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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 137

2023-01-29 09:27:08Publish Time: 371 views
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Chapter 137: The Strange Elderly

The mysterious sphere of light in Su Yi’s mind suddenly burst forth at this moment, with a force of absorption gushing out.

The next moment, the Yuan Stone on his palm became a pile of powder, losing its glow and had become like the Yuan Stone in Man City that day before Su Yi could completely react.

Su Yi frowned, and again took out a stone to try.

But the result was the same, the mysterious group of light in his mind immediately gushed out to devour the energy of the yuan stone that was then directly absorbed.

Su Yi gave up and stopped trying.

Su Yi was a little helpless, it was normal to lose something when you gain others.

Other martial artists could absorb Yuan stones to speed up their cultivation, but his body had this weird mysterious sphere of light because of which he could not rely on absorbing Yuan stones to cultivate.

But after thinking carefully, Su Yi felt that this did not affect him much.

Anyway, cultivating in the mysterious space could also speed up his pace of spiritual cultivation.

And that mysterious space could nourish elixir medicines and had other functions like producing medical fluid.

Late at night.

Under the moonlight, the vast expanse of the hills lay silent in the twilight, silent against the sky, vast and endless.

Su Yi stood at the top of the mountain, looking at the bright moon high above the sky, and feeling the quiet night.

Su Yi was deep in thought with various feelings in his heart.

After arriving in this world, he had experienced a lot, his past life was meaningless, and at first he thought that in this different world he would have some achievements, but now, he had still been hiding in this demon filled forest.

His grandfather who loved him the most in this world had suffered a serious injury and he was afraid that he would not live much longer anymore.


Thinking of this, Su Yi could only sigh and started reading out poems, “What trace remains of Wu's brave king Sun Quan? Towers and pavilions where girls danced and sang, Your glory is swept away by wind and rain; The slanting sunlight falls on grass and trees, small lanes, the quarters of the humble folk; Yet here, they say, Liu Yu lived. I think of the days gone by when with a gilded spear and an iron-clad steed, he charged like a tiger to swallow up vast territories. In the days of Yuanjia, hasty preparations were made to march to the Langju Xu Mountains, but the men of Song were routed from the north. Now forty-three years have passed, and looking north I remember the beacon fires that blazed the way to Yangzhou; Bitter memories these. Of sacred crows among the holy drums. In the Tartar emperor's temple..Who will ask old Lian Po if he still enjoys his food?…”

At last, Su Yi’s voice became louder and louder, echoing in the deep night sky.

The night breeze caressed gently, the garment robe floats, and at this moment, Su Yi’s eyes shone, he did not want to be like that in this life anymore.

“Good, good, good…”

Suddenly, a voice came, which sounded faint and filled with the vicissitudes of life.

“Who is that!”

Su Yi was surprised, and looked back while following the sound, and there was an elderly man who was standing behind him without him noticing.

He was an old man of sixty, thin but tough, with deep wrinkles on his neck, a black toga, and brown sunken eyes. He was holding a big wine gourd which had a strong scent of wine in his hand.

“A strong one!”

Su Yi backed a few steps, this man appeared at night in the Grand Beast Canyon quietly behind his back, which was absolutely strong, unfathomable.

“Listening to your voice, you sound young, don’t be afraid, if you don’t provoke me, this old man would not fight with you. I just heard your poem and with the aftereffects of the wine, I had some thoughts in mind.” The old man looked at Su Yi calmly and seemed to see Su Yi's tension through the cloak and mask.

“Greetings to fellow senior.” Su Yi held his fist and bowed in respect but he was still cautious, although he was a little relieved.

“We are strangers, there is no senior or junior between us, did you write this poem?” The old man looked at Su Yi with curiosity.

“This poem is not mine, I was just lamenting, sorry that I’ve disturbed you, senior. This junior will leave now.” Su Yi was planning to leave. It was better to leave early especially in the middle of the night in the demonic grand canyon.

“Wait, I said don’t worry, just don’t worry.”

The old man called out to Su Yi, and held the wine gourd up to drink, then looked at Su Yi and said, “I would like to know, what were you lamenting about. You sound like you have something in your heart by listening to the poem.”

Looking at the old man, Su Yi did not dare to leave.

The mysterious old man might suddenly hate him, he could not even hit one of his little fingers.

  Anyway, it seemed that the old man really had no malicious intentions towards him, so he dared not leave, Su Yi simply sat down and was planning to see what was coming.

Looking at the old man, Su Yi said, “In fact, there were not too many emotions, I just feel that life is like a vast ocean with waves, live with as much glamor as a blooming summer flower, die as peaceful as an autumn leaf. Even if he cannot be like General Wei Qing, there will still be blood spilled and gun fire. A veteran thoroughbred in the stable still dreams of the wilds; A man of action, though advanced in years, aspires after great exploits, the blade will still be sharp, drinking blood from the battlefield.”

“Good, good, good…”

The elderly man kept praising him. This time the look he gave Su Yi was filled with eagerness as he was excited and said, “Good Poem. A veteran thoroughbred in the stable still dreams of the wilds; A man of action, though advanced in years, aspires after great exploits, the blade will still be sharp, drinking blood from the battlefield.”

“Thank you, senior.” Su Yi smiled lightly. He was just reciting what he was feeling. After coming to this world, he did not want to waste his life and wanted to fulfill his dreams.

“Haha, I didn’t expect to meet a young man like you in this demon filled forest. Take off your cloak and mask, although you should be hiding from someone, but this old man will protect you tonight, could you have a drink with this old man?”

The old man looked at Su Yi and handed the big wine gourd in his hand to him.

Su Yi hesitated for a while, and then directly removed the cloak and mask, revealing his nice looking face whose complexion was not fair.

In the moonlight, Su Yi’s figure was tall and straight, with a pair of long and thin eyes under his sword-like eyebrows, shining with a bright light, deep and sharp.

Looking at Su Yi’s appearance, the elderly man showed a moment of inexplicable surprised expression. He seemed to not expect that the young man in front of him would be younger than he had expected and the weird attire on his back that would draw people’s attention.

“Okay, I will accept your offer.” Su Yi smiled, took the old wine gourd, and drank it straight up. He had an arrogant aura in him which seemed to be inborn.


After just a mouthful of wine, Su Yi almost spat it out.

The wine was too strong, so his throat felt as if it was being scraped by a knife, and it gave out a heaty breath, as if his throat was about to burst out smoke, and then it spread all over his body.

“What a strong wine.” Su Yi was a little embarrassed. He did not expect the wine would be so strong.

“This is a good thing, it took a lot of energy for this old man to get it. It might benefit you a lot after you drink it.” said the old man with a faint smile.

“Is that so…”

Su Yi was stunned, staring at the big wine gourd, then he again took a big and generous gulp.