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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 136

2023-01-29 09:27:01Publish Time: 417 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 136: Entering the Grand Beast Canyon.

“Oww…” As Su Yi’s words fell, in a flash, the six beasts swept out and six fierce breaths swept the four sides, as they dashed towards the gang.

“Run, run!” “These beasts are his. We’ve been tricked. Run!” “Help…” “Roar… Rumble…” The situation was in chaos with the beasts roaring like thunder, rocks flying and the mountains collapsing.

The third brother Xiong of the Wild bear gang only knew at that moment that they had come to seek their own death.

They would not have dared to provoke him if they had known that he was surrounded by six such fearsome beasts even if someone had lent them a hundred times more guts, but it was too late to repent.

Within the few dozen people of the Wild bear gang, except the three brothers which were at the Yuan Spirit Realm, the remaining were only at the Yuan Soul Realm with about a dozen at the Yuan Xuan Realm.

Such cultivations were not enough to fight with the Golden Python, the firebird and the others .

As for the Three Xiong brothers, the golden python swallowed the second Xiong brother as soon as it opened its mouth and then swiped the leader, Big Xiong brother to death.

The third Xiong brother was torn into pieces and swallowed by the fire eyes tiger.

In a short time, the Wild Bear Gang was destroyed.

From the big Xiong brother, Su Yi found an interspatial bag, presumably the harvest from the exchange in Lingbao Pavillion, were all in the interspatial bag.

“Let’s go…” Su Yi took several wild animals and left, this was not a place to stay as his act just now might have alarmed someone.

Two days later.

In front of the continuous mountains that stretched far and wide winding with layers of cliffs overlapping, along with the winding of a grand canyon.

The two sides of the mountain, shot straight to the sky, like a vertical sword separating the sky respectively!

This continuous canyon, with not just one but several of them lining in this vast space

hovering in the sky and earth. It looked breathtaking from afar.

“Sir, there’s the Grand Beast Canyon ahead.” said the Silver spirit butterfly hovering over his shoulder .

Grand Beast Canyon…” Su Yi looked ahead at the canyon which consisted of a vast territory, with not many mercenaries and adventure teams daring to enter it.

This was the way leading to the demonic forest, the paradise of the beasts.

For humans, it represents the land of the dead.

Adventure teams and mercenaries want to kill the beasts and gain resources from them.


Many body parts of the beast, such as muscles and bones, could be used as refining and alchemy materials, so their values were high.

But knowing that there were many wild animals in the grand canyon, not many dared to go there.

Because out of those who rush into the Grand Beast Canyon, few could get out safely.

“Come in.” Su Yi nodded, Black Fiend School was searching for him outside, so now he could only enter the Grand Beast Canyon.

In here, he would have many advantages over others.

“Roar…” Hearing the words, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Spectral Mouse, Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiiger and the others gave a happy roar.

Outside, with their current cultivation, they could not gain any more experience, the Grand Beast Canyon was their paradise now, and the Demon Woods would be too someday.

Inside the Grand Beast Canyon, there were numerous beasts and Su Yi encountered many beasts not long after he walked in.

But these beasts did not have a high cultivation, so with the Golden Python,Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and other powerful auras of the beasts, they did not dare to disturb Su Yi.

“The deeper it gets, there would be beasts with higher cultivation, and I have heard that there is a Demon Emperor in the Demon Woods.” Fire-EyeS Beast Tiger told Su Yi. The

Grand Beast Canyon was not a good place.

“Demon Emperor…” Su Yi’s eyes also secretly flashed with some feelings of yearning as Demon Emperors in legends were existences of the Demonic Emperor Realm which was very powerful.

“Find a place, I have something for you” said Su Yi . He had prepared many elixirs for the beasts this time in Lingbao Pavillion.

This was inside the grand canyon, but it was still safer and if he could further improve the realm of the Golden Python, it would be much safer then.

And Su Yi himself wanted to cultivate a little in the Grand Beast Canyon, to strive and breakthrough to the Yuan Xuan Realm as the Yuan Soul Realm was too weak.

Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and White Jade Swallow, explored the road, and had soon found a safe place.

At night, in the cave, Su Yi called out the mysterious space, and let the Golden Python and the others enter it.

Within the mysterious space, Su Yi woke up the Flaming Beast Eagle and gigantic Snow Jade Ape, took out a lot of demonic elixirs and gave it to each of them.

“Thank you, my Lord!” The Golden Python and the others were happy and their eyes showed gratefulness as they knew what the demonic elixirs were.

As wild animals, it was almost impossible for them to get elixirs suitable for them.

And this time, after taking this kind of elixir they would gain many benefits.

“We want to eat it too, my Lord. It looks delicious.” Da Bao, Xiao Ling, came out with a greedy look.

“I have yours too.” Su Yi smiled, he definitely would not have forgotten these two little guys and found elixirs specially for them.

This kind of elixir was suitable for the Demonic Spirit Realm to take, its effect was not suitable for these two little guys.

The Flaming Beast Eagle and the Golden Python took the elixir and started to cultivate in the mysterious space.

Then Su Yi placed the elixirs that he exchanged in the Lingbao Pavillion into the mysterious space to strengthen its level.

Meanwhile, a lot of fresh elixirs being planted would consume a lot of Su Yi’s time.

In the mysterious space, the area was not too large. After planting, the space had been covered and it looked like a large field of medicine.

Su Yi was in a good mood, this was a large amount of wealth. The elixirs could be sold at a high price when they matured.

After doing everything, he looked at the beasts as they had already consumed the elixirs. Su Yi left, hoping that the beasts would grow stronger after being kept in the mysterious space.

Outside the mysterious space and the cave, the sky was filled with stars, the night wind howling, and the moon was in the west as it was already midnight.

“Growl…” Deep inside the valley, there were thundering roars from time to time.

“Not sure what is the effect of absorbing the Yuan stone.”

Su Yi suddenly thought of something, martial artists could absorb Yuan stones to cultivate, and the Yuan stone he gained after that was absorbed by the mysterious space.

But now wasn’t the same, this time he gained many Yuan Stones from Lingbao Pavillion.

Su Yi wanted to try, it was said that if a cultivator absorbed the energy of the Yuan stone he would be able to multiply his cultivation.

Taking out the yuan stone from his interspatial bag, Su Yi was ready to try and see if he could absorb the energy of the Yuan Stone to cultivate.

He sat with his legs crossed and with the Yuan Stone on his palm, he adjusted his breath and closed his eyes cultivating his Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to try this out.

“Boom…” The Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique moved and his aura surged.

“Hiss…” At the same time something changed.

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