at the Black Fiend School’s mine, it was also the same situation thus Su Yi knew what to do to release the restriction.

It was only that at the moment, he still required some time to break open the restriction.

The time slowly passed by as the surrounding quieted down.

It was as if nothing had happened before, apart from Su Yi who was laying on the ground trying to assault the restriction in his body.

Su Yi felt very wronged and heartache.

All of the interspatial bags with him were ransacked by the young lady including the one with the leftover Yuan Stones, that he had gotten from Ling Bao Pavilion not long ago.

Those Yuan Stones, Su Yi was unwilling to let the mysterious space absorbed it as he wanted to keep them by his side, in case there was a demand for it.

If he knew that it would end up like this, he would have allowed the mysterious space to absorb it.

Su Yi’s heart felt even more painful when he thought about it.

All along, it had been Su Yi robbing others risking his life to accumulate this wealth.

But now the wealth that he had accumulated was robbed by others.

And it was even robbed by a little girl. Su Yi was getting angrier the more he thought about it.

“Little girl, if I ever meet you again, your daddy, I must strip you off and feed you to the beasts.” Su Yi grumbled in his heart.

But thinking back, Su Yi suddenly realized, why must he strip her to feed the beasts when he could feed her to them without disrobing her.

“Strip her so that I can vent my rage.” Su Yi grumbled bitterly in his heart.

During the night, the moon hung in the sky, lighting up the area. Occasionally roars from the beasts could be heard.


Under the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, the last strand of the restriction was finally broken through. Su Yi’s eyes slightly moved as he momentarily struggled to get up.

Su Yi did not dare to linger as he rapidly left the place.

Half an hour later, within a continuous chain of mountains.

In an inconspicuous mountain, Su Yi was at a natural mountain cave summoning the mysterious space out.

Luckily, he had placed all of the elixirs into the mysterious space to intensify their potency. He ate a recovery elixir and sat cross-legged, beginning to absorb the medicinal power to start healing his injuries.

Inside the mysterious space, several beasts were still self-cultivating with lights twinkling on their bodies.

Time leisurely passed by to late at night.

With nobody around to witness, right beside Su Yi's mountain, a crack on the ground suddenly popped out.

Silently, a green-red glow spread out.

The glow flickered as a soft green-red glow jumped out from the crack onto the ground.

The glow was about the size of a baby. Examining closely, it was unexpectedly a big radish.

Strictly speaking, it was not a radish, but it looked too similar to it.

The object was in a shaped like a radish with its roots full of dense whiskers that were also giving out a green-red color.

On top of its head were a few crystal-cleared, palm-sized green leaves.

At present, such a radish had emerged on top of the mountain where Su Yi was recovering.

The object was glowing with light as it seemed to reveal two eyes that were carefully exploring its surroundings.

All of this was just too weird!

If Su Yi, who was now recovering inside the mountain, in the mysterious space was to see this walking radish; that was walking right by the mountain beside his, he would undoubtedly jump up in surprise.

The radish appeared and looked at the moon in the sky. The green leaves on its head stretched out, absorbing the moonlight as if it was absorbing the spirit from the Heaven.

Moments later, there was a glow within the radish's eyes, which seemed like it was anticipating for something.

Not long after in the clear sky at the front, a black cloud suddenly permeated.

The black cloud spread out quietly covering up the moon, making the earth fall into darkness.

The moment the black cloud appeared, a dignified and trepidation showed up in the radish’s eyes.


All of a sudden above the clear sky, a tremor spread unknowingly.

At this moment, the beasts from the surrounding mountain seemed to have felt something, as the thousands of beasts suddenly became quiet. Silence filled up the air.

The whole atmosphere on the earth at this instant became suppressed.

“Swish swish……”

Also, at this moment in several places within the Grand Beast Canyon, numerous figures stared at the clear sky almost at the same time.

High above in the sky, the black cloud was getting denser as it was converging towards a place.

“What is happening?”

“Such a strong might!”

Under the pressure of such a frightening might, more and more gazes glanced towards the clear sky.

That formless pressure of a frightening might caused people's soul to uncontrollably trembles.

“Swish swish……”

All of the people's gazes involuntary looked towards the clear sky.

At present, above the clear sky, the thick black cloud was vast and mighty. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a massive thundercloud emerged.


The thundercloud swelled. The lightning flashed as it brightened up the darkened world.

Suddenly the entire sky was forcefully split opened as a striking thundercloud took its place.

The thundercloud was different from a normal thundercloud, having a powerful kind of thunder-like rage’s force as it spreads out.

That force, in an instant, made the entire world humans' and beasts' heart throbbed as chills went down their back and inside their heart.

“Thundercloud, why would a thundercloud appear?”

“What is going on?”

Inside the Grand Beast Canyon, many gazes trembled because of the sudden appearance of the thundercloud as they were frightened.

They gaze up at the clear sky while their bodies were shaking.


At a cliff, an old man in his 60s was holding a wine gourd. His body was skinny, yet he stood tall and straight. His neck filled with deep wrinkles that stacked together. The loose black robe moved along with the wind while a pair of brown eyes that were sunken into the eye sockets were watching the far away thunderclouds on the clear sky as they were shining.

(to be continued)

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