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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 131

2023-01-29 09:26:20Publish Time: 373 views
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Chapter 131: The Fairy Maiden

“This Yuan Restoration Elixir, Earth Xuan Elixir, Doubling Yuan Elixir, and Third Yuan Elixir…”

How would Deacon Wu not recognize the Yuan Restoration Elixir, Earth Xuan Elixir, Doubling Yuan Elixir, Third Yuan Elixir and the other elixirs. These elixirs were supposed to only be Moon Grade High-Level elixirs but these were levels higher than Moon Grade High-Level elixirs.

It wouldn’t have mattered if there was only one which was like this, but all of them, whether it be the Earth Xuan elixir or the Doubling Yuan elixir, were of much higher level than normal.

"My friend, where did these elixirs come from?" Deacon Wu looked at Su Yi, his eyes had begun to show some emotions and he wanted to see who Su Yi was.

“Does Ling Bao Pavilion need to know its origin to purchase it?” Su Yi asked faintly.

It was as Su Yi had expected when he saw Deacon Wu’s expression, these elixirs had their levels increased numerous times after being placed in the mysterious space. He had taken out the elixirs this time to test whether their value would rise.

“Not really…”

Deacon Wu calmed his emotions again, knowing that he was a little gaffed just now.

Ling Bao Pavilion had never asked for the origins in their acquisition of a variety of cultivation resources.

In fact in any business, no one would inquire about the origin of goods.

“That’s it then. Calculate what the value of these is.” Su Yi asked with his calm voice.

“These herbs, my Ling Bao Pavilion has a purchase price that is absolutely the highest in this city. As for these elixirs, my Ling Bao Pavilion could purchase it according to the original price of Moon Grade High-Level elixirs, 100 One Star Yuan Stones, and also to apologise on our mistreatment towards you,” said Deacon Wu to Su Yi.

“Huh, in the end there is no one in the Ling Bao Pavilion who knows the value of these goods. Nevermind, I am not selling them anymore.” Su Yi smiled and had wanted to keep the elixirs back.

“What do you mean, my friend?” Deacon Wu’s expression changed secretly and he asked Su Yi.

“Since Deacon Wu could not see the value of my elixirs, it’s okay then, I’ll just go and ask other Pavilions.” said Su Yi softly.

“My friend, please …” Hearing that, Deacon Wu’s emotions went down. When he saw Su Yi putting away the elixirs, he had immediately stopped him and said, “How about this? Could you please wait for a second, I’ll take these elixirs to let an expert examine, then we will decide the value.”

“Sure.” Su Yi thought for a moment and then nodded his head.

Ling Bao Pavilion was a big Pavilion and the guy in front of him was a strong man in Yuan Void Realm, and would not be greedy for his elixirs. If he had tried to stop him from taking them, this would instead show that he was stingy.


“Just a moment, please.” Deacon Wu nodded and immediately left after he had picked up a few elixirs in the jade bottle.


“Deacon Wu, no wonder he said you don’t know how to judge the value of these.”

In the delicate and small hall on the third floor of the Ling Bao Pavilion, the graceful figure who wore the white veil had shown an expression of shock when she had said this in her slightly immature voice.

“Although the grade of these elixirs are low, but this is the hardest decision this old man has encountered. That is why I brought it to you, fairy maiden, to take a look. It is said that Fairy Maiden has already reached a high level in making elixirs, and will definitely be more experienced than this old man.” Deacon Wu was slightly embarrassed, he had known that these elixirs were extraordinary, far more than ordinary elixirs, which was why he had said that the Ling Bao Pavilion would purchase it with the original price which meant that they would not have made any profit.

But Deacon Wu did not expect that the young man would be so smart, and although Deacon Wu was able to make the decision, since Fairy Maiden was here he had decided to let her see them.

“Indeed, this is the first time I have seen such elixirs, but their level and the effect of the elixir could be compared with Mirage Grade Beginner Level elixirs. In my understanding, even if it is a fourth-ranked Alchemist, he could not use alchemy to turn a Moon Grade High-Level elixir into this elixir that could compare with a Mirage Grade Beginner Level elixir.” Her immature voice had shown a surprised tone that could not be suppressed. She was an Alchemist herself and was more than sure that although the elixir grades were not high, but even if a fourth level alchemist had tried, he would have difficulty cultivating such elixirs.

“Could he be a high ranked Alchemist, but it does not seem like it listening to his voice. Even a fourth ranked Alchemist would not only have these things.”

Deacon Wu was totally stunned when he heard what the Fairy Maiden had said. What would it be if that was a fourth ranked Alchemist.

The existence of an alchemist, a tool refiner, was divided into seven rank, from the first rank to the seventh rank.

But an alchemist of the first rank would be respected more than any Yuan Spirit Realm practitioner and would be an honoured guest everywhere they went.

A second-ranked Alchemist, their status would be greater.

The fourth-ranked Alchemist would have a much higher status than that of his Yuan Void Realm.

There would be enough reason for a large number of Yuan Emperor Realm practitioners to follow by the side of a fourth-ranked Alchemist.

“These elixirs are not the same or of one variety, their quantity is also much higher than the ordinary ones which proves that they can only be made by one Alchemist and one person.”

“There are two possibilities, either this person is probably a high ranked Alchemist, but we are not sure why he is here.” the Fairy Maiden continued after pausing for a moment.

“Another possibility is that if this man is really a young man, then there must be a high ranked alchemist behind him.”

“In this case, the person may have been deliberately hiding his identity. If he is really a young man then he might be the fourth level alchemist’s apprentice.” said Deacon Wu.

"I have never seen such a powerful elixir before, and in my opinion, fourth-ranked Alchemists may not be able to achieve such an effect." said the woman in plain clothes, who had not spoken until now.

"Sister Mo is right."

Opening her mouth, she said with a faint laugh in her voice, “No matter what rank of alchemist they are, you can be sure that the alchemy is not simple.”

“Fairy Maiden, what should we do now?” asked Deacon Wu.

“Whether he is a high-rank Alchemist himself, or there is a high-rank Alchemist behind him, since he chose to conceal his face, he naturally does not wish to be disturbed or recognized. But such an existence is worthy to be preserved as a good acquaintance of Ling Bao Pavilion, a good relationship today would bring a good result tomorrow.” said the Fairy Maiden.

“What fairy maiden said is indeed true.” nodded Deacon Wu.

Under the veil, she looked at Deacon Wu and said with a cold voice, “The bad moths in this branch store should be dealt with.”


Deacon Wu nodded his head with a straight face.

Deacon Wu was very clear, although the Fairy Maiden was not old, she had a high reputation in the entire Ling Bao Pavilion and had her own way of dealing with things.


“My friend, sorry for making you wait. These elixirs are indeed not ordinary, its this old man who has mislooked it, we Ling Bao Pavilion will buy this with ten times the original price, what do you think, my friend?”

Deacon Wu had come back, and cut to the chase with a smiling face, his attitude towards Su Yi was more enthusiastic and had some sort of a guessing look when he had looked at Su Yi.