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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 135

2023-01-29 09:26:49Publish Time: 390 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 135: Your Dictionary Is Fake

“They are coming out, it is the lady, but why did that guy not come out?”

“Could it be that they played too roughly and he already died inside?”

“Just look at that lady, you see that backside, those breasts, she is definitely a person with a high sex desire, normal men would not be able to bear that.”

The big men of the Wild Bear Gang showed malicious smiles, they kept staring at the gorgeous lady as she walked down the stairs. They could not help imagining the coquettishness of the lady on the bed just now.

“Something is wrong, that boy might have noticed us.” The second Xiong brother’s expression had changed dramatically in an instance.


Su Yi went out of Yi City and had immediately left without hesitation, if the Wild Bear Gang had caught up to him, then he would be the one who would be encountering bad luck.

As for the voluptuous woman, after Su Yi had entered the room, he had paid the reward and immediately jumped out of the window to leave.

Su Yi did not want to end his virgin life here and also did not want to lose his first time to a woman in the prostitution business.

Out of the city, Su Yi had paid attention to his back and after showing his identity he had left quickly.

Although carrying a heavy sword, Su Yi’s speed was not slow.

However, after an hour, Su Yi had noticed that there was someone who had still been following him.

“They finally came…”

Su Yi seemed to have estimated all of this as his lips under the mask gave out a secret smile, and he ran towards the remote forest in front.

“Quick, keep up with that guy, right ahead!” “That’s the guy. Don’t let him go!” On the road, dozens of people had dashed out, and the people who had led the group were the three brothers of the Wild Bear Gang.

From the mouth of the gorgeous woman, Wild Bear Gang found out that Su Yi had really escaped, and must have gone out of the city, so had immediately notified the others to search all the way.

The three Xiong brothers had sought for him, after all, Su Yi’s attire was very eye-catching and after an hour, they had finally caught up.

“Just up front, quick!” Third Xiong rubbed his hands and his eyes showed coldness. This was a place suitable for fighting, he had waited long enough and could not hold back anymore as finally, he could fight.

“Boom!” When he had just finished his words, the Yuan energy under Third Xiong’s feet burst out which shaped itself into a huge leopard.

“Roar!” The leopard gave a deep roar, and had immediately run up to chase after Su Yi.

This Third Xiong was a Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator, but the virtual figure of the beast created by his Yuan Energy had been a land beast and not a flying beast.

Generally speaking, when a Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator’s Yuan energy had formed a shape, the beast which had been shaped would usually be a flying beast as this would make things easier.

But there also were exceptions. Some people didn’t have enough talent to shape a flying beast.

This Third Xiong was one of those untalented Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators, but the speed of the leopard beast was very fast, roaring and rapidly chasing after Su Yi.

Mountains, boulders, and towering trees.

The massive vines, like a dragon, had taken root and twisted around the boulders and towering trees.

“I told you never to let me see you out of town, hehe!” Third Xiong had finally caught up, the leopard underneath his feet was as if alive, it was aggressive, and its breath was thundering and swept off the sand around it.

Su Yi stopped and looked at the eyes of the Third Xiong who had managed to chase him calmly and said, “You caught up slower than I expected.” Listening to Su Yi’s words, Third Xiong was stunned for a second, then he stared at Su Yi and said, “At this time you still pretend to be strong, don’t you know how the word death is written?” “It will be you who dies. Do you believe it?” said Su Yi with a faint smile.

“Well, keep bragging and die.” Third Xiong was mad and his aura boiled and shook the void. He was about to begin his fight.

“Wait a minute.” Su Yi said to the Third Xiong.

“What now, are you going to beg for mercy? Kneel down and kowtow with your face down three times, and I will only take half of your life. How is that?” Third Xiong was stunned, then looked at Su Yi and laughed maniacally. This guy had finally known how to beg for mercy.

“Wait for your helpers to come. I don’t want any other trouble.” said Su Yi calmly.

“Whoosh…” As Su Yi’s words fell, Da Xiong and Er Xiong had caught up.

“Asshole, it’s no use begging for mercy today.” Third Xiong was furious.

“Trust me, you’ll be sorry.” Su Yi smiled faintly.

“I have never had the word “regret” in my dictionary.” Third Xiong was already unbearably furious.

“Then I can responsibly tell you that your dictionary is definitely fake.” said Su Yi, his voice was light as the clouds and wind.

“Son of a bitch, I will smash you into mud today.” Third Xiong growled deeply. How could this guy still have had the guts to make fun of him and not take him seriously? His eyes had turned icy cold as his Yuan energy boiled, followed by his aura which had become tough.

“Third brother, be careful, there is something wrong….” Er Xiong looked on with suspicion, the attitude of the opponent had been strange and so he had stopped Third Xiong. He had also noticed the weird atmosphere of the surroundings, he felt distressed and uneasy.

“If I hadn’t left a trail all the way intentionally, do you think you could have caught up with me? Since you are seeking your own death, you cannot blame me for this, you can all die now!” Once Su Yi had opened his mouth and talked, his eyes showed a killing intent. He could not be blamed.

“Hehe, you bastard, your tone is a bit too big, do you think you alone can fight with so many of us…” Third Xiong had been unhappy being stopped by his second brother and when he had heard Su Yi’s words at that moment, he was extremely mad. But his expression turned from furious to being stunned before he could even finish his words.

“Hiss…” A golden python had quietly and coiled around Su Yi. A black mouse and a small red mink had also come out and stood beside him.

“Swoosh…” A silver butterfly and a white jade bird had appeared in the air. They were not big in size but a flap from their wings caused a strong wind.

“Growl…” The crowd were surprised, and their expressions kept changing at the same time when they heard a roar that sounded like thunder.

At the back of the Wild Bear Gang, a hanging tiger had roared as it leisurely paced towards them. It’s eyes were fixed on them and it growled deeply showing its sharp teeth presenting an aura that could not be provoked.

“Boom…” When six such beasts appeared, six terrible auras had filled the air.

“Not good, it’s the beasts!” “The Golden Python, Spectral Mouse, White Jade Swallow, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, are all in the Demonic Spirit Realm…” “How come there are so many Demonic Spirit Realm beasts!” “Not good, Lord what should we do!” The Wild Bear Gang was trembling in fear and their faces showed horror.

That breath of strength, how could they not feel it, they could only be Demonic Spirit Realm beasts.

One of them would have been enough to bring them bad luck, let alone the fact that there were six of them now.

“Kill!” Su Yi waved and said with a low growl.